Joe Biden: Monkeypox should be something ‘everybody is concerned with’ | USA TODAY

Nearly a dozen countries are investigating "atypical" outbreaks of monkeypox, a disease that comes from the same family of viruses as smallpox.

President Joe Biden on Sunday said an outbreak of the rare disease monkeypox is a concern because “if it were to spread, it's consequential.”

Jake Sullivan, Biden's national security adviser, later told reporters the U.S. has vaccines "available to be deployed."

Sullivan said Biden is getting regular updates from his health team about the evolving situation.

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    1. hello beautiful, i must confess you have a lovely smile 😊 on your beautiful face. nice to meet you .

  1. Worry about this ‘new virus’ not about my failure as a president.
    – Joe “Where am I” Biden.

  2. Biden: “Why can’t we control them with COVID anymore?”
    CDC: “Because we slipped up and told them it was endemic now. Safe to come out.”
    Biden: “Okay, what ELSE we got? Monkeypox, THAT sounds scary, can we start over with that? Let’s give it a shot!”

  3. Weird how they found smallpox vials in a lab last year in Pennsylvania, where recently a truck crashed carrying 100 monkeys on its way to a lab, & a woman who helped those monkeys on the scene got sick from one…

  4. I guarantee you he don’t even know about monkeypox it was just a standard answer to an unknown question

  5. I’m predicting a “monkey pox vaccine” in a few months that you’ll have to take multiple times 😂

  6. I just finished talking down my Covid decoration’s and all ready it’s monkey pox season!

    1. @Chris Gregor no he meant what he said, he politely asks his decorations to come down, negotiates if he has to

    1. wait.. i can do better…

      lets put the disinfectant… INSIDE the body!!!! Problem solved, I’m a genius!

  7. I’m more “concerned” about those who need this president’s “opinion” on anything at all….

    1. He was not using opinion he was suing facts! You may having a problems with reality by your comment!

    2. @Bulletup14 This is a public comment section, anyone can respond to you about anything. And *I* am talking to you. And I’m telling you that we can be concerned about those who need this president’s “opinion” on anything at all and also be concerned about how he became our president. Multitask, look it up.

  8. I’m more worried about some of the lowest school test scores in the world, rising home taxes putting seniors out on the streets, homelessness, and rising crime rates. These are real emergencies.

    1. hello beautiful, i must confess you have a lovely smile 😊 on your beautiful face. nice to meet you .

  9. The southern border is out of control and he is not even concerned about that especially the effects of higher cost demand on rent, food, gasoline, etc… we need new leaders.

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