Plouffe: You Are Either On ‘The Pro-Democracy Side Or The Pro-Autocracy Side’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Absolutely correct, majority Americans should stand up to fascism and pro democracy and take back what makes the country a beacon of hope for others

    1. As a Canadian please take this the way it is intended. Have you never noticed only Americans think they are a beacon of hope for other countries. There are many democracies in the world that are doing great. Maybe look around a little and ask yourselves Why. Why are we having this trouble in our country? How could 45% of voters in this country admire a man like Trump? I am no fan of Trump but people voted for him because they are like him. We have Trump lovers here too. Thankfully they are only about 10% of us. Even the Conservative party in Canada doesn’t want the Trumpists in their party. The leader openly said so publicly. Maybe Trump is a mirror. A look at who America is. More people voted for him than our entire population. A little humble pie is always good for the soul. Please take this the way it is intended.

    2. @Jock Young 41 and on his first stroke of the pen he caused thousands of lost jobs of which 11 thousand were union jobs billions in wage loss .
      People who were making 6 figure salaries are now on welfare.

    3. @Waldemar Marchesi Many of those executive actions were undoing the actions Trump took while in office. I hope he continues that trend.

      As for the jobs lost, those weren’t in effect yet and most of those were temporary. Those jobs will be replaced as we move to a clean energy industry.

    4. Waldemar Marchesi So the people who are suffering from the neglect of Covid by the ex Tv Show presenter, your Constitution and Democracy are under threat by a narcissistic, needy little man who cares only for himself, and 400,000 dead with millions more in hospital, people queuing for food, without work, income, health care, decent wages, you’re ok with that? You’re either a fascist

  2. That past office holder needs to be convicted -we cannot take the chance and waste energy on him. We have to prepare for the next weirdo who tries to do the same thing. KEEP THE FILMS AND PHOTOS OF JAN 6 PRESent IN EVERY PERSONS EYES LEST THEY FORGET WHAT THIS IS ABOUT—they built a gallows for gods sake and wanted to put a bullet in people and – THEY DID

    1. with split screens on cruz, hawley, lindsey, mccarthy, etc as they run the films on the senate floor, so we get to see em ignore those images and rightfully be tied to them forever.

  3. This is so typical and predictable attitude of these people to avoid the consequences like nothing happened. Impeach Trump Now and deal with the Russian Hack of the elections 2016!!!

    1. @Jock Young That’s why an investigation should be had. Russia, has already infiltrated the American national security systems.

    1. and as soon as a Democratic Gov. was elected they tried to strip his powers because Walker “Had overreached”. Hypocrisy they named is republican.

    2. @Nolan Vince now their trying to open up the states contrary to the Governors orders and we may loose local funding, they are crazy

  4. Has anyone seen the movie The Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck? I love how they got the bad guys at the end of the movie who tried to destroy democracy.

  5. Republicans need to review their moral and professional standing, if they don’t make Trump accountable in this impeachment.

    1. So many of them repeated the big lie, now there the jury? They don’t care about morals or professional standing.

  6. He HAS to be held accountable & given serious consequences by OUR Government which he just tried to car jack btw. NOTHING short of that will ever do.

  7. Responsibility has consequences. Leadership has consequences. Holding a political office, its responsibilities and leadership, has consequences. Abuse the responsibilities and suffer the consequences – imagine that.

  8. We might even see a brain drain to countries with real democracy if the Senate votes for no accountability. It will be no accountability going forward.

  9. Write a Law that IF one has been ”Impeached Twice ”….Just ” Impeached ”you are Now disqualified from running for any Office in the Future

  10. What about criminal charges…. please address this question someone!!! There will be no healing until he is held accountable!!!

  11. Nicole is right about Trump always going back to do his crimes, whenever let off. If he’s a repeat offender, than he will do this again, if let off again.

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