1. @sarah nafkha Most people comment on headlines only, so frustrating. They would learn so much by watching the entire video or read the entire article for a start. Never rely on one video or one article if you truly want to understand.

    2. He! Targeted. If officers had their own kids in Nashville school, they would have been faster! Here, TWO school Staff Members
      outside told Officers the Perp was on 2nd Floor, Police still wasted at least 2 minutes Playing their “Clear,” downstairs,
      before Hearing Perp shots & then going to 2nd Floor! They could have 1 clear 1st floor & others immediately to 2nd Floor!
      14 Minutes ’til Police arrived.

  1. There should be more acces to mental health in the USA. Love and support from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

    1. @Charlie Short Go watch the video. The shoes change. Cops run right into bullet fire and don’t get shot even once

  2. top notch gun laws in the US.
    “i want to buy a gun.”
    “are you crazy?”
    “eh nobodies perfect, here you go, happy hunting patriot”

    1. @Andrew Page Ringwing culture war propaganda LOL. Twerks are extremely dangerous and terrifying, kids are getting mental scars. LOL, i have a bridge to sell ya in Brooklyn

  3. this was a Christiophobic hate crime that she did to these poor kids and adults. she had a motive and its clear as day, rest easy to the victims🙏🙏🙏

    1. The shooter and the shooter family were said to be extremely religious. Try again wanna be victims

  4. How does a 28 year old that lives at home with mom and dad have the money to buy guns? When I lived with my mom, every penny went to a savings fund to get the hell out of her house

  5. Does everyone get it? If a person like this can legally buy these guns and learn to use them and get all the way to opening fire without breaking any laws – that tells us something about our laws.

    1. Does everyone get it? If a person like this can legally buy a car , pass a license test and get behind the wheel to crash into everyone really tells you something about our laws…. Or the risk/reward is worth the danger we accept for the freedom we have. Freedom to drive anywhere and freedom of tyranny. The Risk is worth the reward

    2. Under the care of a Dr for suicidal and emotional problems, but no red flag laws in Tennessee that could have been called on by a Dr or family member stop the purchase or access to guns.

  6. 4:57 That sir is the appropriate question to ask, and the Chief’s response is all we need to know. Even if an individual was clearly a threat, or was highly suspected to cause gun violence and known to possess guns, those firearms cannot be removed. THAT is a STATE problem and it’s up to the people there to change that….or wait till this happens again and cry some more.

    1. Often Red flag laws are used without the protections of due process supposedly guaranteed to us under the Constitution. I wouldn’t want to violate other people’s rights of due process even if it does reduce the number of mass shootings. If red flag laws are going to implemented due process has to be upheld and in cases where governments violate this fundamental right serious punishments to appropriate acting authorities must be carried out.

  7. A Wisconsin man has been charged in last year’s firebomb attack of a pro-life center in Madison, Wisconsin, according to a Tuesday press release from the Department of Justice. According to the DOJ’s release, Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, 29, of Madison, is charged with one count of attempting to cause damage by means of fire or an explosive, and was arrested earlier on Tuesday in Boston.

  8. I just saw the video. It looks like 1 cop was ready and skilled to go in. He has to scream to others to join him. They definitely didn’t have the same training. He was pushing them to move forward. Without him this would’ve been worse. Cops were there and even inside downstairs when he got there.

  9. The two police officers that took action in Nashville could teach Uvalde Police Department a thing or two. The only thing they wouldn’t be able to do is give them backbone

    1. Understood. However in Uvalde Texas the quick response wasn’t worth a darn because they stood around and did nothing. It is the opinion of the law enforcement investigators that it could have been done in 3 minutes had they followed their training( I doubt it but that’s what they said) In Nashville it took them awhile but two officers said something has to be done and they had the guts to do it or else more people would have died. That’s my point.
      Thank you very much for an intelligent and civil response

  10. I live in Mexico there has been 17 in school since 2004. My kids are safer here then in the US. Pretty scary a third world country has more respect for their children. Then one of most progressive country in the world. 😢😢

  11. This Chief is great. His heart is broken but he’s holding it together. The police response was spot on. 11 minutes. Not 2 hours. It still sucks. My heart is sad. This shouldn’t happen.

  12. There was a friend that reported this shooter was suicidal! But by then there was not enough time, it was too late. 😢

  13. None of them was assault weapons they was all semi-automatic very useful information very useful information

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