James Carville On Any Trump Recounts: We'll Beat Him Twice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

James Carville On Any Trump Recounts: We’ll Beat Him Twice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Veteran Democratic strategist reacts to Trump's legal challenges and refusal to accept the fact that President-Elect Joe Biden won the 2020 race. Aired on 11/11/2020.
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James Carville On Any Trump Recounts: We'll Beat Him Twice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Kirsten S You have to be in the email chain, you could look it up or I can send you the one I received for the trump campaign

    2. @yankees double header the Russia Gate hoax was also a terrific fund raising grift for the Dems for three years. Both parties use scare tactics to raise money. Tell us something new.

    3. @Robert Carden
      SMH, I hope you have a nice tan from the sunshine you think shines out of dumps butt.
      Geez, you can breathe with your mouth shut, in case you didn’t know!

  1. The ‘Billionaire’ grifter Go Fund me campaigns are his retirement fund and a chance to incite the base. They’ve already patented tele rallies.

    1. @castroy64 – classic intelligent response with reasoned counter arguments, logic and fact to prove your point. I can see why you are so easily fooled by the conman Trump. Frankly, I think you have to be a special kind of stupid to fall for the left right circus.

    2. @LISA N I bet you were one of the suckers who donated to Trumps wall fund for which Steve Bannon was arrested for Defrauding.
         ‘Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified’
      @realdonaldtrump 2/3/16
      This is what Atgolf Twitler does when votes go against him what’s is you still believe him.

    3. @castroy64 No that’s the responsibility of the Republican legislature in Pennsylvania and the volunteers of which Republican observer’s inside watching the count have reported. Republicans are acting all coup coup.

  2. Why does if trump accepts defeat/concedes, or not, matter. He was was voted out. End of story. Stop feeding his ego/ insanity.

    1. @Bill “pointed out in 2018, that timeline doesn’t appear to explain why Guo spent the next two decades growing rich in China through real estate development, a business that typically requires close cooperation with government officials even in democracies, let alone an authoritarian state like China. In nearly three decades after his brother’s death, there is no record of Guo taking a public stand against the party he says caused it, the Times wrote.”
      This Chinese dude sounds like another trump but without being a trust fund baby.

  3. — After Election Day, states count and certify the results of the popular vote. When completed, each governor is required by law to prepare “as soon as practicable” documents known as “Certificates of Ascertainment” of the vote. The certificates list the electors’ names and the number of votes cast for the winner and loser. The certificate, carrying the seal of each state, is sent to the archivist of the United States.

    — Dec. 8 is the deadline for resolving election disputes at the state level.

    — Dec. 14: Electors vote by paper ballot in their respective states & D.C. 33 states & D.C. have laws requiring electors to vote the same way the popular vote goes in the state. Votes are counted and the electors sign six “Certificates of the Vote.”

    — Dec. 23: The certificates must be delivered to the designated officials.

    — Jan. 6, 2021: House & Senate count the electoral votes. The presidential ticket results w/270 or more electoral votes, is announced by VP pence, the Senate president.

    1. @Shawniemarie Moore hey guess what, that’s a lie, he has never said that, and is being pressured into doing so, and guess what again? I am not Trump, he is still gonna go through the legal processes

    2. @Jock Young~ He is. He’s been putting agency review teams together for a few months and has a donated transition fund of around $7 million. Web site is buildbackbetter.com.

    1. Ummmm not true honey, the president elect actually starts with the transition right after the election. The GSA authorizes funds and access for the new admin to start building their team and getting caught up to speed on all intel. This ensures a smooth transition so not to give off appearance of weakness or vulnerability to our enemies in this transition period. What trump is doing is a threat to national security.

    2. @Jaye Cann honey….. the election isn’t over yet. Votes are still being counted. Your jumping the gun. I’m well aware of the process and when it should start vs when it will start this election cycle (due to Covid, mail in ballots, and every other factor that slowed down the process.

    3. @Mayk3_ME that doesn’t mean it’s finalized haha certain states are still counting and other states will be recounting like Georgia. I can care less which way it swings. But that doesn’t mean the election itself is over. There are legitimate concerns and affidavit’s signed. Remember simply because gore was declared by the media, doesn’t make it final. I wish folks like you were logical. Yes, Biden is the president elect. But there is still a process. It’s not over until Biden is sitting in the Oval Office.

    1. @castroy64 yeah he couldn’t breath since he was born (asthma, which by the way requires no deferment from service. You are just not eligible to join, even if you want) not just when it came time to serve, and how did trump manage to attend school at the NYS military Academy, graduate and then play golf and baseball? Get some facts and take that red hat out of your mouth. That’s not what it is for

    1. @J Z what color are you? If you are black you should be happy you are here in America and NOT living in Africa. Why the hate? The NATIVE American Should have the hate, Americans stole their country, NATIVE AMERICANS are smart enough to live together and support our president Trump.

    2. @claudia castillo Brown people like you are my problem because you are brown and stand with white supremacists! Honey you are brown! They don’t like you! Pendeja!

    3. @J Z if they like me or NOT should be not be your problem ALL OF YOU should be focus to have a fair, transparency election or you are going to turn this country as a third world without democracy. WAKE UP! DOESN’T MATTER OF YOUR SKIN COLOR! don’t feel ashamed all colors are beautiful and unique. FREEDOM, LAW & ORDER is a privilege that we ALL have to stand for.

      Pss. Don’t be a *pendeja*

    1. @Vann Om-losing twice would put anyone to shame, but then again, this whole Trump “Administration’ has no shame whatsoever!
      Stay safe, and all the best dear neighbours!

  4. He’s right. Any money donated towards funding for a “recount“ Is going directly into the pockets of the biggest grifter family that ever lived. The trumps

    1. First they run off with the “Build the wall” money. Now the same Trump idiots are being scammed one last time.

    1. Trump the first President to seek to lose the Presidency more than once? Carville’s humour is devastating, may it waft through the WH and activate some chimes?

    2. So he doesn’t have legal expenses? All the affidavit’s signed aren’t true, all the allegations, lawyers, etc….. all a scam in your brain haha. Trump plans to take the money and run. No need to take the court of law serious, and it’s ALL free. Does that sound about right to you?

  5. He’s already given up on doing anything resembling his job since the election. All his focus is on his lawsuits that keep failing and throwing as many wrenches in the works as possible before he leaves.

    1. Do you morons honestly forget the last 4 yours where virtually every Democrat in Congress and the senate refused to do their job and let the country hang while trying to impeach a duly elected president for effectively NOTHING? Because I would like to think that nobody would be that STUPID… I wouldn’t wish THAT karma on anyone.

    2. @TheiRenaissance I might have missed something. Did someone say they forgot Trump was impeached? And are you saying they are stupid so Karma caused them to forget or they forgot so Karma made them stupid? Or do you maybe not understand what the words you said mean?

    1. “A fool and his money are sooon parted….Well, won’t be long now FOOL.”
      — Fred Sanford to his son Lamont,
      Junk Dealer

    2. @Charles Kilpatrick Glad to see that you can read. So i take it that your comprehension skills are estute as well? If you note, my original post of this well-known phrase I gave credit to Thomas Tusser who was a poet and farmer – known for his instructional poem Five Points of Good Husbandry, published in 1557. I did not quote from the origin – the King James Bible Proverbs 21:20. My original pist is simply making the observation that this phrase and its general overall meaning is that, “it is folly to waste your money or allow yourself to be cheated.”
      Class over.

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