1. I’m curious. When applying for this position of field weatherman was it the first line under job requirements or was it buried in the fine print “Must be Suicidal”.

    1. Close it actually reads “must be an idiot” I feel bad for Jim’s family having to witness is recklessness and all for some ratings. TWC doesn’t care if their people get killed…

  2. Praying for the Safety and Wellbeing for the ALL the residents of Florida, experiencing the hurricane weather situation, and for the Safety of news media, meteorologists, jornalist.

    Praying for the Safety of Meteorologist and news media correspondents, and the news media crews, cameraman.

    Everyone be Safe…

    God Bless

  3. Watched this live. He put himself in danger. As he walked in, he stopped, grabbed this sign and kneeled forward. The cameraman asked if he was ok. He said yes, but held the pose for another 15 seconds or so. Then walked on in. They must have an inside bet for whose “danger pose” get the most replays! I’d say he wins with this one!

  4. Jim when a storm gets this strong we don’t expect you to stand out there in the middle of it we can see their stuff blowing around be safe be smart

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