Jan. 6 committee: Rep. Liz Cheney demands answers | USA TODAY 1

Jan. 6 committee: Rep. Liz Cheney demands answers | USA TODAY


Republican Rep. Liz Cheney demanded answers and "full and open testimony" for the American people about what transpired at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.
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In her opening remarks, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., made a bipartisan case for the importance of the Jan. 6 select committee.

"We cannot leave the violence of January 6th and its causes uninvestigated," Cheney said, cautioning that to not do so would invite a Jan. 6-style riot “every four years.”

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    1. @Lord bread democrats actually , the ones who barely spoke out against violent riots but are not holding a meeting about one

    2. @Red pill Facts not a single democrat call for any of the riots trump and Republicans called for the capital riot

    3. @Lord bread what cnn is doing by brainwashing an extreme left with misinformation is just … Carry on just carry on with your imbalanced untrue political rhetoric.

    4. @Lord bread heres the thing , I have heard many democrats calling for men to be allowed to walk around naked around women and little girls in a spa , is that not extreme ? Seriously when will you guys put the Netflix down and smell the damn coffee and stop letting celebrities and the media feed you one sided narratives ?

    1. @babydollruler Wonder why he did not provide the footage?
      I guess it is stored away in Jim Jordan’s arse.

  1. This is just like a movie that will be produced over and over depending on what kind of outcome you desire.

    1. We all know what happened Trump was upset that he lost the election so he called a bunch of far-right and white supremacist to the Capitol subtly instructed them to try to overthrow the government

    2. Until Donald J Trump and his enablers face a military firing squad and shot dead for TREASON then this nation can not and should not move forward.

  2. About the time they seriously try to prosecute an ‘insurrection’ theres going to be about a million of us show up to express our displeasure at our government. Hell I’m retired

    1. Until Donald J Trump and his enablers face a military firing squad and shot dead for TREASON then this nation can not and should not move forward.

  3. *opens the barracades*
    *shuffles them inside*
    *shoots one of them*
    “Deadly insurrection”

    1. 1. Not relivant
      2. They stormed inside
      3. Ashley Babbitt was somewhere where she shouldn’t have been and was given plenty of warnings she was responsible for her own demise

    2. @Lord bread george floyd didnt comply with the officer and overdosed on fentanyl he was responsible for his own demise

    1. She is not responsible for her father’s crimes. Don’t use that as an excuse for not listening to her.

  4. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to be the adult in her dealings with the Hyperactive Mischievous Juvenile Tea Party Extremist.

  5. The level of hypocrisy and political cherry picking is so over the top, I feel like these people are just LARPing a twisted soap opera for money.

    1. That is for sure the real story!!! And the hypocrisy of the left is astounding!!! I hope the Republicans remember how vile these Dems are when we return to power.

  6. Pelosi Republican Liz! I’m old enough to remember all the leftists and Democrats hating on her father only to see them cheer on ‘Hitler’s offspring’ for supporting Pelosi. What a great country!! Reminds me of the old show trials in the USSR! amazing!!

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    5. It’s not how much money you keep, but how much money you make, how hard it works for you and how many generations you keep it for.

  9. Imagine if they would have interviewed the Minneapolis cops last summer. Guessing that would not fit their narrative?

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