1. @Peter Gabriel lol you are right. I looked up that CDC report just now. That was my mistake. So let me amend my last point. ‘Shut up and mask up’. Hope mask is not a problem.
      By the way, this error has no bearing on efficacy of ivermectin. It’s still dumb to take something that is proven to have no positive out come for covid. But only potential side effect

    2. @RidgeRunner the right has no standard. Heck they will let trump lead the party even from his political grave! Miss me with your false equivalency.

    3. CNN the shill network that has board members from big pharma…gets ad money from big pharma…and pushes drugs like warfarin which were developed as RAT POISON… Many drugs had one use and were then found to have other uses. CNN is pathetic and it’s ratings are only propped up by hotels and waiting room lobbies where people don’t watch this durge

    1. Joe Rogan has more viewers in one of his podcasts then CNN all day. Can’t blame CommunistNewsNetwork for being angry.

    1. @bobby dalgleish I mean, for humans it was used as a drug against parasites like worms, lice, scabies etc. I found an article on “nature,” a research site, from 2017, which mentions it’s antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer properties. So, you can find peer reviewed and meta-analysis RCTs, cohort and epidemiological studies on Ivermectin/COVID on the internet. The gov and these guys in the video lie about not having studies done on Ivermectin/COVID. I tried to post these studies, but Youtube won’t let me. I can’t even mention their names. The reason Ivermectin has to be taken within the first 48 hours of infection is because of it’s antiviral properties.

    2. @Magma K . Not saying you convinced me cuz I still think most scientists and doctors say it is useless at best . But you impressed me enough to maybe make me snoop around in the barn a bit more . K ? I’ll flip open a fresh pack a cigarettes …….consider da situation ……….. good luck Magma

    3. @bobby dalgleish I think that’s a failure on my part. But, give me another try, a last one. I will resend one of my comments to you that was originally sent to John Sarkassian. Here we go: “Maybe I can just describe shortly what the studies are about. One on “nature,” a medical research site says that Ivermectin effectively kills almost all viral particles within 48 hours. The Other on “pubmed” site says that the drug is associated with lower mortality in hospitalized patients with COVID. Then WSJ cites a study by Antiviral Research, which states that a single does of the medicine reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral load by 98% in 24 hours and 99.98% in 48 hours. Also, listen to the Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman’s press conference recommending ivermectin to all doctors, for all Covid patients.” Also, you can listen to Dr. Andrew Hill, Dr.Been and Dr. Robert Malone about Ivermectin. In his video, Dr. Andrew Hill talks about the peer reviewed study that was done in the UK. I can’t mention the studies by name, because Youtube does not let me. Good luck.

    4. @Justin Merrill You’re right well known for human use for multiple applications. Like treating infection with Strongyloides and Onchocerca. Which are worms. It’s a dewormer. Idk what reality you live in if you can push off the vaccine for “not being tested enough” but defend the potential of an untested antiparasitic for the treatment of a virus

    1. I didn’t even know they knew of each other, I don’t listen to either them. Without your bias, I perceived no jealousy

    2. Can you imagine someone so fake as Brian stelter having a long form conversation on a podcast like Rogans where he would be pressed on his bullshit?

    3. Stelter is just like all the fumbling, lying clowns that CNN hires. He’s pathetic. He only has about 20 woke viewers.

  1. Your guest just admitted that Ivermectin is used for humans in low dosages, but you keep saying that Joe Rogan is using a livestock medicine or implying that he’s taking high dosages! At what point in his video did he say that he is using the livestock / high dosage?

    1. @Colbyrules! my doggie ivermectin is for parasites. Covid is not a parasite it is a viral infection. Show me the proof ivermectin works for the treatment of covid.

  2. Why didn’t Leana Wen state her usual catchphrase, “The vaccine is the golden ticket back to normalcy, Willy Works said so!” I clicked this video because I wanted to hear it, now I’m disappointed.

  3. this is what CNN is today wow it’s been a while… do they know we can use a search engine other than Google?

  4. Every time Brian Stelter talks I think of Mark dice’s impersonation. This honestly seems like a comedy skit. Brian Stelter is the anchor of reliable sources .

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