Jason Johnson On Trump’s Strategy Of Racial Division | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @TONY Although I am not a democrat, I will VOTE BLUE up and
      down the ballot!!
      We need to get the republicans out of the senate!
      They should have voted tRUMP GUILTY when they had the chance!!
      They admitted the tRUMP did wrong and they chose not to
      That is only one reason I will be voting blue up and down
      the ballot!

      Republicans, you created your own demise by backing/supporting
      the CROOK in the WHITE HOUSE! You asked for it so
      now you will get it in November 2020!!!

    1. The ‘D’ Evangelicals are not a Religion, but a political party. I think the 60s the majority of other Christian faiths would stand tall against this then… mixing church and politics was frowned on as much as possible.

  1. Don’t get fooled by a poll that go the way you hope. 3 months is a lifetime in your newsciircle and you also need to count all gop election swindle in. Everything can change – Everybody needs to VOTE!

  2. It should be the other way around Trump…you are not what the forefathers of this country envisioned when they wrote/created the U.S Constitution..you’ve disgraced this country and its constitution you fool.

    1. everyone has the right to protect their property. Just like you have the right to protect your apartment they have the right to protect their home this should never have happened

    1. BLM is a small organization that most people know little about. People are supporting the SLOGAN of Black Lives Matter, not the organization itself.

    2. BLM is a garbage organization that needs to focus on the behavioral patterns and cultural embraces that lead the fake oppressed into conflict with police. But they won’t because they want crime to be a entitlement for the fake oppressed.
      Your trash organization is responsible for the death of of many people, far more then unarmed people killed by cops.
      Garbage .
      I’m voting to spite BLM.

  3. President Trump is the only President that get involved with stuff that do not concern him. But the things that he should be involved in he is not concerned about it jmw

    1. kykwan49 that’s right sorry voice dictation didn’t work but you out of work professors love this network

  4. The only thing polls are good for is to troll Trump with. We won’t take our foot off the gas until Joe is being sworn into office! Vote for Joe!

    1. But, The only real answer to poverty, police brutality, health disparities and anti-African American racism, is complete reparations for #ADOS, American Descendants of Slavery. Reparations is a debt owed to the descendants of slavery in America for the 400 years of oppression. Reparations will include but not limited to, $14 to $18 trillion dollars in cash payments. A 400 year Marshall plan with complete government/federal protections and more.
      Join the ADOS movement.
      Go to ados101.com for more information.

      Video ; ADOS explained by Antonio Moore


  5. *👺..And now this GOP are trying to hide Covid hospitalisation Numbers & Deaths: If they do this, then good luck with your insurance company finding you a hospital bed in the moment you’ll need it most! Medical Insurance Coordinators rely on true & frequently updated national information to assist & organise YOUR medical health care! 👉 Now We Are All **#InTheDark*

    *🤞Good luck America🤞*

    1. Hey Farmer Bob, This GOP is trying to hide…… nothin’ Bob. For Gods sake are you delirious to not see the Democratic party as the black mold?

  6. The Republican party is in trouble absolutely! They are accomplices and enablers of the lunatic at the helm, they all need to go!

    1. So says the echo chamber. Personally , I can’t wait for Russia to convince me to vote apex president Trump again . Biden’s campaign mission is to bootlick the fake oppressed.

  7. Every single Republican that has enabled, reinforced, supported, and failed to stand up to Moron from his 1st lie until now, deserves to lose their job. Most should of been disposed of a long time ago. When your own wealth is your primary goal, you are no longer a public servant. Lincoln Project ad against McConnell spells it out perfectly.

    1. Lloyd Action, Biden was in on the coup against Trump. He also has dementia or something similar and will not be able to lead a Country. If he won, it would be others doing the work. Seeing how the Democratic run cities are failing and crimes are up more than ever with innocent people dying in the streets and their defunding police, I doubt most Americans would stand for that nonsense.

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