1. BTW some of the looting and fires have been set by ANTIFA. The AutoZone windows were broken by a white dude in full ANTIFA riot gear and a black dude almost fought him for doing it. Police chief wasn’t lying when he said outsiders were there.

    2. @George Smith if you think he’s a good man then you are not one. Pervert Joe is one of Americas biggest crooks.

    3. @smatt ns his straight talk is killing people! He is pushing a drug with NO DATA to support that the Malaria drug works as a treatment or as a preventative. It ACTUALLY increases mortality rates by 34%! His “straight talk is moronic nonsense. His willful ignorance has killed 100,000 Americans. Other countries responded MUCH better!

    1. @George Smith How so? The Democrat party is responsible for 1) Slavery 2) Jim Crow laws 3) the KKK 4) Segregation 5) Filibustering Civil Rights Bills in Congress.
      Democrats care about minorities every four years when it’s election time. They pay lip service and do nothing more.

    2. @Thomas Creamer You forgot White Supremacy. When the democrat senators in congress created white supremacy they even made a flag with the white supremacy logo on it and posted it over the state’s capital in SC in 1917 then refreshed the flag in 1966 but some congress members were un comfortable so it was taking down. Just another night mare that we still live with today

    3. @#j G Now it’s your liberals who are covert racists. They do not believe that minorities can succeed without their help.

    4. @Thomas Creamer here’s what I don’t understand that black people still vote for the Democratic Party LMFAO DOES NOT MAKE SENSE

  1. The guy who wrote the crime bill is gonna ramble about why mass incarceration and police violence. Stfu

    1. Hey Jack he was told by his handlers he had to say black a lot to make up for the past week where he said they ain’t black

  2. I AIN’T NO BLACK MAN!! but i pretend to like them while iam on t..v…i am boe jiden and i approve this massage!!

  3. Didn’t he sponsor the crimes bill that jailed a lot of my black brothers and sisters?😒🤔

    1. He did. Note that the 80s and 90s crime bills had overwhelmingly bipartisan support however and the majority of Americans supported tough-on-crime stances.

  4. btw this message is BS, he was leader of crime bill that caused millions to lose freedoms.

    1. What can you expect from an old man my friend… His dream is to become our president. May god bless america

  5. This must have taken 2 days to make and edit. This was like watching Max Headroom. Ed, ed, edit…

    1. I take them or racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, child molesting white christian conservatives Republicans monsters.

  6. Hold bad cops accountable ? Why are you covering up comey and mcabe and brenen!!!? What hypocrisy ! Done with these democrats

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