Rand Paul, Fauci Get In Heated Exchange Over Origins Of Coronavirus

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Dr. Anthony Fauci got in a heated exchange Tuesday after Sen. Paul alleging the NIH had been funding research in China.

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Rand Paul, Fauci Get In Heated Exchange Over Origins Of Coronavirus


  1. Aww. They cut off the best part. Fauci funded the dude that funded the Lab. Fauci’s name is on serveal papers on the virus as an author. Look it up yourself.

  2. Something unknown is happening in our nation today. Politically, socially, both or more? We are tearing ourselves apart.

  3. Look up the NY Times article from 5 Aug 2019 titled: “Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns”

    and look up the Vector Facility accident soon after that date.

    1. @tom s Around November 2019 alot of people had this strange flu-like virus/breathing problems that was different than the typical flu.

    2. Remember when they were saying that vaping was causing CoViD-19? Remember the kids hooked up to ventilators with identical symptoms? That was a leaked virus from Fort Detrick, and they sent that to Wuhan and a lab in Italy. They added a furin cleavage sequence on a backbone of BatRaTG13 from amino acid 614 to 1133. The virus went airborne and out of the labs.

    3. QAnon much? You are crating fantasy and presenting no fact. Come back with the exact information if you want to be taken seriously by critical thinkers. You can point fingers and twist logic all you desire, with out the exact facts you have nothing but conspiracy!

    1. @Joey Biden You might want to take a look at the long term effects of COVID on the body. BTW, this is still a work in progress and changes as new information becomes available, but people like you and your daughter might help in understanding more about the long term biological and neurological effects of this virus. If you are approached and asked to participate in a study of people infected with mild COVID infection it could prove helpful in both prevention and treatment for those with a more aggressive immune response. Just a suggestion.

    2. @No Time For Lies actually I am happy it killing and tearing you weak humans up lmao back in the old days they just let y’all die instead of catering you until a cold or flu killed you lmao

    3. @Joey Biden If you can send me a link showing that COVID has been around for decades, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m open to exploring all data relevant to COVID. Thanks!

    4. @No Time For Lies so if Ebola comes back around close to America like it did during Obama you gonna act like Ebola just came out of thin air and hasn’t been around for awhile lmao

    5. @mizzury54 the actual study that shows it. You can find it online. YT won’t let me link. A study on novel chimeric coronaviruses and it acknowledges NIH funds. It is literal GoF research. Obama made gof research illegal in 2014 and this was funded in 2014 ro 2021. They used a sub grant to go around Obama’s law, it seems to me.

  4. We are living in times of universal deceit. Telling the truth has become an act of “sedition”…

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “universal’ deceit. We still know very little about the universe and I think it a bit braggadocious to assume the rest of the universe agrees with you.

  5. People have known about this for over a year and have been call all sorts of things.
    In the beginning of this it was a considered fake news to even say the Wuhan lab was experimenting with CV.

    1. They gonna really be mad when they realize Inovio had the vaccine within 3 hours and he silenced them to sell Moderna

    2. I guess anyone can sound like they know what they are talking about in an echo chamber. “My conjured up thoughts always overrule experts, because it’s easier for me to understand” – Q-tip

    3. @Bill Fuentes got your two vaxxes and two masks on? Let me check your ear tag 🏷…..Good 🐑

  6. Willy does a great service by providing a background and overlay of the story to complement Joe. Need to have willy do this more often.

  7. Dr. Fauci “We never funded gain of function research… And if we did…” Exact quote, why did you cut that statement?

  8. It’s masterful the way these hosts demonstrate their ability to emote in order to connect with their dumb viewership; their expressions of confused horror – to the very simple minded – appear sincere. Whoever pulls the strings of these puppets are absolute masters of theatre.

    1. @mizzury54 an occasional observer, yes, in order to keep a pulse on how adept their manipulative skills are.

    2. And, yet you’re right here watching amongst the said simple minded viewers. Coincidence? Nah. Go home to Fox News where emoting in any form other than rage or contempt for democracy is considered anti-Republican and un-American.

    3. @Amy Elizabeth I’m not a Republican. FOX is equally as bad. How else am I to reach my stated conclusions on media manipulation without watching it in action? Logic isn’t your best skill, I guess.

    4. I wouldn’t judge so harshly against those who observe or comment on ideas that are not within the subscribed curriculum of current ideas either pro or con. Without conversation, there is only stagnation.

    5. @No Time For Lies conversation is fantastic, but that isn’t happening in any significant way. At this point even getting the masses to think is arduous. Stop watching tv for 6 months, when you tune in next you will see the theater.

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