Jamaica’s Murder Rate Surpass 1000 | TVJ News – Aug 30 2022


  1. The majority of crimes these days are done by motor bikes so the police have to go zero tolerance on bikes these days by stopping all bikes they come across and searching the occupants of these bikes

  2. Days a dam shame for a little island 🏝️ and the government needs to do much more better than what they are doing.

  3. They need to stop letting these criminals having cellphones on their person,one rider to a bike on less this bike operator like a taxi which should have special bike license to operate and most of all stop giving easy prison sentences to these criminals who commits serious crimes.

  4. All Wauf need to have police presence with a k9 checking all shipments coming to the county, but some politicians profit off crime

  5. So if ever year you find u have these numbers that means ur low is nothing it’s easier to break than to obey this tells mi u may get 5 prosecuted and the rest is unsolved mystery the criminality’s numbers the chances are you mean if I get caught by the long arm of a Shart law

  6. This PSOJ boss will not call out the corrupt politics for what it is, practice by both political parties nothing short of constitutional reforms and changes can help to give us a fresh start as country..
    Political power married to corruption criminals and racketeers is all the politics is about.

  7. The Prime minister say we would be able to sleep with our doors and windows open, but instead we are paying lots of cash to build the most luxurious/ fancy grills on our houses, which is now turning into competitions of who’s grill looks the best

  8. Only enterprise crime anju want to manage, whst happens to who a tief wi money in office, banks workers who call dem peeps, dem who promise to do nice things and forget bout wi, the ones unuh know bout and turn unuh eye. Only days of national prayers can work.

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