JCF - St. James ZOSO Police Officers Not Homeless | TVJ Midday News - July 26 2021 1

JCF – St. James ZOSO Police Officers Not Homeless | TVJ Midday News – July 26 2021

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  1. If the USA have some much knowledge about kids and child psychologists, why they have some many kids shooting up their schools and some many kids treating they parents any how..deal with your country and kids before you want to fix Jamaica

    1. The report clearly said the UN i.e. UNITED NATIONS. That’s not the same as the USA so stop spreading trash instead of listening to what they’re actually recommending

    2. @Cher but him right!! Whether UN or USA first world countries face the same threat with this parenting issue!!

  2. Both government must do what is the better good for the country and the people,and put party politics aside we will be sixty years old next year and nothing changes.lets get to before independence

  3. Someone tell me why these high schools want over 20000 dollar…smh it look like we have it?!

  4. Students SHOULD remain online for the next school term. The Delta variant is around somewhere and it is no joke… We have to protect each other from getting infected as much as possible.

    1. You sound like one of those teacher who is only interested in a pay cheque but dont have the children education at heart. Do you care about those in deep rural areas?

    1. Unbelievable. Ur praying for satan to punish you
      U need help let some one who knows what happening explain to you

  5. Having been here for the past month, I discovered that Flow is taking disadvantage of Jamaicans. Why one is only able to access the internet if there’s service in his/her home? Anywhere in the States I go I have wifi. If I go through my gate here, I have no service. This is why the poor students are having it so difficult. If a child is next door to me, I can’t assist him/her with internet. That’s highway robbery. The Government needs to intervene.

    1. Because they give the absolute bare minimum service that can still be called “internet”. Our service has been out for over two weeks and when I call they say another week until they can fix the main cable… Told me I need to call back again AFTER it’s restored to get a refund/rebate.

      Pathetic service.

  6. Sap that garbage, there’s no way it should be up to police officers to left to find accommodation by themselves when the police force takes people from their parishes and homes that they’re paying their mortgage or rent. This is so not right.

  7. Politicians need to stop blasting others and find ways to help Jamaicans. When people are in need they are not thinking about any particular color, they just need help. Unify the country by showing this in your leadership and how you treat others around you and influence others positively.

  8. Government can criticize opposition and opposition can criticize government but when we do it, do with some class. Stop degrading and insulting each other. You can point out one’s lack of duty and one not living up to their responsibilities, without getting nasty. I have been telling everyone that will listen, that what Jamaica needs is a new Mind Set. It can be done, Cuba did it, Rohanda is doing it, but we need a buy in to a national mind changing agenda, where we use every form of communication to get the message out. We will create a curriculum from kindergarten to university, teaching national pride, love of country and love of self. Get Pastor involved, let them know, we need to take care of earth before we can go to heaven. Tell your congregation to love their country and everything they do, they should have the development and improvement of their country in mind. What we need is a Revolution of the mind. AFRICA UNITY

  9. Far more important issues need to be dealt with before we even pay Uber any mind…..
    #1. The wutlis dalla
    #2. mi a dead fi hungry….it too expensive fi eat
    #3. When gas reach $200 weh mi live mi a start tek taxi……because taxi fare freeze
    #4. No sensible opposition….dat waan sort out right now
    #5. Why the education ministry still nuh have any minister?
    #6. Over 1year in a pandemic and UpTo now, no 5year plan looking to the future
    #7. 2021 and water is still an election promise…..I thought water was life and all a weh have a right to life
    #8. Not even ago ask bout the country development plan cause dat nah guh happen
    #9. How Nuh bady nah get lock up from the auditor general reports
    #10. The country just nah run good…… mi frustrated……the government nuh know what a gwan in the streets…..too much uptown advisors…..
    Uber not even crack top 10
    seet deh…..ano Merka dis….how u mean people might get triggered….if a fart trigger people dat means seh dem dead

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