James Carville: 'Pathetic' McCarthy 'Has No Sense Of Shame' 1

James Carville: ‘Pathetic’ McCarthy ‘Has No Sense Of Shame’


James Carville and Tim Miller had some harsh words for Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans stonewalling Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats seeking to properly investigat the Capitol insurrection.

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    1. In other news, Disney’s Animatronic Biden Praised As ‘Incredibly Realistic’ After It Short Circuits, Has Speech Malfunction
      – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by — by — by —,” said the short-circuiting Biden robot seemingly stuck on his loop. 📺🐑

    2. Brett Garretson, they’re going all blue, as more and more red hats refuse the vaccine. Remember, you can’t spell hatred without red hat. You’re all putting it to the libs by dying from Covid. At least it’s raising the country ‘s IQ.

    1. @Danny Hudley thats irrelevant right now because this time Pelosi is on point. Im not a fan of Nancy. I do like justice and the Republicans do not. I would say because they are the privalaged criminals .

    1. @Brodo Shwaggins The modern KKK is a creation of the Democratic Party. Guess you’re ignorant of your party’s LONG history of racism huh?

    2. @Unconventional Warfare That’s why they don’t want history taught in schools anymore.

    1. Nervous Nancy , being in charge of Capitol security , Must RECUSE herself and have No involvement whatsoever with the Jan 6th trespassing hearings 💡 !

    2. She HAS to be, its her job…and only hers, think about it. It cannot be about weighing whether revealing the conspiracy to overthrow. It she ignores, history will be one line at the end if democracy’s reign: “and they did nothing.” So they overthrow was attempted again, this time with tanks and Axis troops, first taking Canada on the way in.

    1. Carville is old and irrelevant. There are 3 congressional investigations going on about Jan. 6. There are FBI and other agencies investigating Jan. 6. How many do we need? This is a ploy to do some grandstanding for the cameras on the Dems part. We don’t need to spend more so they can get get their free campaign adds.

    2. And make excuses for a sexual predator and shame women like monica Lewinsky. Hey maybe Schiff will reveal that proof of collusion to Carville hes been holding on to for yrs now.

    1. Because you’re weak minded and gullible. Carville has been spewing his nonsense for decades. There was NO Insurrection! Just a rather small riot by a bunch of idiots.

  1. Someone was definitely driving this getaway car….we need to know who they all are and how they are connected

    1. @Dagny Taggart He may be but we will find out exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes regardless.

    1. Richard what are you doing about the children being trafficked by Joe biden?

  2. There’s one main question we all want answered: who was giving tours the 2 days before Jan 6th & why??

    1. @Jack Payton no that girl died because a capital cop shot her , through a door. The blood is ALL ON HIS HANDS. 🤡

    2. @John Barber I believe you’re thinking of the billionaires and the welfare corporations who don’t pay any taxes.

  3. “The most dangerous knowledge isn’t what we don’t know, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

    1. ~~ yep to know the truth and do the opposite is a sin and a shame . He sold his heart to the junkman.

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