Jeremy Lin: I worry I encourage hatred by speaking out

Former NBA star Jeremy Lin says he's seen a rise in racism across the United States, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper that the type of attacks against Asian Americans is intensifying.

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    1. Well, stupid… what do you have to say about FBI stats that say the attacks on Asians are committed more by African Americans than any other race..??
      What do you say now that you know it isn’t the white man or supremest that are doing it, but it’s your community that’s doing it?
      You’re right! He should preach more to the ignorant..
      People like.. well, you!

  1. As an Asian student in the US, everyone that I meet for the last two years have been nice and friendly. I thank every American that has treated me well, and I thank Jeremy for speaking out for us.

    1. @Zicong Huang: Someday when you grow up you will understand people. My advice to you is to study hard while you can afford to study abroad. And I hope you’ll make a good future decisions for you and for others around you. Good luck 👍

    2. @Liberal Perspective Come on my Jewish guy. You yourself is full of hate towards Asians. At least have the spine to own up to your beliefs. Coward AND racist. Pathetic.

    3. Well I guess first of all you’ve been lucky. But there are times people just don’t even realize when others are being racist or racially insensitive. Have you received weird looks on the street and restaurants when you’re speaking Chinese? Have you had anyone – your classmates, coworkers said “I’ve never had Asian food and I will never try it.” “treating you well” doesn’t mean they are not racist. Leaving this comment here is not meant to create any discomfort, but just would recommend people all do more research about racism and its presents.

    4. @Dom That is a really bold statement for someone who obviously could not know sh*t about someone. Way to emotionally overdone, man. Just like the media. Do you think I might of been making a statement regarding the media, more so, than it was regarding Asians? I don’t have anything against asian, I’ve dated a lot of your women. LOL.

  2. Hatred and bigotry comes from within. Silence or a microphone is all it needs to fester. WE CAN BE BETTER!

    1. It was better under president Trump, now we have a racist in the white House and racism is on the rise.
      Impeach Joe Biden!!!

  3. The euros did the same to a certain group during the great plague, mankind as a horde is largely unchanged from the middle ages. The mirror of history shows the collective ugliness of humans

  4. the title of this video breaks my heart, that he would worry doing the right thing would inspire more hatred. it’s so messed up this terrible insanity is happening.

    1. *I resemble the people who are disparaged in this way and endure the tirade even though the government has suppressed my ability to be a member of my own society as our existence is a threat to the presumptive title to the land their purport they have.*

    2. Haters will hate, whether people speak out or not. I think it’s right to call out evil behaviour, otherwise it gets worse.

    3. @Juna Wallace
      Jeremy is extremely wise + introspective, so he also see repercussions of his actions.
      But @ the end of the day, he knows evil occurs, when good people do nothing.

  5. Unbelievable America, a white cop said the white man who executed 6 innocent Asian women was having a bad day and he had sexual addictions.

    1. @Rae Neumann ….learn something. When you are trying to interrogate someone… do things for them. That Burger King meal everyone is so pissed about probably kept that kid talking. You give them food, drinks smokes…..they used to give them a little weed or a sip of alcohol if they requested it.

    2. The shooter confirmed that he shot innocent 6 Asian women, not because of ongoing Asian American hate issues, it was because of his sexual addictions. He felt like this spa place is the place that provides sexual activities.

    3. @Craig Jackson As a matter of fact, I am not surprised at all because several years ago, police did arrest hookers at one of the spas in the attacks.

  6. On a lighter note, Jeremy Lin looks like he’s mastered reverse aging. Also, as a Knicks’ fan, I wish u never left NYC 🏀 💕

    1. @Jamie Yang You’re ridiculous. We’re talking about Asians getting targeted for hate and brutal beatings and murders and you’re desperately trying to divert to some other topic about criticizing China and comparing it to 1930’s America. You’ve obviously trying your best to deny anti-Asian racism in the U.S. or just plain nuts. You should just come out and admit that you don’t believe there is anti-Asian racism.

    1. @justin aresta rubbish. Trump has condemned violent action from his supporters many times. You won’t know about that if you watch CNN though. It’s like Trump condemning racist groups, CNN say he’s never done it when in fact he’s done it multiple times. A quick search on YouTube will prove that. CNN has lied about Trump non stop since the day he announced he was running against dear sweet Hillary.

    2. @National Christian Constitutionalist Party About 60% of the US population is white, don’t know what you’re complaining about…

    3. @Dog Poo Fairy I don’t like Hilary either. This video is about unprovoked attacks and violence against Asians. Go to a Pro Trump discussion forum if you want to talk about Trump.

    4. @Andrew Cheng the fact we were 99% white… white children under 10 are now a minority in the US.. so it would be cool if whites flooded a non-white country and became the majority there in less than 50years? You’re a hypocrite! Whites again, are only 10% of world population yet we aren’t allowed to remain the majority in our lands? Last I checked, whites aren’t displacing other races in their country. And if they were, you brown people would be pretty pissed about it

    5. @justin aresta yes let’s stop talking about Trump. I’m more interested in discussing the hypocrisy of the left condemning criticism of China but saying what they like about Russia.

  7. I really wish he would say who teammate called him the Corona virus, or better yet the POS who called him that comes out and takes accountability for what he said and apologizes.

    1. Its okay, the NBA already identified the player and it is being dealt with eternally. And also, Jeremy Lin mentioned it was an opponent during a G League game, not a teammate.

  8. And we, all of us, need to be looking out for our Asian friends and neighbors.
    We need to have their backs.
    Especially those that are seniors.

    1. Begone liberal. Seeing that they have been anti Black and pro white rule. They made their bed. We don’t support them.

    2. Shun Been Trill Who’s we? Why don’t you say if you’re so proud of the hate you spew as you clearly represent all of your peoples. The generalization you are using is probably the same generalization used against you.

  9. I can’t believe the last year. What the hell is wrong with our society? The good need to stand up too the evil in this world.

    1. That is why we need to document every single Republican Nazi, so people know who betrayed their country, like Gaetz and Johnson who blatantly betrayed their country in front of the whole world to see, we can’t just limit to their leaders, every single republican who is complicit in this deplorable party, deserves to be recorded for history how they betrayed the American people

  10. Mr. Lin, Thank you for speaking out. We must not be silent to the attacks on our Asian sisters and brothers, citizens or immigrants. I stand with you and applaud your leadership.

    1. We must not be silent of stopping the new asian propaganda that is spreading like Chinavirus-19 across our great land.


    1. Totally agree, record for history exactly who disgustingly beat and killed their fellow American Asians, and betrayed their country by embracing a foreign enemy who is white, why did the Allies fight the Nazis in the early forties, oh yeah, cause they killed millions of innocents, just for being different, now that evil behaviour and attitude will never be able to rise again

    2. @DARIA ALEXANDER 21 shot here in Chicago this weekend. Zero were Asian. How do you figure that darling?

    3. @YouTube Moderator This is so typical of a Republican, find something else to whine about, so the world focuses on another race, don’t take responsibility for beating and killing defenceless American Asians, also when you try to keep a race down like in Chicago, sometimes crime and poverty go hand in hand, you people with, the scary black man is coming, no white washing that kinda hate

    4. @DARIA ALEXANDER You are so dopey that you call me racist because i didn’t harm asians. See how racist you are darling?

  11. 🖤😞🙏🏼I’m grieved by the evil and deprived hearts of the racist attackers. Standing with our Asian brothers and sisters.

  12. I’m not Asian but I wanna send lots of love to our Asian-American brothers and sisters #SpreadTheLove

    1. That’s nice, i think the best way is to complain to politicians and shame the actual haters. There’re a lot of haters spreading hatred on youtube and other social media platform. These haters are heavily influenced by right wing politicians. They hate asians today because they want to scapegoat them for the coronavirus, because they believe Trump’s lies, they also hate mexicans, blacks, indians, and muslims, and anyone else who these haters don’t feel comfortable with.

    2. @SL189 Sorry we don’t hate Chinese, we just hate China Communism. Anti-Asian crimes are happening in Cali & NY the democrat states only. Democrats are the real KKK & Nazi

  13. Unfortunately it’s just human nature. Look at 9.11 after that, we looked at those people differently that look like that, especially when they got on airplanes. Human nature failed

  14. Speaking out doesn’t encourage hatred. Keeping silent will make haters feel more powerful than they really are. It’s time to talk back!!!

    1. I am Asian. I will not say much. To anyone delusional, we asians have been SUFFERING at your oblivion, or your hidden malicious racist intents.

      Also, Forcing different people groups (race, nation, whatever) to care for each other is impossible. Complacent, ‘woke’ and ‘educated’ asians try to do that on the internet but only because we’ve been brainwashed by outside non-asian powers to hate ourselves, to hate each other. For example, China, Japan, and Korea are all against one another as nations. Why is that? Didn’t Europe have just as tumultuous of history?

      Why are the predominantly caucasian-ruled countries always helping each other out? Who benefits from sabotaging unification of Asia? How do they manipulate us? Manipulate you? By telling us to hate, or not to hate while giving you all the reasons to hate? Think about it. Asians, think about it. “All Lives Matter” fails. Only “My Life Matters” wins. Stick together, asians. Don’t try to love all others and expect love back. Fight for your own dignity. FIGHT BACK THE INFLICTORS. Rip their stomachs open and flaunt their heads(metaphorically). And don’t be sorry. Please.

  15. The fact that he said ‘I worry I encourage hatred by speaking out’ is definitely something our elders taught us and I can relate. We were taught not to attract more attention to our issues. It’s not working anymore! We need to speak up!

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