Rep. Jim Himes Is Worried About The ‘Donald Trump Wannabes Out There’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Nancy Ross Biden is like a breath of fresh air and I think the international community has a lot of confidence in him. But your countrymen also elected Trump, who just incited a violent attempted coup. That is absolutely shocking and it will take some time for the rest of the world to regain its confidence in the legitimacy of the US Government. I am rooting for you, I really am, but reports that the Senate is about to acquit Trump really does not give me a lot of confidence in the robustness of your democracy. I am deeply concerned that the US is rapidly becoming a richer version of Russia.

    1. @Zazoo Kluk I agree and they’re now in an untenable position because of their cowardice. They’re losing the independents and even the moderate conservatives due to their support of the extremists. Their problem in 2024 is going to be that their most extreme candidates will win primaries but will get defeated by a huge margin in the general election. They already know that but they’re too scared of their base to stand up to them, which is why they’re trying to pass laws restricting voter rights in many states instead of changing their platform to make themselves more appealing to a wider selection of voters.

    2. It’s not republicans following him. It’s people who actually believe in america. Unlike Communist psychopaths like yourself.

  1. MAGAs in the Capitol: “Guess what? AMERICA SHOWED UP!!!”
    Days later, Knock knock: “Guess what? THE FBI SHOWED UP!!! 😆😂

    1. @Wohooo What about this? It didn’t happen in one place and one time. It happened all over the country and instead of condemning it unconditionally, Democrats rewarded it. They shielded them from legal consequence by raising bail and released those arrested for protest violence WITHOUT CHARGE.
      DC: BLM assaults Senator White House attacked. DC on fire calling for murder in D.C. DC fist couple attacked by BLM/Antifa. little girl nearly smashed children terrorized Fireworks at diners

      BLM: “We will burn this system down.” Dallas, man stoned to death. New York Woman beaten Turning on the Mayor who refuses to abolish police. Senator beaten in Madison by Antifa mob DC fist

      Kenosha Fires August, 3 nights in a row Kenosha, owner struck Kenosha Burnt Salon Kenosha Car Destruction Kenosha fires Fire lighting dumpsters Youth Correctional Facility Dumpster fire at police
      Portland: ALL SUMMER LONG police building, BLM Courthouse explosion PPA Explosive fireworks. Explosives malotovs Explosives malotov fireworks in neighborhoods. BLM “Security” in Portland. Portland man walking alone Portland old woman
      Seattle: cop car burned
      Pennsylvania: fire

      Milwaulkee Restaurant burning

      St. Louis Dorn shot by looters, all rioters not charged Disrupting a prayer gathering. red hat

      BLM UK: reporter attacked

    2. Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong too. Let’s start with the Democrats.

      Democrat leadership
      Jaime Harrison, president Biden, vice president Harris, , Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

      Republican leadership
      Senator Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Cheney

      Q Anon leadership
      Donald J Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, yellow streak Lindsey Graham, Big Mouth Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, and one of the biggest crying babies that ever ran for the House of Representative
      Rep. Jim Jordan and your wannabe leaderships Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , Lou Dobbs , Michael Flynn , Rodger Stone , Marjorie Greene , and the most embarrassing and sloppy is hygiene Steve Bannon are your Q Anon leaders and many more.

      (Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong to in the three-party system)

    1. Jonathan S – you do know that trump told people to March peacefully and patriotically right?
      The rioters should be held accountable, but making the whole situation Trumps fault is plain wrong.
      A Bernie supporter who was scared of what republicans where doing to healthcare shot republicans at there ball game years ago but we never held Bernie accountable.
      Dozens of republicans have been physically assaulted due to the orders of Maxine waters to “surround them and push back on them and make them feel unwelcome.”
      She was never held accountable.

    2. @Lawrence Smith forget trump. His life as he knew it is over. He won’t be returning to politics. He will slowly disintegrate from here on out.

    3. Di&Ce – I watch more msnbc and cnn than Fox.
      Judging from your subscribed channels, I would say it’s you that needs to do alittle more branching out babe

    1. There are 50 in the current Senate in the Federal US of A parliament what will they do when the current Feds Treasury, now that will be interesting.

    2. From this day forth:


  2. Congress needs to send a strong message by convicting Trump this time. We can’t afford another leader like Trump. The Republican party should pull their heads out of the orifice in which they are currently stuck in.

    1. the gop had a chance to prevent this during the last impeachment, and they passed. they have a chance now to prevent it from occuring again in the future. did they not notice that the crowd was after, and likely prepared to injure and or hang the number two and three top gop members in the country, pence and mcconnell? that no-one is safe from a totalitarian regardless of their feigned loyalty to him? that this is their chance to protect not only our country and democracy, but themselves as well? that if they merely told the truth, that they knew it was a lie, and that some of them propogated it, that would be the best for everyone? nope, they’d rather take down the whole thing on the off chance they will remain standing through the chaos and have control of the rubble. its worse than just politics … it is inhumane and catastrophic.

    2. if the conservative party did this in england they would be in jail,you need to separate supreme court from goverment

  3. I smoke a lot of weed, and never once did it occur to me that the republican’s or anyone associated with their party were eating babies.

    1. Andy Smitty – anyways, I think she should get kicked out.
      I just think people like Eric Swalwell, a Democrat on the senate intelligence committee that is privy to the nations most well guarded secrets, slept with a Chinese agent and let her help with fundraising which gave her information on the biggest doners to the party, is more of a threat than some lady that believes cooky crap that very few people believe in.

    2. @Crimdor thank you… don’t get me wrong I think she’s trash, but I don’t believe those accusations are accurate when it comes to being photographed next to someone you don’t know. Now, if she knew they were kkk, with proof she knew, then I’d be the first to slam her for that or any other politician…. but it’s ridiculous to expect any politician to have a background check before taking a photo with them. That’s like calling you a murder because you stood in line at a grocery store checkout next to a guy that killed someone the night before. How are you to know others skeletons…

    3. @Crimdor I wouldn’t say it’s few people that don’t believe the q crap, not when you have 74 million Twitter accounts retweeting q conspiracies.

      Personally I think people get caught up in wanting to believe the evil accusations, they want to believe the other political side is as evil as claimed. Both parties are guilty of that crap.

    4. @Crimdor i suspect it would be interesting. I also think it ahould be done before anyone is permitted to run for Congress. You might end up with fewer lunatics running the country.

    1. @Randy Couch . . . If you cannot understand the difference between a riot and an insurrection, you probably shouldn’t be revealing it in public.

    2. @Paul Wilson they’ve suggested he may not have been or not sure the hit caused his death I heard something about a heart attack.

    1. Large corporations now rivalling the influence of governments own mainstream.
      Are you so naiive to think they are not using their assets to push their own opinions and agendas?
      1984 has arrived and you are little more than their manipulated asset.
      This isnt a political statement, it is what happens when giant corporates align to serve themselves rather than you.
      Trump was in their way.

    2. @Lawrence Smith Trump is easily bought. He needs money and will stoop down to any level of shamefulness. He isnt a billionaire, he’s $400 million in debt. Broke a** Loser!

  4. Trump, Eric, Don jr and his girlfriend Kimberly, Eric wife, Guiliani and all political enabler. Should be held accountable. For the insurrection on January 6. Lock all them up. Next with Bill Cosby.

  5. “A lot less clown like” Really, have you not seen how Cruz has been dressing and grooming lately? LoL 😂

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