Jessica Bennett: Covid Pandemic Poses A Mental Health Crisis For American Parents | Katy Tur | MSNBC



    1. Are you kidding with this message ..our mistake????… about my adult kids, married working and raising my precious grandchildren all the while suffering the worse grief from March 25th, 2020 when my youngest daughter took her life…her siblings are trying to navigate pain, me, intense pain, oh, yea, that’s her mistake right? That’s my mistake for having my 4th kid 32 yrs ago, I hope you are sterilized, oh, sorry you wouldn’t even be here on earth without your moms mistake. Ugh.

    2. @Tricia E I mean he’s good a point just not a good one. People just stick there kids in front oh a phone and walk away or have someone watch them. For once they had to spend more time with there kids. That’s a good thing. You don’t know what you have till it’s gone. Kids need people to look up to and care for them. I should know.

  2. Have you thought about living in less expensive homes? Both of you wouldn’t have to work. For the Parents that are making minimum wage, I feel for you.

  3. I have issues with parents that complain about parenting. If they did not want to parent then they should have used birth control. Teachers are with other peoples kids all day long, everyday. These people should think before popping children into this world that they expect teachers to babysit.

    1. How do you expect women to do that when conservatives keep trying to mess with their access to birth control in any form?

  4. Being a working mom is a hard job. Now imagine doing it during a pandemic, when schools are closed, you might be out of work, and oh yeah, you’re trying to protect yourself and your kids from a virus that has already killed 430,000 people.
    Moms, much respect to you all! 💪🙌

  5. Women put off going to the Doctors more than Men? is that true? I have always heard that men are renowned for not going to the Doctors.

  6. Guess it’s a benefit to be old. I already raised my daughter and my grandchildren are almost grown. I work at home which I am grateful for. I miss my grandchildren but I am not going crazy with kids running around. I can’t imagine if this pandemic had happened 40 years ago.

    1. The USA, pandemic or no pandemic, needs a quality universal childcare and preschool system. Every single city and town and county in the USA “fending for itself” means the same questions are being asked and answered millions of times. Just as with public education, we can have a broad approach to accomplishing this across the country. This is the 21st century. This is 2021. We can do this.

    2. And yes, the USA needs universal healthcare where mental healthcare is as common, present and accepted as any other healthcare; to uplift and benefit everyone in the USA.

    3. It all takes a village. It takes a village. This is 24/7/365. Yes parents do much of the load. This really underscores how BAD the previous administration was in dealing with the pandemic; including all of its sycophants across the country. We can NOT profit margin our way into the future with 330 million people. We actually have to have infrastructure that provides resources everywhere for everyone. It can be good for business and the economy, but it cannot be “too bad so sad” built into the vast unequal and unfair economic divide we have created for ourselves.

    4. @SkyeRangerNick Yes. If we considered mental health and addiction issues as routine as healthcare, that would go far in reducing our homelessness situation.

  7. Boo hoo, tell it to a parent that lost their kid to covid. Can’t believe what I’m hearing. I WISH I had my kid all the time.

  8. These calls should act like contraceptives but they don’t. Believe it or not, having children is optional.

  9. Everyone is hurting. Count your blessings. A Healthy kid is the biggest blessing. You had better enjoy them when they’re little, it goes fast. When it is gone, it is gone

  10. Nothing I love more as an autistic person than being told over and over how much of a burden we are. Thanks for that.

  11. I can’t imagine Harriet Tubman or women of the greatest generation on the scream line. Tomorrow is never promised, count your blessings

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