1. I just wish I had PLATINUM health insurance like the corrupt politicians voted for themselves… instead of my Bronze.

  2. crazy to think that someone could change their stance on something after nearly 40 years of societal and economic change lol

    1. Joe’s “racial jungle” comment and “you ain’t black comment” we’re about 40 years apart. I guess his kkk membership is still strong.

  3. Well back then I was a right-wing republican around that time, so I guess we both grew up since then!

    1. It doesn’t matter what’s going on,we’re all born to be slaves by going to school and then work. If that’s not slavery/human trafficking,I don’t know what is. Let that sync in y’all’s head for a minute. We’re all born with a number til the day you pass away. They say slavery is gone but it’s still here in a different way and that’s it there. Until we say and do something about it,get back to work soave😘😉😂💀

  4. Thirty-six years ago, we ALL had views which have evolved and changed.

    Different time & circumstances.

    C’mon CNN, we deserve actual current reporting.
    Ps. It’s why my family doesn’t tune into CNN on television in the evening anymore


  5. The problem with Social Security is that in 1969 there was a massive surplus in the Social Security Trust Fund and politicians wanted to spend that
    So they moved it to the General Fund so that they could spend money that belonged to the baby boomers, who are now retired and asking for their money that they paid into the fund their whole lives
    Only they are finding that the government already spent the money
    If they had left it alone Social Security wouldn’t have any problems
    Now the same politicians don’t want to cut their pet projects to pay back the money that they stole from Social Security
    They would rather cut benefits and raise the retirement age

    Social Security was never suppose to be the younger generation paying for the older generations retirement
    It was suppose to be you pay into it your whole life as a retirement plan and it draws interest while you work
    but neither party can leave a pile of money on the table, even when it isn’t theirs

  6. Why are we dragging this out of the vault? This is FIFTY YEARS AGO.

    My opinions have altered substantially over the last 50 years, especially as circumstances and the world around me have changed. And I would hope that most thinking sensible people would be able to look back and see their views on events and opinions DECADES before would be different. That many years SHOULD give one the hindsight of greater experience.

    “A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.” (Shakespeare, “Much Ado About Nothing”)

  7. “A man who views the world the same at 50, as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”
    – Muhammed Ali

  8. Oh ffs! I care greatly about this issue. And tbh, what matters a bit more to me is the politicians saying that they want to do this TODAY. Not those who have evolved on something they believed and said once, literally before I was even alive!

    If it wasn’t already known in the public record, that would be one thing. But we all know Biden was way further to the right, especially economically, back in Congress and the Senate (In my opinion, he could and should be further to the left, but CNN straight up has me defending Joe Biden cause it’s so transparently doing it’s “both sides” and “balance” bs again with this take.)

    He has since said he would veto such a bill if it got to his desk. I think those politicians literally trying to get that bill through NOW should be the center of this discussion! Just do better, please people 🙄 it’s not hard.

    1. He has been a liar and a flip flopper his entire political career. He changes his tune whenever it is politically convenient. I don’t know why you would trust him. He was a liar then and he is a liar now.

    1. @Simulation L Thank-you kindly i agree,I live in Mangham Louisiana on the edge of a swamp 🐸 😀❤

  9. The problem is Congress and every president since 1983 have borrowed (raided) from the Social Security Trust Fund to help fund government! And the fund has been faltering ever since. Right now contributions are capped at a fairly low level of $160,000 of earnings. Congress needs to raise that cap!

  10. Who cares what he thought 40 years ago, I care about what he’s doing now. He could’ve changed his mind yesterday for all it really matters as long as he’s doing the right thing.

  11. A fella walked up to me in an agitated state and said, “I disagree with you on that.”

    I said, “That’s fine. I disagreed with myself on it just a week ago.”

    With an air of shock he said, “Sooooo, just as I suspected, you changed your mind?!”

    “Yes,” said I, “and it was euphoric. It feels good to grow in one’s understanding of things.”

    “How, then, can I trust anything else you say?” Now he was getting even more worked up. I should not have used the word “euphoric.” It seems to have triggered him.

    “The last person you should trust,” I responded, “is someone incapable of changing their mind, because that person is not actually thinking, but rather parroting some ideological script.”

    “So now you’re calling me a parrot,” he said with anger.

    “No,” I explained, “I can’t know for sure until you answer one question: can you name any opinion you’ve ever held that you decided was wrong?”

    He went silent and walked away.

    Where did we get the idea that it is a virtue to rigidly hold opinions and that it is a weakness to change an opinion? very useful information

  12. Not long ago there was a fight by some to raise the mandatory retirement age because of their desire to continue working vs retiring as companies were pushing them. Too many people found they would not be able to support their lifestyle if they were forced out.

  13. “They are burning it all down with us inside. That should scare you to no end.” – Brian Williams NBC early 2022

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