Joe: This Is Basic Science, This Is Basic Medicine | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Joe: This Is Basic Science, This Is Basic Medicine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dr. Anthony Fauci, in a new interview, is sounding the alarm on the coronavirus in the United States and the measures needed to control the outbreak. Joe Scarborough shares his thoughts. Aired on 07/03/2020.
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Joe: This Is Basic Science, This Is Basic Medicine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Bryan Gonzales Please also do not wear such a stupid awful mask! So you will magically disappear soon.

  1. trump CANT HANDLE A CUP OF WATER.. HE HAD A STROKE..HE IS THE Crisis.. ,,, Impeach him again,

    1. Come on, even a broken clock is right twice a day. He doesn’t want to get his precious power tie wet. He says the tie’s never the same again; probably true.

    2. Trump made it to this point on Sudafed but it’s finally rearing it’s ugly head. Nobody can take amphetamines indefinitely and perform at a high level.
      Just look at cases of scholars that have taken Adderall most of their lives. Their cognitive function disintegrates to the point of absurdity.

    3. Lana Hudson……I was beaten, 10 years ago,, DOA .. a TRUE DOCTOR SAVED MY LIFE.,
      Disinfect The FAKE DR D. J Mengele …
      LOCK trump UP.. LOCK HIM Up ..PLEASE PUT DR FOUCHII IN THE WH.. I believe Him ,, NOT A CONSTANT LYING tiny man. That tells people, LOVE ME OR YOUR FIRED THAT..IS A EGO MANIAC.. with Delusions of grandeur.
      HE TALKS But BUTT STINK COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH..IS A CON man a TINY MAN, man AND ONLY USES BIG WORDS WHEN SOMEONE ELSE RIGHTS THE SPEACH,, And the speeches are written by a racist, just like the ConMan in the White House. Help,, get GENERAL he Fired to “”TOSS HIM LIKE THE MOSS “”HE IS ,. . MY GOD I CAN BARELY LISTEN TO HIM.. I can’t wait for ,, “”DON THE CON”. “”IS GONE””

      GAS O LINE

  2. Imagine making the wearing of masks during a Pandemic a Partisan issue. The US is really doomed!

    1. @Zk that’s not an answer and you refused to answer my other question from the other . Just too stupid I guess

    2. @Rune – Thorne If you’re smart enough to realize Donald Trump is terrible I salute you and I have hope you’ll see that there is nothing conservative about being a conservative. The irony. Thank you for not voting Trump

    3. @Vinyl Richie it’s not debatable. I understand you’ve heard of herd immunity Kudos for knowing something, what you don’t seem to understand is that is the purpose of a vaccine. It mimics herd immunity. Herd immunity occurs when 65% or thereabouts contracts a given virus with the majority of the Population now having antibodies the virus largely dies out and it’s activity is slowed drastically. If you can mitigate the spread long enough to develop a vaccine (which literally every other country on Earth is doing a better job of) roughly 98% of the population has antibodies without ever contracting it in the first place and being at risk of dying as a result. Of course it is still Possible to get the virus and die after having been vaccinated but if you know as much science as you seem to be claiming you’d know the risk is so small in science it’s referred to as “negligible”

  3. His ego is so fragile that he is willing to lie about the virus. What a pathetic man. And his enablers need to go as well.

    1. Yes but it is all about politics and not science. Dr. Fauci doesn’t have the greatest working history but asking people to look and question beyond what they hear on TV, social media, and YouTube just astonishes them. Question everything and research on your own.

      $100,000 SOLDIER HEAD

    3. What about the fools who choose to believe him? Even his token African American supporter has been hospitalized with COVID 19, after Tulsa. I’m from France and I’m so glad I’m here and not in the US. Good luck.

  4. Joe Scarborough is right this administration is a waste of TIME! What is wrong with you Trump?! I stand by the Lincoln Project to charge Trump with Treason

    1. @Trixie 2728A thx trixi,you are 100%right,i just wish the idiots will finally get it,the president of the United states failed all americans,he has blood on his hands,a complete failure .

    2. @SinBae duh…and even after they came out the governors still did their own thing, completely disregarding the most vulnerable. Old people get it and die, “hey, let put covid patients in nursing homes!” You democrats are amazing.

    3. Oh god absolutely. But you know he’ll get away unscathed because that’s what the rich do for each other.

    1. @whalesong999 (got the 3 ‘9’s upside down) writes: “True Christianity calls us to humility, not to pride.” …… There is no such thing as “true” christianity, just as there are no ‘true myths.’

    2. @Witt Wittwer My comment was not said with nor meant with some ecclesiastical purity nor was meant to – it was for rhetorical purposes. Your disdain and righteous condemnation is way more revealing.

    3. @whalesong999 complains: “@Witt Wittwer My comment was not said with nor meant with some ecclesiastical purity nor was meant to – it was for rhetorical purposes. Your disdain and righteous condemnation is way more revealing.” …… My feeling regarding ecclesiastic posers is this: They are frauds, howerver well-meaning SOME of them are. Yes, I am disdainful, but I don’t classify my feeling as righteous; I say it is forthright and unapologetic. If you know anything about religious history in general, there is NOTHING PURE about it. If that were the case, there would have been no schisms.

    4. How many genders are there Mr. Science? Can you change what chromosomes nature gave you? Asking for a friend, or do you just invoke Science, when it suits you?

  5. Claiming it’s your own individual freedom not to wear a mask during a pandemic that kills 5% of its victims is like saying you have the freedom to shoot one out of every twenty people you pass.

    1. The people who whined the loudest about states closing up are the same ones refusing to wear a mask now. It’s not rocket science: a few weeks wearing a mask OR a few months in another lockdown. If states have to close a 2nd time, I doubt the governor’s will be as quick to re-open them as they were the first go-round. From the available medical data, we just cannot currently have it both ways: No masks & No Closings. I’m afraid many people won’t wise up until ICUs are so over capacity that stories about “Uncle Billy” dying from a heart attack while he sat in the ER parking lot waiting for a room to open up. Even if we don’t become a fatality victim, haven’t we all seen video after video of people literally gasping for air? Who is “okay” at the thought of going through _that_ ? This virus has the ability to really strike a body hard.

    2. Its not 5%, but that doesn’t matter…this resistance to basic medical measures is mind-blowingly, horrifyingly foolish.

    3. @melissa saint It’s very hard to know _what_ the mortality rate is. Even a range for the US mortality rate would have such a large margin of error. We can’t simply apply basic math skills using the total # of positive cases and the total # of fatalities, because we cannot even determine a ballpark figure of the number of suspected cases — we have no national schedule nor system in place for testing. Each state seems to be performing a random number of tests per capita; some are including antibodies tests from test kits that are less than even 50% accurate; no state seems to have records of how many people have had multie tests, esp regarding those who were positive and are now at the tail end and are getting tested daily awaiting 2 consecutive negative days.

      HOWEVER, we can use basic math and apply the numbers of several other countries that are adequate apples to apples to produce a reliable mortality rate range witbun an acceptable error margin. The rate for this virus comes closer to 5% than it does to the 0.01% that our federal gov’t had determined it was early on. The way this virus gets into a person’s body isn’t remarkable: it’s like almost every virus that affects the respiratory systems. What actually is remarkable about it, is it’s so efficient at replicating itself AND at hunkering down once it’s found a host’s cell to latch onto. People currently convinced it is simply a bad case of the flu, should reserve judgement until we know if there are any the long-term effects — we already know of a few effects, esp the one affecting small children, similar to Kawasakis, BUT we have THUS FAR labeled them short term only because we need more time. Do you REALLY want have this virus, even a very mild case, only to find out years later that it’s a contributor to early onset dementia?


  7. Joe, His dad paid someone to take his tests in science, Because he can’t ‘EVEN READ’ HIS STAFFERS DUMBED UP THE Briefings…

    1. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes you’re the scientist. How long has earth been warming, genius? Why have all the man made theory predictions failed? Is the theory there, only for political reasons? I’ll wait

    2. @Stephen Slattery You can wait forever, and in the meantime, go phuck yerself

  8. Reason: There is death out there.
    The stupid: Listening to the son of a KKK cult member for a “cure”.

  9. ” Its got a life, a very bad life, and we are putting out that bad life” seriously…THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT

    1. @LeeAnne S Tell me LeeAnne one bill that was passed in our Congress in history that was perfect. Tell me one.

    2. @LeeAnne S tell me one bill passed by congress that was perfect. You have 3 guesses. Not the Bill of Rights.

    3. He is an diot! And all who support him too, for they are fools to not realise his grand ineptitude

  10. I feel there are no words that can fully describe my contempt for Trump, unless I resort to profanity. Ditto for anyone who supported, or enabled him.

    1. I feel like we have to invent NEW invectives for the current Occupant of the Whitehouse. The existing ones just aren’t harsh enough.

  11. I’m so sad for the United States on this July 4th weekend…because this monster, Trump, is an absolute nightmare.

    1. Ma P if Trump said that burning rubber tires in their living rooms would be beneficial they would do it. They are zombies. They cannot think for themselves

  12. When people see lies as more believable than the truth, you’re (I am) living in dangerous times.

    1. A politician’s job is to manipulate you to get your vote. With healthcare issues you look to the doctors and scientists for the answers. It’s just common sense. At best politicians are just a distraction. They can make all the laws they want, but if it is not in our best interest, they should just be ignored

    2. @Jim George I’m way past the point of blaming the politicians. The blame lies with those supporting those manipulating politicians. There is plenty of easy access to a plethora of news available for everyone to do their own research on those politicians.

  13. Trump: This building isn’t on fire, it’s doing very well, you’re not currently choking to death…you’re just breathing air the likes of which you’ve never had…tremendous

  14. “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”
    ― The Donald @ Twitter, November 2013

  15. Old Italian joke: “It is not true that Christ died, they saw him in South America and he is very well.”

  16. Trump speaks like a poorly educated 12 year old. I’m amazed that he is allowed to open his fool mouth.

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