Jill Biden and the Duchess of Cambridge tout early education

First Lady Jill Biden and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are participating in a roundtable about early childhood education and will tour a school in Hayle, England. CNN's Max Foster reports.

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    1. @Fritz Morgan I’m not “such a Biden fan” as you say. I definitely won’t agree with everything he does but all in all I’m in agreement with most of his policies especially comparing his administration to the previous.

    2. You mean democratic corporate beast system brainwashing operations making slaves for the beast..

    1. @Sgt Stedanko well, that’s one jack-off vs all the jack-offs on the mentally incompetent conservative news networks!

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    1. @Benjamin Berlinsky
      You do know that Melania got kicked out of the University of Lubljana after having failed two exams? That she doesn’t have any degree?
      You guys really don’t know what’s going on outside your trailer park.

  1. At the same time kids just need to be kids and not miss out on childhood and all the learning from just being a child.

    1. @Friend Unfortunately for you, leftists/democrats are in fact both marxists and fascists and the proof is easily found, I’ve stated it below. In the first place, had you bothered to ”research” your ”chosen ideology” of anti-American, German/Eastern European created ”marxism” prior to choosing it, you’d know that it repeatedly fails and murders those it governs due entirely to the lies, projections and fear tactics it uses-that’s undeniable ”history”. Therefore, if you’re listening to your 97 percent registered democrat media, you’d know they’re liars for their ”agenda”.

      Furthermore, simply reading the stated economic/governmental ”goals” found in both the Communist Manifesto and the NAZI 25 Point Political Platform of the NSDAP proves that both marxism and fascism are ”far left” ideologies as the stated goals are identical. Fabian Socialist academia has used the Hegelian Dialectic by telling lies about true ”left versus” right ideology and Hitler/the NAZI’s for the past 70 years. This was done in order to REMOVE the most notorous marxist mass murderers, the NAZI’s, FROM marxist ideology to make your indoctrination TO the ideology easier. Hitler’s many quotes prove him to have been a PROUD socialist/marxist, and true ”far right” ideology is in fact Anarchy due to the steady progression to the ”right” of political ”center” being for LESS/SMALLER government until you arrive there. Conservatives are to the ideological ”right” of center and want LESS/SMALLER government, Libertarians are even further ”right” and want EVEN LESS to almost NO government, and to their ideological ”right” is the Anarchist who wants ZERO government. Hence the term ”Anarcho-Capitalist” as it’s also only those to the right of center who champion true ”free market Capitalism”. Leftists only champion Capitalism if it can be combined with government to form fascist oligarchy, like your democrat run BIG TECH fascist oligarchy and their attempts to SILENCE Conservatives and a duly elected President.

      And this is also the reason that a quick Google search reveals that democrats/BLM/ANTIFA have been attacking Jews for the past two years. The following quote explains exactly ”why”-

      “If we are socialists, then we must definitely be anti-semites – and the opposite, in that case, is Materialism and Mammonism, which we seek to oppose.” “How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-semite?”-Adolf Hitler.

      Next, we can discuss the calls by your media to ”cleanse Trump supporters”, just as ol’ Adolf called for the ”ethnic cleansing” of the Jews.

    2. Trump was right about everything and you all believed MSM lies looool wow it must be so embarrassing to be labeled a Democrat in today’s times. Winning! Always winning, you are all easily manipulated fools! Hahahaha

  2. Looks like Dr Biden had more knowledge and information to relay. Also, wasn’t just there for a photo op but to educate. Thank you Dr Jill Biden

    1. Please loan us the money. We’re a bankrupt nation. Thank you, Great Britian for your financial assistance to our homeless.

    2. @MDM8998 Oh ya lets “forgive” student loan debt. You aren’t forgiving anything. You’re just passing the debt on to people like me who worked and saved to put 5 kids through school. Problem is these kids don’t want to grow up and get out in the world and start a life. Of course when they are getting paid more to stay out of the work force, why should they go to work?

    3. @Gregg soooooo basically you didn’t thoroughly read Warren nor sanders’s plan for how loan forgiveness for the u.s. would work if biden did do forgiveness through reconciliation…. not only do I conduct my own research, my father was a political science as well as government professor….not discrediting u, but there are ways of going about doing things that are beneficial and not harmful to the little guy

  3. To be fare saying education is good , is like saying I like breathing it’s good for me lol 😆

    1. @Sue U The best part here in the US we have schooling on every corner, yet we still have a 1 in 8 drop out rate. It’s not just about education reform, the real problem nowadays are the parents!

    1. @Gregg more likely the discussion included each ones diaper changing techniques. I hear Joe kicks a lot.

    2. Trump made all you lying Democrats look so elementary with your lies considering how Trump was right about everything. Look at all you hahahaa what failures who are easily manipulated by MSM

    1. @Fritz Morgan you are right! Because you can NO longer take the annual field trip to the White House UNDERGROUND BUNKER. Trump was KICKED OUT! 😅🤣😂

    2. @M Hall yuck, yuck, memes just reveal that you’re too dumb to come up with anything original yourself.

    3. @M Hall no different from the Trumpublican walking dead that are still butt-hurt due to Biden walking all over Trump! 🤣

  4. I am actually tired of worrying about government policy, stock and stuff…its driving me nuts.

  5. I still haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine shot, and I’m still alive smoking on that kush, and it feels so good. When I’m chilling with my dogs in the hood. It’s all good. Lmfao!

  6. Hollywood is making a New Bram Stoker’s movie.

    Starring: Jeffrey Toobin


  7. Catherine’s pet project for a decade has been “Early Years” its amazing, nurturing children from zero up in various facets of childhood, from learning, to mental health, nutrition and assuring those young children most marginalised do not feel alone etc. Am sure Jill Biden an educator will have some good ideas that Catherine will look forward to learning about. Can’t help but love Catherine and the way she goes about her work with no fuss or pomp.

  8. It’s so refreshing to see 2 beautiful, educated, caring women at the forefront of advocating early education!

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