1. @R TS Hopefully we have a new governor’s Pedro pierluisi think it’s gonna happen this time he’s also Democratic Party

    2. @Thaisa Martins not true Puerto Rico has a very powerful food surplus no one in Puerto Rico were on food Line Banks like in the mainland

    1. I feel the same way. Usually I’m not much of a fan of her music nor her singing, but she did do a beautiful job this time.

    2. @Rudy The king Barber did. That’s what was mean and irrelevant. I’m not a huge fan either because I listen to different music. But her voice is incredible, and that performance was perfect and very touching.
      (In my totally irrelevant opinion)

    3. @Bunkieze K LOL Sarah Vaughn, Whitney Houston, Celine Deon have beautiful voices i sing better than her and I cant even sing lol

    1. @R G she knows that wasn’t the place, unlike the people who peed and s$%/ on the Capitol, since they do it at home and everywhere they go.

    2. @Lupita won Or unlike the people that rioted looted and murdered all over the USA since they do it at home and everywhere they go. And they like J LO and they like Biden.

    1. @Maritza Lesassier that’s not in question. We are here talking about how good she sang. That’s all. No hate.

    2. @Raquel Galvao I’m not hateful, I’m just saying she doesn’t impressed me. There’s something in her that I don’t like. I do think she is a good singer and dancer.

    3. @Maritza Lesassier…..maritza, it could be jealousy. That word is a nightmare…..be careful, it is close to hate. Can you sing or dance out of the shower?

    1. @H K yes just straight to the point and of course she had to represent her ppl, I ain’t made at her, Go JLO!!!

    1. The woman jacked up her VP’s name. That’s not cool. It’s a damn shame she didn’t bother learning her name before swearing her in

    1. @Dave 123 Oh honey bunny…your pain is evident, so sad for your loss. However your nasty rumination does no good service to the county and only shows your weakness.

  1. That was a very good performance by Ms. Jennifer Lopez, and clearly proved that simplicity can also be beautiful! She showed that you don’t have to over-sing a song, exaggerate your vibrato or breath heavily into the microphone.

  2. What a beautiful song. The lyrics are so meaningful especially after these past four years.
    And Jennifer did a great job, she sounded great

    1. @Kiki How dare you…your random condemnation for someone who obviously triggers your delicate sensibilities is just pathetic. Shame on you and your ilk.

  3. When they said she was going to sing I said, “what for?!”. I will admit by the time she was done I had tears in my eyes. Good job girl!

  4. This was one of the most emotional inauguration I’ve ever witnessed. After so much pain and turmoil, we are finally back to a respectable country again. God bless America! Black, Brown , Yellow , White This land was made for all of us!

    1. Well, there are no quick fixes. Good start though. Trump( this horrible president and man) did sooooo much damage. A lot of work ahead for all. Biden cannot do it alone.

    1. @Ricardo Campos The act of God compelling one to admit the truth of their sinfulness; the state of being convinced or convicted by conscience. By conviction, a sinner is brought to repentance.
      I was saying that we should be praying for those who are in leadership, but not following Biblical Truth, to confess their sins and turn away from it.
      I am so grateful for God’s grace. We are all sinners and don’t deserve forgiveness, but God offers it…and for free

    2. @Migg Rodriguez I’m mexican soy mexicanita gringo and we mexican conservatives love Trump and don’t want your sick progressivism in Mexico

    3. @Iloveanimals this god character told Abraham to kill his own son. So that is an endorsement for abortion! Case closed.

  5. “for you and me” don’t mean “only for you” because you arrive first. the Chinese word for USA means “a beautiful country”, was the reason for many Asian, German, Scandinavian, Russian, Latin American emigrate to see and feel the beautiful landscapes from Apalaches to Yellowstone, to offer a better life to family and help grow the country with their ideas and hard work. A Chinese word “a beautiful country” don’t means “enemy, invasor or conqueror” means a great place to live, a great place for YOU and ME. God bless USA and I hope they can find the way for multilateralism and pacific coexistence.

    1. first Asians immigrated to USA in the 1850s way before many of these rebel’s parents or grandparents or greatgrandparents did

    2. @Penelope Gallardo Por tu apellido Gallardo debes hablar Castellano, no me gusta la palabra Español porque deja fuera a los Vascos, Catalanes y una cantidad de dialectos o lenguas como el Leones, etc. “Llegar primero” no debe ser tomado al pié de la letra, si un Alemán llegó en 1825 y un Italiano llegó en 1875 esto no le da derecho al primero para exigir que el segundo no pueda entrar. Muchos emigrantes en toda America desde Alaska hasta la Patagonia han conseguido lo que tienen por su trabajo duro unos, por robar y matar otros, independiente de esto ningún país de America es de población 100% nativa, o se mezcló o está segregada o desapareció por enfermedades o por que fueron asesinados. Estos “rebeldes” no son solo de origen Irlandés, muchos son de origen Germánico y del este de Europa. El problema no es la inmigración, es la calidad del inmigrante. Un irlandés solo sabia recoger patatas, beber alcohol y pelear, por ser fuertes han integrado tradicionalmente la policia, bomberos y fuerzas armadas. Un gran problema en USA es que entrenan esta gente para ser asesinos profesionales en guerras alrededor del mundo y cuando regresan que tienen a cambio? Hay que tratar de entender y resolver. Lo mismo ocurre con los problemas de las llamadas “minorias” negras, latinas, etc. En poco tiempo los llamados “blancos” serán una minoría. Que está pasando en Sur Africa ahora con la minoría blanca? los están matando, por culpa de sus acciones pasadas, por supuesto pero eso no hace a los negros mejores que los blancos cuando actuan igual o peor. Es un tema muy complejo y USA tiene una nueva oportunidad de regresar al sueño americano o terminar de destruirla por completo. Saludos y cuidate.

    3. @Susan Yoon Hi Susan, I agree with you many people has arrived first than others and don’t mean they are the new “sheriff” in town deciding who can entry or not. Of course I can understand how many people feel when arrive low skilled workers and take the space of other low skilled workers but occur the same with high skill workers too. Recently one Columbian customer said to me that Venezuela’s high skill professional are accepting lower wages than Columbia’s professionals, is their fault? no, is the system, they are doing the right thing in the right moment, emigrate and survive like our ancestors when leave Africa thousand of years ago. One italian geneticist said we have feet not roots, we move. Of course radical people like the circus in flames but rational people have hope that new USA administration can fix the internal issues and live in multilateralism and pacific coexistence with outer peoples and nations. Interesting you are using the word “Asian” and not Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, etc. Radical people will kill you for your ethnicity not for your citizenship. Stay safe.

  6. AMAZING performances from JLo, Lady Gaga, and Garth Brooks! I am in awe how beautiful, full of emotions they sounded.

  7. Such music to my ears, Maga beaten back, insurrectioners and rioters under arrest, Trump Kicked out, while a proud Brown Puerto Rican America welcome a new president with a beautiful American tune. Makes a black latin like me happy

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