Dr. Fauci Calls Out White House Efforts To Undermine Him | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Chris Pacheco sure right after you take your mandatory vaccines then eventually your chip you dumb animal.

  1. School Kids will spread COVID-19 to their parents and grandparents like WILD FIRE!!!! This is suicidal….

    1. @W F Exactly!!! However, one thing that most folks miss is, even if you recover, the side effects and the damage cause by COVID-19 on the body is long lasting.

  2. Navarro has been wrong on many things especially on trade related issues!
    If he wants to prove he is right and Fauci is wrong, Navarro should start taking Chloroquine daily and injecting bleach into his arm. He was the one shoutings at Fauci about those “great remedy” back in March!

    1. Studies show that not a single person has ever caught a virus after injecting disinfectants. Science!

    1. @Eater of Broken Meats
      How do you account for 140,000 deaths?
      The United States had 2.8 million deaths last year. Using that as an estimate the US would have approximately 1,495,890 deaths from Jan 1 – Jul 15.
      Don’t all deaths matter?

    2. @SK I know you liberals hate to hear the truth but it is true. The “pandemic” is fake. I’ve been looking for all these sick people for 5 months and haven’t found them yet. The numbers are being manipulated on purpose.

  3. The problem isn’t that they are trying to undermine Fauci, they’re trying to undermine the science, because the last thing they want is someone clouding the issue with facts.

    1. @Danielle Cormier – Nope. This has nothing to do with evolving information. At the start of the pandemic he told us not to bother wearing masks because the virus isn’t so bad and masks provide little benefit. It was only last month that he told us the actual reason for that recommendation: he was afraid we’d buy masks to protect ourselves thereby causing a shortage of masks for healthcare workers. I linked to that above. He may have saved hundreds of healthcare workers with his lie but at the cost of tens of thousands of “ordinary people”.

    2. @UCZ5881Yn-ba818ahaIU7G6w there is usually always some suffering in death. I have a person I know who is getting ready to die now and his suffering is great. As far as fearing death I have a guy who works for me who fears death. Walks around everyday wandering how he can do something to assure he will live to be 120. The real reason is he believes in god but is very afraid of God. Scared to meet the creator. You will find most of the idiots that hang out in CNN and msnbc comment sections are afraid of death cause they are scared of the king. They tell themselves he doesn’t exist hoping that gives them a little comfort.

  4. Trump will try starting a war now to distract because thats all that is left for him, general bone spur to the rescue.

    1. @KT MadeinTas – Are you sure you thought that through? Obama took us from 2 wars to 7. Trump is actually trying to end a war but the democrats won’t let him.

    2. @KT MadeinTas if your sick of stupidity vote in November Conservatism as A Oh C is so stupid and someone should tell that moron there is no fix for stupid and I wouldn’t let her manage a bubble gum machine I think she would make a good waitress serving the poeple not serving the poeple in a radical marxist Nazi’s dictatorship

  5. World’s top three worst-hit countries are led by three nationalist Covidiots namely Trump Bolsonaro and Modi

    1. @Maarten van dam For Boris Johnson read Dominic Cummings. Many of us in the UK know whose really pulling the strings. Even his own party are growing sick of it.

  6. It’s sad how the doctor has to tell the politician about leading and priorities. Respect for Fauci though for calling them out.

    1. I’ve got a plan for you to quell corona virus.
      Go outside and wear your $1.50 mask.
      Thank goodness we have the geniuses to come up with that plan.

  7. Trump only wants to get 4 more years to Avoid Endictments‼️ Otherwise He’s Taking As Much Money As He Can & Stash It In Offshore Bank Accounts And Finish Screwing Our Country Over ….Doing As Much Damage As He Can Before He Flees The Country ‼️‼️

    1. @Real M Call Dr. Farnsworth…he has tried to contact you. Your family knows you are not well. They have asked that you stay off of social media. Again…call the Doc. Do it for all of us ….Thanks.

    2. Exactly that’s what ive been saying he knows hes on his way out and he doesn’t care how many people die im in Maine i wounder how long before it gets bad here 🙁

    3. Really? I hope his travel ban is still in place. I’d like to see him go to jail for all the blood on his hands.

  8. Dr. Fauci we support you. We realized where this hate is coming from. This President is totally unfit.

    1. @David Gainey No matter how little schooling these kids get they will never be as ignorant as you are. oh wait do you have children………..

    2. Fauci is the smartest American alive today. Had it not been for Fauci, the fatality rate would’ve been a lot higher. We are lucky to have Fauci. Fauci has saved many lives.

      Bad times are ahead — we must prepare.

    1. Yeah and at the same time dig out the actual recordings of the Ukraine calls with Zelensky….

  9. Trump has shown that he’s willing to spend tens of thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of innocent American lives just to minimize the perceived risk of Covid-19 in order to increase his chances of getting relected. If THAT isn’t evil then I don’t know what is. Also – I would think that will be prosecutable, once Trump is out of office in January.

    1. Crimes against HUMANITY….
      Dereliction of DUTY!
      ……to uphold the Constitution & protect the citizens! HE SUCKS @ BOTH!

    2. Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote and make sure they do! We can’t let him cheat his way into 4 more years!!!

    3. Thing is, he’s vote improving his reelction chance. Had he followed the science and even handled the pandemic half-decently, he would easily get reelected. Somehow he jusr cant stop getting in his own way

    1. Traitors generally confine themselves to only betraying their country, not their entire species.

  10. The biggest troll is Trump and now his trolls in his administration are trolling Fauci.
    Trump trolled Obama who was one of the best president in history.
    Trump the worst fake president ever.

    1. President of Trump Organization and not of United States of America. He failed us as citizens. Come on November 3rd.

    2. If you want to screw with Donny Don Nothing’s head you tell him and his supporters: Trump is the ABSOLUTE BEST worst president in US history. Donny is a Spectacularly and epic failure. PERFECTO.

  11. Doctors: Hypothesis, science, facts, data, logic, and progress

    Trump Administration: how can I get more votes?

    1. @Gabe Dudley you sound like a child that can’t figure out their math problem. It’s known as projection.

    2. @James Hall ok white liiberal. How about giving BLM their money back. Still the slave master of old are you?

    3. @Gabe Dudley so not only are you a science denier, but your a racist, too. Why is that no surprise?

  12. The best Bunker Boy line: “We have it contained.” Well, yes, if you consider the entire United States of America as one single petri dish.

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