Jen Psaki says Russia has ‘already lost’ in takeover of Ukraine | USA TODAY

During the White House briefing, Jen Psaki said Putin has "not been successful" in his attempts to take control of Ukraine.
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  1. Void ab initio lol… taking over Ukraine has never been a goal of Russia’s punitive campaign!
    (BTW, I condemn both – (1) Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and (2) the US’s invasion of Iraq where Ukraine was an accomplice contributor in support of USA)

  2. Wow America has really went to hell over the years it seems. I wonder how long people are going to figure out that Ukraine should not had a di kc contest with Russia.

  3. Russia never said they wanna take over all of Ukraine. They said they wanna destroy the Nazis which are Azov battalions in Mariupol which is almost done and wanted to free the Donbas regions which they are working on it.

  4. maybe this is a post-colonial world. and it’s been too many years since the world war 2 … West is not beginning to get accustomed to it. and especially given the economic advances of Nations over the last couple of decades particularly… I think that what’s happening here is that the aspiration of several large and significant countries to be powers in their own right and not part of any block is something which the west is not being able to tolerate. but India ,China ,Russia… these are large countries. they have a long history and I think the west must reconcile to the way several countries have grown in the last few decades and for countries like Georgia, I’m sure for countries like Ukraine, it is time to realise that just you know getting used by America is going to do them no good…. because the new world order cannot be denied anymore. I am not talking about the morality of the Russian invasion. don’t get me wrong. I believe that much of what Russia is doing is Morally wrong. the kind of attacks that there have been on civilians the casualties is morally wrong . but if you look at a larger prospective, then a pure survey of the world speaks for itself. all I’m saying is America, UK, NATO started the fire. America approved the arm supplies. they gave billions of dollars of arms to Ukraine and then they said let’s sit down and talk. then the talks failed. now America want the whole world to come to America’s rescue. I remember the day when Ukrainian lady harang Mr Boris Johnson. because that day I got some classified evidence against the company called Lockheed Martin. one of my American friend got arrested and killed by American government. he was a good man. how many of you heard about this in western media. they hiding lots of things.. but we don’t care. because at the end I know what will happen. you know America setup more than 6 biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine. one of them was working on bat corona versus and they have used that thermobaric weapon.

    1. Joseph jifin johnson who are you, how did you got the information’s. What you planning to do about this

    2. @J D sir I’m not Russian. I were there in Ukraine for rescue operation. Where I’m coming from its doesn’t matter..i have good relationship with all countries. It’s going on both ways… I am sorry that I am telling you this, this will hurt American’s. can I ask you question… why do you call on Saudi Arabia for oil then? why haven’t you stop calling Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for oil… they have been bombing Yemen. killing people.. there 400000 children’s at risk of dying of malnutrition.. because of the bombing of Yemen. where was yours morality than… is that the right side of history …I’m asking now… you telling in Ukraine you are on the right side. but in the context of Saudi Arabia . you choose to be on the wrong side . because the wrong side at that point of time is also in the direction of your own self intrest … well fact is you are going to Venezuela, you need to replace 6702000 barrels per day… the Biden government has opened up massive talks with Venezuela abstaining or not voting on the u.n resolutions condemning the Russian invasion. and I just want to tell you this… in 2019 at the time John Bolton, he was on my online meating day before yesterday.. he was NSA… and he said we will not forget those who are doing business with Venezuela . they will be punished … what the hell is happening now… america doing business with them… I know this might hurt you and serve some Americans.. but I am going to say this…. you know America even compromised on 911.. so many of your citizens died in 911… and the fact is just to maintain a smooth flow of Saudi oil…. the U.S prevented American citizens, your own citizens were stopped from seeking damages from the Saudi government for the 911 attacks. using the 1976 foreign sovereign immunities act…. you stopped your own citizens from seeking justice for 911… because you wanted the oil…. now you are telling I’m the Russian spy…… I have not even told you what the CIA did in 1953 in Iran… when you twice attempted to destabilize the Government of Iran and replace the prime minister just because he had attempted to nationalize the Iranian oil industry…. I am telling you the facts…. this should be included in the text books for every child in America to read … so that the mistakes are not repeated for future generations…

  5. Thank God for Americans!!!! Thank you for helping us fight off this unspeakable horror. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us keep on fighting for our people, country and most importantly – freedom!!! 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇸

  6. If the Ukraine is going to prevail, you better plan to send some US troops or coerce some European governments to do so as there will not be much of any Ukrainian military force left soon. I’m glad our government is not letting the border or inflation crisis detract from focussing on how to start WW III.

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