Joe Biden On How He’d Address Increasingly Segregated Schools | MSNBC

Asked about how to deal with segregated schools at the Public Education Forum 2020, former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden said, "The way to deal with this is to provide for the best education possible in every single school."

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Joe Biden On How He'd Address Increasingly Segregated Schools | MSNBC


    1. @muka ferguson your not as welthy as you think you are because you have been ripped off by the demoncrats just like the rest of us . If you were able to take home all the money you were actually paid then you can say that your welthy .

    2. He looks down on anyone who isn’t an elite: journalist, fellow politician, wealthy person. Did you see his reaction to the man who called him out on Hunter and Burisma? He leaked all kinds of INSTANTANEOUS reaction of “who are you to dare to say embarrassing criticism of me in front of all these people I need to win over? YOU are… FAT!!! etc” HE immediately recognized that this guy was his inferior and did not know his place. And he himself is essentially trailer trash with a bank account full of graft.

  1. I hope they don’t ask Biden about him saying he likes children to stroke the long hair on his legs when he is in a pool, or the comment he made of him liking kids on his lap. He is so creepy. Still can’t believe he said that on tv.

    1. @The Home Plate Special ahhhh creepy Joe we didn’t know you went by thps …stop touching little kids and kissing people all the time you creep

    2. @The Home Plate Special The dude is gone, mentally gone. He talks like the people in my mom-in-law’s nursing home. They can’t find their words any longer. This is onset dementia. It’s not mean, it’s true & it’s very sad they even put this man out there and expose him this way. They need to stop torturing him. It’s not funny.

    3. @fact I was a democrat but it’s not the party of JFK. I switched to Republican because it’s now the party of middle class/blue collar workers. I’ll tell you what, though. There should be no parties; rather, we vote for the individual.

    1. @Mike Holcomb , what she calls out as Segregation is based on Economics vs Race . NY , CA have some of the highest levels of Segregation in the USA , and its all based on Economics , if you want a mix then Force the creation of Large Sums of Public Housing in the most Wealth Neighborhoods in Major Cities

    1. You clearly listen to your phonograph a little to loud or need to stop firing your shotgun off your porch! Perhaps that evil gateway drug marijuana has something to do with the fact that poor people don’t make as much as white people.

    1. @TP 4UrbHol Nice strawman. Saying healthcare and education should not be commodities is not advocating of communism. And your iPhone/Android would be useless without the internet which was created through socialism.

    1. This guy is not well. It’s absolutely disgusting the Dems put this man in front of America. They are torturing this man. He clearly is not well. I don’t find this amusing; rather, it’s downright wrong.

  2. Smh πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Joe your answer is all over the place. Second, your record as a Congress man/ VP is weak.

  3. “I’d, uhhh, I’d lick everyone’s yummy hands and then there would be no differences. No black or white, just a buncha yummy yummy hands.”

    1. @T1Oracle Lol, haven’t you learned anything from the last election when Trump won and the Left were so distraught from the shock and still are. You are talking as if President Trump is not going to win reelection and you, along with all the Left, AGAIN, will go into shock when he DOES win! People will have mental breakdows, run off thevroad, and jump from the Golden Gate Bridge! Better leave some doubt for yourself for protection of your mental state!

  4. Joe can’t even hit it off in a room with 15 people!

    1. @David You are the one who is triggered, Charlie. Why are you, a supporter of a pervert, even here? Trolling must be difficult these days, eh?

    1. It’s Creepy Lying Pedophile Joe we’re talking about, the dislikes are kinda low for this guy. Maybe he needs to dig up cornpop.

    2. @Daniel Massat, it took two terms or almost eight years to give it back after Obama signed affordable Care act into law without GOPs permission.

    1. @science curious Blame joe biden! He also said it’s a great idea to fire a shotgun off the porch and that marijuana is a severe gateway drug!

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