Joe: There Is Nothing Conservative About Trump | MSNBC

As House Republicans plan a vote on Wednesday to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from House GOP leadership, Joe Scarborough expresses concern over continued Republican support for former President Donald Trump.

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Joe: There Is Nothing Conservative About Trump | MSNBC


    1. @Alstroemeria227 Uh Bush went into Iraq, no Iraqies, were on those planes on 9/11. thank you get your facts right, SHOCK AND AWE do remember republcons.

    2. @Brian Jones I remember what what said at the 4th pf July rally, and telling Lakota to go back to thier homeland while in the Black Hills is pretty lowlife.

    3. Nobodys promised anything as it pertains to life and death,death is always wandering near and those who share in lies and evils will certainly stop in there tracks and fall dead !!!!

    4. @Deborah Shelley You just proved my point that Trump is NOT exceptionally evil. You need to go watch videos of McCain. He loved wars and killing people in the Middle East. He was one of the biggest supporters of the Iraq war. You can easily find many right here on utube. I can’t believe you are praising McCain. He profited big time off the military industrial complex. What is wrong with you?

    5. @Brian Jones We know you’re pleasuring yourself pretending you said something oh-so-clever and snarky, but Mama told you to stop eating out of the kitty litter box. You’re scaring the cat, and you’ll spoil your supper. And no matter what you think your talking unicorn is telling you, you really need to stop removing your pants and running down the middle of the street screaming “Lock Her Up.” Now back in your cage like a good girl.

  1. The base loves Baby Cheesus because he’s shamelessly proud of all the bigotry he shares with them. It’s like a Bigotry Pride Movement.

    1. ​@peaceful heart, blechhhhhh!!! Do I need to refresh your memory of 45’s presidency? 45’s supporters are anti American who attacked at Capitol insurrection on Jan 6 while Congress’s are doing Democratic processes. You want to see more death, more corruption, more treason, more lies, more love letters to dictators, more whining and blaming to other side, more nonsense…That’s 45 presidency in 4 years. SHAME. I guess 1+1 doesn’t add up in trumpers world. RIH GQP

    2. @peaceful heart Really? I believe they’re American patriots, who stand for the Constitution and Democracy !? Who do you think you’re kidding !??

    3. @Douglas Mendez when the time is right you will all be eventually marginalized and considered racial.pollution that goes for your political representatives as well.

  2. Million dollar question is how can anyone with common sense still support a known con-man who cares about nothing but himself

    1. @Guitar Overkill No, it’s not. I work with a lot of right-wing media listener only and they devoid of basic facts.

    2. @Mark G. I could say the same for left wing TV. Biden is letting illegals overrun the country. Lib TV says it’s not a problem. That’s a fact that they are illegals and Biden let’s them in.

    3. @Guitar OverkillWrong information: trump was below the annualized returns of Presidents Bill Clinton & Barack Obama.
      Trump’s annualized gain was 11.8%, and was 12.1% for Obama & 15.9% for Clinton.

      Since election day and up to inauguration day, President Biden saw the sharpest gain on record in the S & P of 12.8% (LPL), trump’s gain was 6.2%.

      During trump’s term, DOW made 126 new all time highs, slightly more than Obama’s 123, but still lower than Clinton’s 263.(And, Obama’s numbers are even despite the recession he inherited when he became President), while trump inherited a healthy growing economy and employment numbers, and if he had only managed it well, and the Covid-19 virus crisis, we wouldn’t be where we are now, trying to start from close to rock bottom.
      As far as the employment situation, according to several reports, trump left office with fewer U.S. jobs than when his term began; and he is the 3rd Repub president in a row to leave office with a higher jobless rate than on inaguration day.
      And, due to trump’s lack of plans to reduce federal spending or increase revenues, even before Covid-19 crisis the National Deficit exceeded 23.4 trillion (3/12/2020) reported.
      When trump took office 2017, the National debt was $19.9 trillion, when he left office it had grown to about $27.7 trillion, an increase of 39.2%; trump ranks 3rd highest of any president in history, the others higher, Presidents Lincoln and George Bush both had wars to contend with.
      And with all that, with trump’s reported history of personal business losses, huge amounts of debts and loans why would anyone believe he can manage America’s budget-really.

    1. Hopefully Donald dumpy makes his patriot party hats fluorescent so we can easily identify the cognitively impaired and avoid them like the plague they are

    2. @Alex Hamilton Amazing, everything you just said is completely wrong. I tell you what, I can disprove everything you said with asking one question.

    1. Whatever Lib! Leader President Trump is like a modern-day GOD to us Conservatives and you all persecuted the righteous man that was trying to make America Great Again!! Shame on you! LIz is a RINO Traitor and now she is best friends with Communist Nancy Pelosi and Biden!! She is not part of our MAGA Movement Anymore!!

    2. @Jason Milton Read Revelations. You have just likened trump to a god you are without a doubt the follower of the beast. Educate yourself.

    3. @Justin Case You are in a cult and fed lies which you have happily taken as truth and live in a false reality. Go educate yourself, ignorance is not a good look.

    4. @Justin Case Like how the democrats just censured & demoted Liz Cheney for speaking the truth?

  3. Dont forget The Bamboo Driven Under His Finger Nails. Rebreakung His Shoulder. Everytime Almost Heal That Break It again.

  4. “What happened to the people that said they were for a small government/NATO/democracy?”

    Oh, I can answer this: they were lying, it was about racism.

    1. @Deborah Freedman In all honesty, what you were saying speaks very loudly for what our party has been doing all these years.
      Our iconic JFK gave trump the roadmap for economic prosperity and he opened it. Our economy was supercharged to the point that we had full employment and our poverty rate reach levels that we have not seen since the 1960s. The WSJ reported that lower and middle income Americans received a higher percentage of wage increases then did upper class individuals during this supercharged economy.
      We had protected class individuals, women, blacks and Hispanics become entrepreneurs. Indeed, several months ago MSNBC reported on a black mother and her daughter and their wine delivery business that was taking a hard-hit because of COVID-19. They were entrepreneurs taken advantage of the supercharged economy before the virus.
      In every speech that he made concerning the economy he pointed this fact out. He pointed out the fact that black UNemployment was at a historic low.
      On our side we see armed agents of government in our most progressive cities abusing minority people, particularly black individuals. We have our new attorney general investigating three of our Democrat party controlled progressive cities to include Minneapolis and Brooklyn, MN as well as Elizabeth City, NC. In his public statement our new AG mentioned that he was looking into systemic racism in these progressive cities.
      When we really consider the politics of the Trump era, he enacted a lot of strong Democrat party issues. He enacted our iconic JFK tax plan to supercharged economy down and most recently up until COVID-19 ravage the world.
      Lower prescription drug prices have been a Democrat party platform issue for years but but Trump issued three executive orders requiring the federal government to negotiate with drug pharmaceutical companies.
      Prison reform was a huge Democrat party platform issue and Trump, with the help of celebrities if you did executive order on prison reform and he part and three black Americans were serving like terms for relatively minor crimes.
      So, if we get past our hate, bitterness and rage we can see that Trump initiated a lot of Democrat issues very helpful to minorities. This is why our leader ship was very concerned during the last election. We must get beyond the hate and bitterness towards Trump and get back to solid politics.

    2. LOL. Your a clueless wonder. The Democrats have created this Racist monster. They have been using Black Americans for 150 years for their own gains.

    3. @T. R. Campbell it sounds like the Democratic party may have gone too far left for your taste but on the Republican side. Trump dragged them so far right, that it has become a cult like populist fascist part that worships Trump and is a defacto White Nationalist Party. Today they just ousted Liz Cheney out of the leadership and by voting record shes actually one of the most conservative Republicans in the house but she refused to kiss the ring of the cult leader so shes out. Im basically a Democrat by default because what passes as the Republican party looks like South African Aparthied meets the Jim Jones cult as its leader.

    4. @Comic Power I think the party has to return to our roots. We have to return to what made it great.

  5. It is hard for those of us not in the cult, who have family inside the cult. DT broke up a lot of families, and friendships

    1. @Cassie Eischen You have really lost it. I don’t know where to begin…just get well soon.

    2. My guy voted for the orange tyrant both times. The only way we stayed together, was by agreeing to not discuss Trump. I can understand real conservatives. I may not agree with them, on everything, but I can understand where they are coming from. But, how a man, with a PhD in biochemistry, could fall for Trump’s schtick, just boggled my mind. At least, on the vaccines, we agreed, and both got the jabs, as soon as we could.

    3. yes – unfortunate that once an election is over we all cannot come together and get behind the winner. This is the American way

  6. I can sadly relate Joe. My mind is boggled as well as to why “Christians” would support a proven liar when in the Bible it is crystal clear and denounced over and over as an abomination 😶

    1. @Alex Hamilton Actually, the bible supports the sacrifice of ‘born’ children. Note, for example, the intended sacrifice of Isaac. Or if, since Abraham didn’t go through with it, the deaths of the firstborn males in Egypt (10th plague). Or whatever you call what happened to Job’s first family. Perhaps some of these things weren’t sacrifices, but they were bible-approved murders of children. Moving on to the New Testament, there’s the slaughter of the innocents, which a participatory God, permitted.

      I revoke your citizenship. Go back where you came from. Nevis? Somewhere Caribbean. Creep

    2. @Alex Hamilton
      I really don’t want to get into the red herring of abortion. But, since you mentioned Bible, there’s nothing in the Bible about abortion specifically, but one passage (I forget which) mentions it in passion t

    1. The people have been used as pawns for the wealthy for too long. They’re undernourished both physically and mentally, so they’re revolting. What’s not to understand ?

  7. Narcissists always turn on their supporters because they view them as dupes for their support.

    1. @mike briganti are you sleep…how about Mike Cohen whom he threw under the bus after Cohen did what he wanted and then went to jail. There are many others…how about all the companies who went out of business after Trump stiffed them after they built buildings and then never got paid. This is your god???

    2. How was the border, and the economy under Trump? What abt now? Ppl let it go! This is just shiny object news. Totally distracting u from REAL NEWS. Wake tf up sheep

    3. RIGHT! Narcs ALWAYS see it ALL about them , and anything not complimentary enough as a SLIGHT (at the least) , or a major offense. Not sure if that’s “gaslighting” – or something like gaslighting? I’m sure I read recently something about the support of a “Narc” from those duped, that there’s an additional psychological term for those “Narcs” who always want something more, & make those they’re berating think they aren’t doing enough for the bully-narc. Something like “Guilt/guilt trip.”

  8. He’s not “agressive” because he’s a coward. All bullies are cowards without their adoring fans. They’re all talk when they have their fanatics around but when it’s just you and him…then it’s scaredy cat central.

    1. Liz is an establishment hack who is mad Trump made her dad and Bush look like warmongering idiots. It’s all about revenge

    2. Did she say anything about how her father’s company killed American soldiers
      Or the lie of WMDS

  9. The one true thing about liars and cheaters is that they will eventually get caught…. Everything that’s happening now will soon come back to get them… I can’t wait to see it, and when it comes for them, I hope it’s comes hard

    1. Relying on the assumption that all liars and cheats will be found out displays either great ignorance or youth. Also, a narrow conception of what is a lie and why lies are told. We all tell them. They let us live peacefully with each other and lubricate social interactions. Lies let us live with ourselves; who is self-aware enough to know? (a paradox, that). Trust me, I never lie and I’m always right.

  10. We are experiencing what happened in Germany…only now do we understand the pain of the people trying hold back the insanity! The worst outcome, we suffer the inhumanity of families and friends turning us over to “authorities “, the best outcome is living with the trauma of watching loved ones be transformed into the unrecognizable and incomprehensible puppets of a madman and the ensuring PTSD. I am afraid, we can never go home again, let alone have it be “Great”. My mother lived through it and always warned to be vigilant, because the insanity isn’t bound by borders or tribes.

    1. No, we aren’t. We managed to vote out our tyrant. Glad your mother survived Hitler, most of my family didn’t.

  11. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke, including by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

    1. Kris
      or for 80 million dead, illegal, fake, duplicate, and real voters to vote evil into power in 2020 😀

  12. This has got to be the most heartfelt pleas for sanity from any I have seen on American TV. It was heartwarming to watch.

  13. Thank you Joe for giving voice to all of us who are baffled by the behavior of our loved ones.

  14. You can’t nail a narcissistic pudding to the wall! That is a fact. Just as a vampire lives on blood, a narcissist lives on attention. But unlike a vampire, a narcissist has no sense of shame. He knows no regret and will never apologize.

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