Jamaica's Vaccine Distribution Plan | TVJ News - March 2 2021 1

Jamaica’s Vaccine Distribution Plan | TVJ News – March 2 2021


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  1. Of course the government puts themselves before those who should be first like our frontline workers.

    1. Its for REAL!! this will determine how long them want we live’ by taking this POISON

  2. Why should government officials be at the top of the list? Health care workers should be at the top followed by other frontliners such as jcf, jdf, teachers, elderly followed by other categories. Are government officials facing the public?

    1. @Taneshia Mullings same way suh mi friend I think they will be getting fake vaccines (so so water) n giving everybody else the real death poison. They are the children of the devil so dem haffi lie just like him

  3. Mr Prime Minister y’all not working and dealing with crowds. Please step back and wait until Healthcare workers then police n soldiers etc… get there’s.

  4. I am very surprise that tourism workers are not part of the first group of people to be vaccinated. Jamaica cannot keep tourists away from our shore too long. They will eventually go to other destinations. Jamaica is always slow against its competitors in most things. What is going on in this country that we can be proud of? What a messy situation.

  5. Healthcare workers should be at the front of the line..
    they’re the ones facing the judgment..
    come on man unuh duh beta

  6. Gov. Has receipe for failure.
    Maybe looking at what other countries do is good idea for distribution. Those who care for sick should be first. gov. Can avoid contact, mask, distance, virtual, nurses and docs face death

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