Zelenskyy gives update on Donbas region, reveals more Russian attacks | USA TODAY

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said nearly 2,000 educational institutions had been destroyed by Russian forces since the invasion began.
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In the three months since the invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces have damaged and destroyed thousands of buildings, including cultural sites, hospitals, schools and homes, and Ukrainian officials are taking stock of the damage.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his nightly address Saturday that nearly 2,000 educational institutions have been destroyed.

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  1. So is USA today going to air Putin next so a neutral country like the US can hear both sides. Would be nice to have a real fair and unbiased news media for once.

    1. @74 Nova
      In other words;

      _”I support Russia because… They’re cool and different, even if those same people want to turn the United States of America into _the Untited Socialist States of America!”_

      Get real, tankie.

    2. If you think one sided coverage is a novelty you are naive. This is nothing to point out, it’s to be expected. A world where everyone feels equal empathy for everyone else will never happen, personal interests will always win the day, best you accept that now and go with the flow rather than drown fighting it. Optimism is rarely rewarded and cynicism is as practical as it is repulsive. You’re welcome and I’m sorry

  2. You don’t have to be a general to look at even the pentagon’s maps and tell the situation is not good for Ukraine. If they were more worried about winning the war instead of PR they would withdraw their forces to the west to a better defense line and wait for more reinforcements instead they’re going to sacrifice thousands if not tens of thousands of their best forces. Plain stupidity

    1. @Nolefan1966 Ukraine is defending her homeland from an aggressive invader whose goal is to steal territory. Which of the US states would you cede to an invader? Defenders always have an advantage, so the objective is to let the aggressor kill his army in fighting for inches. Whatever you cede to him, you’ll have to take back with the blood of your own people where you have given the invader the advantage of a defensive fight.

    2. @TROLLGUN CRTM It’s not going to be a stalemate. They had a stalemate for 8 years until Feb. 24th came along. It passed the stalemate once Russians overrun most of Donbass and most of southern Ukraine. Maybe you’re not informed, Ukrainian first line of defense in Donbass has been broken. Units of Ukranian army are openly refusing to fight under these conditions without relief , reinforcements and command. The only reason Ukrainians are still fighting is because the West want to use them as a slush fund for western weapons manufacturers. Zelensky is disregarding his own generals.

  3. Short version, we are losing everywhere,but if I say that I won’t get as much money from the world that will mysteriously disappear when the country falls….kinda like Afghanistan.

  4. we need more money from America. More weapons and more of that non traceable billions for our government. We also need 10% more of everything for the “Big Guy”

    1. @Sumer yep the brits made final payment for US help in WW2 in 2007 if I’m not wrong..its a debt trap

    2. This guy needs to woke up he’s putting his people unnecessary risk. He already lost soo much and will lose more if he doesn’t woke up and come to reality. All the us and uk want is the last Ukrainian to fight

  5. “Thank you, US taxpayer. That $40,000,000,000 really hit the spot. Your representatives, Democrat and Republican, are, what is American saying? “The gift that keeps on giving?”

    Send more, please!

    1. @King of the Moogles and guess who sells them the military hardware? The military contractors who are donors to Congress.

    2. The US is the world superpower, the leader of NATO, and signatory to the Bucharest Accords, guaranteeing the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

    3. @Tubal Cain Yes. But it’s already sold. If you don’t want them to buy more, that’s a separate issue. It already exist

    1. @Nathan W (in other words) ..proof. Or ‘citation’. WHERE did the information come from?

  6. I know one thing if russia win,u better not run.u got to go down with the ship.they will call u a coward that mislead your people

    1. @Dare2Share First of all its not “Qanon”. It’s Q. Annons are the digital solders that do the reasearch and unpack the information of Q.

  7. Refuse peace negations or compromise, beg and demand resources and money for everyone and send your civillians to the frontlines to die a losing war that’s like an uphill battle that you eventually will lose anyways as you sit in a luxurious office and make vids of yourself looking tough or cool.

  8. 😆 Despite the propaganda, the truth’s spreading out like the wings of an eagle: far and wide.

  9. We sick of paying 6$ a gallon our tax money go to support wars around the world we need that aid in side our country not giving it to Ukraine

  10. Even after 4 months since the invasion began,it doesn’t look like lost any weight just grew beard so fools will take him seriously.

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