Jane Harman: ‘The World Should Be Paying Attention’ To Jerusalem

Former Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the outbreak of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, and how the Biden administration should approach the situation.

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Jane Harman: 'The World Should Be Paying Attention' To Jerusalem


  1. Jerusalem is a tragedy. It has been a tragedy for thousands of years and will continue to be a tragedy well into the future.
    If you get involved, you just get dragged in.

    1. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.
      We should all be calling Israel out for stealing land.

    2. @Rainulf Drengot Nice wattaboutism, typical rightwing reply. First Turkey is not the Ottoman Empire, and this debate is not about the Ottomans.

    3. @Sal Bill
      Get the EU, China, and Russia to condemn Israel and the US will send a special envoy

  2. Another one of Jared Kushner’s great successes, after he helped daddy fight the pandemic by keeping all the supplies for themselves.

    1. Hmmm yet Faucci , Newsome and other Gov’s said that Trump did everything they advised him on and gave to the Gov’s every time they asked. Things that Fakestream MSNBC and others along with Dems NEVER tell.

    2. Jared, what a dissapointment to America worthless just another traitor backed by the republicans President and dictator.

    1. Yet they are the ones being attacked. Typical leftist like yourself, blame the one defending themselves as the evil one.

    2. @Wisconsin Man So it was the _Israelis_ in the mosque observing Ramadan when they were attacked by . . . who?

  3. Wow, she went to Iran right away. Criticism of Israel is political suicide, and you will be accused of anti semitism , so it’s easier to blame the Palestinians. “Not sure who started this”, GTFOOH.

  4. “Stop fighting and share with your brother or I’m going to take it away from both of you.”
    – God

    1. Person interpreting God: God says that he’s on our side. Let’s go and get those heathens.

    1. @Roger Out for thousands of years since your invading friends were back in Europe. There are people living on their land and then there are invaders. Your country considers them uses the term occupation and taking land and displacement is a war crime.

    2. So you make a claim and then when calmly challenged on its historical accuracy, instead of responding with evidence to back up the original post you go for insults. Yet, in your own mind, you think you have moral superiority.

    3. @Newone Very Specifically, which years are you referring to? Like during the English Empire? The Ottoman Empire? The Roman Empire?

  5. There will never be peace in the middle east until both sides negotiate as equals.

  6. As long as Isreal expands their borders in Palestinian land there should be strick sanctions imposed.

  7. Why get involved. They been fighting over this same piece of dirt land near the dead sea for Centuries. What’s gonna change.

  8. The Israeli’s attacked the equivalent of the church of the epiphiny on christmas eve and they wonder why they are being attacked back.

  9. If we’re restoring Bronze Age land claims in the name of Colonialism then we all have to move.

  10. These republicans are like a ball and chain around America’s neck that we have to drag around instead of a force backing Biden. Sad sad 😢

  11. …… and the world needs to be paying attention to how America is doing absolutely nothing!

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