1. Imagine the insane amount of wasted time, money and resources this orange thingy is causing…

  2. I wish more had been done to expose some of the financing involved in this endeavor. Follow the money.

    1. Not just that, David. None of our enemies abroad hate America as much as Trump and his followers.

  3. Trump’s own word’s: Stand down and stand by 🤔 sounds like get ready too me, instead of denouncing radical extremism as he was asked if he’d do.

    1. “Peacefully and patrioticly let your voices be heard” 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲TRUMP2024🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    2. @Pannkakaize so proud boys who’ve been arrested weren’t there?
      Or are you just blindly defending Jan6 and the proud guys?

    3. @Random Internet User ? I just saying what actully was Said on that conference , what Trump said

  4. Big surprise that a guy who showed no loyalty to anyone would get none in return. Rats Flee A Sinking Ship! Tommorow’s headline

  5. Mr. Trump… can you say… “accountability”… do you understand what that word means? You will…

  6. They really spent so much time and money to prove something so obvious. Can you guys put him in jail already? I really doubt if they will be able to ever.

    1. @Learn2Lee i should be paid for educating the uneducated but unfortunately I don’t get paid.
      What did I say that you disagree with?

    2. @TRUMP JR Both statements of yours I didn’t agree with. But I’m too lazy to argue. So good luck.

  7. I hope the DOJ starts to make some announcements soon. Trump must be held accountable for trying to overthrow our government.

  8. Powell’s bizarre conspiracy theory where she accused the late Hugo Chavez of being behind the whole thing was the highlight of the Trump election saga 😂🍿🍿

    1. @irish lady Matt Gaetz is already roaming free! Won’t somebody think of the children? 😱

  9. I have a question: Was there any talk about “storming the capitol” BEFORE Trump tweeted about it? and also, after it was tweeted how soon after and to what volume did “storming the capitol” become a trending topic? That right there should tell them everything they need to know as far as Trump’s influence on the events of Jan 6th.

    1. You have to be kind, there _are_ two. He got mixed up with the ‘Yellow Oval’ because he calls it the ‘Upper’, not the ACTUAL Oval Office. He spent WAY too much time colluding in there to forget that.

      My ‘favourite’ was when he said, like a fecking 10 year old, that his favourite part was being in the cabinet room all by himself. “That was cool.”

      Hey, American friends, can you implement bloody IQ tests for your politicians please?!
      Make them public. We’d all like to laugh more than we cry at the news these days.

      (I know it’s not a highly ranked American skill, so for clarity, this sarcastic comment is sent affectionately from the Scotland. 😉)

  10. In fairness to Trump, nearly anyone in his phone’s contact list would be either a witness, a suspect, or a felon.

    Kind of tough to call anyone in America, and Putin is busy.

  11. Now that all of this information is out, if Trump is allowed to hold another rally, there’s something seriously wrong with our justice system. Seriously!

  12. As opposed to the mostly peaceful extremists that spent a year actually destroying neighborhoods?

  13. Why don’t they show the whole story , ? would it backfire public opinion ?
    Who did and did not authorize the National Guard ?
    Questions are being avoided because the truth is painful

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