Jamaica's Rastafarians Demand Respect & Justice | TVJ News - Sept 8 2021 1

Jamaica’s Rastafarians Demand Respect & Justice | TVJ News – Sept 8 2021

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  1. That’s the Babylon system and it must be defeated. Every Babylon law is illegal. Give thanks for life. Bless. Rastafari.

    1. Opps! Apparently, you did not hear Mutabaruka saying the the word ‘Babylon’, should not be seen in a negative light. It was a beautiful place in biblical times. It was because of ‘misconception’, why people paints it in such light!

  2. We have a long history of hurting our own peoples we use images of bob marley with a split in his mouth to promote tourism, yet you have a history of abusing the peoples he represents! Most of these peoples think if you’re not saying god or sweet Jesus it’s a green light to hurt someone, it’s sad that at this stage in our development we’re still living in the Stone Age !

  3. If 1/8 of the population had the mindset of Rastafarians, Jamaica would be one of the best places to be in terms of love, peace, and harmony. This negative attitude towards Rasta as been going on for too long.

  4. Its so funny how they want to move that officer, regardless of what that young lady did…under the court of law she is innocent until proven guilty and as such has the basic rights of any human being. Its funny how Rastafarianism was popularized by Jamaica but is stigmatized by its own people. In cutting her hair that officer should be charged herself for hate crimes against another religion and culture…it’s down right disgusting!!!!

  5. I thought your God loves all his children?
    Here their human rights are kicked with feet & one’s own people laugh or make hateful comments about it? Very shameful

  6. I was just as a tourist in Jamaica
    (& I don’t mean the dreads working with tourists ;-)),
    but Rastafarians: for me they were the nicest, friendliest & most helpful Jamaicans that I met!
    Maybe that’s because I respect them… ONE LOVE

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