1. @Nameless Progressive Clone Naw.. Foundational Black Americans will just continue to fight back against white supremacy just like we’ve *ALWAYS* done ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️💯💯💯

    2. The man who did this immediately confessed he did it because there was constant sexual temptation around him and he couldn’t take it. NOTHING to do with Trump. These reporters knew the truth and yet they lied to your face to keep feeding you hate for Trump. Like they always do. They lie to you this way all the time.

    3. @Rich Sociopathic Socialist Thank You Rich where were these Asian Actors / Actresses when Blacks were being shot and killed. Not one of them came forward in defense of Black People. Also CNN Anchors never reported in detail as they are doing re. the Asians that are being attacked / killed.

    1. When something like that really does happen, nobody will pay attention because It’s brought up after every event and non event

  1. My Korean neighbors in Seattle are getting awfully tired of being told to *go home to China.* They get to be threatened and insulted at the same time 🙄

    1. @E T Yeah I’ve actually been there many times. It is now a trash heap riddled with drug addiction and homelessness. Not to mention the extremely heavy presence of violent, radical leftists who are allowed to run wild under Democrat leadership. We all watched Inslee play dumb when asked about the CHAZ.

    2. @E T ET phone home. Sorry but I’m not a leftist… basically your whole comment missed the mark. Now.. let’s try to either say something that’s actually correct or shut up. SMDH 🤦🏾‍♂️

    3. @E T I said what I said.. COPE.. There is no “reverse racism”. thats something racist whites invented so they can feel like victims..

  2. One of the cops said the shooter was “having a bad day…” he was so sympathetic to the shooter!
    It’s amazing how fucking inconsiderate some of the cops are,
    he’s sympathetic to the murderer…
    What about the many families that lost a loved one?!

    1. Exactly!! The kkkop is saying the killer is a “victim” of his sex addiction yet he tracked down Asians

  3. Its time for people of all colors to come together ❤ we need everyone and big biz. Its the only way . For things to get better .

    1. @daniel bryers how much white people do know only ask for intresting ?🤦‍♂️

    2. @I AmLegend I will not accept being less cause of my skin as an Korean black woman . I will do everything I can in my community to change that for my children.

    3. @Nancy Bennett I didn’t say to accept other people viewing you as less. We need better solutions is what I’m expressing to you.

    1. she left out the otther 2 non asians. i think she cared more about the narrative than the actual victims or she would have all the names

    2. @alex krasnic were they released at the time? Cause two of victims names were released. But care more bout the Asian women that died too

    1. @G Bird oh I’m sure Fox is the only truthful station! Why are you watching if it’s lies…I don’t need you to tell me anything I have my own mind. Name something Trump ran on that he actually did, he didn’t build the wall, he didn’t stop immigrants, he didn’t bring back the steel or car industries, he lowered taxes (for the rich!) He made money off the presidency and brought out racism . He claimed Covid would disappear “like magic”, made mask wearing a political statement, bungled the vaccine rollout, passed on the chance to buy enough for everyone, Yeah he started warp speed but the first vaccine out wasn’t even paid for with that money…

    2. @Dementia- Joe I know what the guy said, but shooting people for his problem is stupid. That is definitely not the only crime against Asian people there are actually quite a few and Yes it has got to stop! Trump was the first one to go on TV calling it the China Virus and as the capitol riot proved there are A LOT of people who believe and follow what he does and thinks so yes he does have something to do with it! Also most of the people in Portland we’re peaceful the are always going to be assholes who loot and riot.

    3. @pakpala1 The word hate has lost all meaning, the left are about as hateful as it gets. Simply look at Biden pulling the case against Yale for discriminating against asians. They are using this incident as cover what what they are doing to thousands.

  4. They know who these people are they were at the Capitol on the 6th. But don’t tell people like Josh Hawley and Jim Johnson about it.

    1. Hawley is a White Supremacist and he should be addressed by his proper earned title. Even his Law professor trolled him while watching misusing the law. It’s on YouTube

    1. @Joshua Rogers I am a black woman that is engaged to a Korean man and we are set to get married so technically this is my fight… and the same way that he marched with me in Atlanta Georgia for the BLM protest last summer I will march with him ….. so yeah.

    1. The sheriff said the killer had a bad day, as to take away the victims humanity. Pay attention to the wording.

    1. This can be stopped so easy.
      If Fox news and Republicans just let their dumb followers stop blaming Asians for Covid.

    1. @ProdiJAY Yes, white people have been killed in Asia, you don’t know what you are talking about. Lucie Blackman for example. Also, massage parlor women killed in US included two white women. The shooter did it because of his sex addiction, nothing to do with racism. CNN encourages a view that everything is down to racism, which is a view that only divides people.

    2. @Stephens Odyssey the non Asians that are killed included a customer and a passerby from the store next door. Pretty sure the killer didn’t want to leave any witnesses behind doesn’t change the fact that he targeted Asian spas

    3. @Scm Y Here is *Objective proof* of what BS you are being fed by MSM. In 2007 Seung-Hui Cho killed 33 white people in Virginia, media’s message “It is important not to blame Asian people”. In 2021 a white guy killed 6 Asians and 2 white people, the media message “Blame white people and whiteness.”

      One of the white people was inside as a customer and he mistook her for staff. You minimise her death like a neo-n*zi talking about the facts of 1940’s Germany.

    4. @Stephens Odyssey read my comment again I never minimized anyone’s death. It was a tragedy for all involved and should never have happened

  5. Am I the only one that never heard OPEN SEAON be used by major outlets when describing BLACKS being targeted?

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    2. The Biden administration does not want unity. When you brought them in, you split us more. Keep hating white people and you will see white, blacks, Hispanics and so on fight back against you. Godly people will overcome.

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  6. I’m glad Lisa Ling said their names and that she spoke with conviction concerning the victims’ murderer.

  7. As an immigrant from Korea for over forty years, I haven’t heard of this kind of hate crime against Asian Americans until recently. We are all immigrants, let’s try to get along and stop this hatred.

    1. I do get Trump supporters online telling me to go back to China. I am not even from China. Trump supporters called me China virus as well.

    2. @alex krasnic Your ignorance of the history of this coutry is a form of fine art. Anti Asian hate is as old as the Republic. It is less visible because anti black and anti Semitic acts are more widespread geographically. If you had any Asian friend, he will educate you on the China exclusion act, on the prohibition to buy land etc etc.

    3. Where do you live? I live in NY and this has been happening long before the pandemic. Unprovoked attacks against the vulnerable people like the elderly and women. More so often now during the pandemic, the cowards target women who are Asian or who look like Asian. They know Asians don’t speak up & we are forgotten. Microagressions against Asians have been happening for centuries in all parts of the world.

    4. @alex krasnic it could be because there were a lot of attacks on Asians in Sacramento years ago and
      no one(media, law enforcement downplay it)called it hate crimes except the victims and the people watching the news.

  8. Unfortunately, there will always be a struggle against ignorant people. These people are always f***ing things up for the rest of us!

  9. WHAT?, Dylan Roof confirmed he wanted to start a race war, he said that when asked- hence it being a “hate” crime. Honesty helps build credibility!

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