Joe: Trump Remarks About Rep. Dingell ‘Beyond Sick’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Trump Remarks About Rep. Dingell 'Beyond Sick' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. He did want something for it he wanted her support and vote. That’s why he feels slighted. Hes a disgusting person.

    1. M OchunCuascut I just get sick to the stomach listening to him brag about his “generousity” to a widow. Never mind being president, what kind of person does that?

  2. Honestly, I can have a conversation with a classic Republican and I can agree with some things. I can’t say the same thing about a Trump Republican because those people are vile.

    1. @Mickey Rosa He’s baiting you because old school democrats were racist. I agree though Republicans are growing tired of these fools.

  3. “I don’t want anything for anything I don’t need anything for anything”. I’m surprised he didn’t say, “do me a favor though….”

    1. @Nicholas Ballard Exactly. Clearly he wanted something, like Debbie Dingell to vote against the impeachment. Why else would he feel the need to even mention her or her late husband today?

      Mr. Dingell died in February, that’s ten months ago. And Trump feels necessary to disrespect him on the day of his impeachment even though he “doesn’t want anything for anything”…

  4. The far scarier thing about his rally is the reaction to his sick comment. His followers are a sadistic cult and are a threat to our country. Our education system has utterly failed us.

    1. Sad to say that today’s Red Hats are just about as racist, uneducated, and xenophobic as were Hitler’s Brownshirts!

      And the GOP welcomes their ignorance with open arms!

    2. Are you referring to Maxine Waters and her antifa thugs? You know, the ones that wear masks and try to intimidate innocent people? 😁

    3. @The Galvinizer Are you referring to Maxine Waters and her band of miscreants that wear masks and try to intimidate innocent people?

  5. Thought Donald “only” had a narcissistic personality disorder, but clearly he is a psychopath 😖

    1. Yeah I thought the same thing. Still on the fence about it. Extreme malignant narcissism is definitely dominant with him because people like Kim Jong Un play him so easily. But I’m definitely not ruling out comorbidity with psychopathy

    1. @Smileyrie James and they claim trump is un-christ-like. You are no better with your comment. Maybe you should do as the bible teaches and love instead of hating and wishing bad upon people. Be carful what you wish for, it just might come back on you.

    1. The Proclaimer I hope this is a tongue in cheek joke, because being “under audit” does not in any way mean you can’t release your tax returns.

    2. I hope this is a joke because:

      1. He’s been “under audit” for 8 years
      2. He’s provided no proof that he’s under audit.
      3. Being under audit is irrelevant. There’s no law that prevents you from releasing your tax returns even if you’re under audit.

    1. Stephen Long Stephen,what a profound statement.When he ran for President,he annoyed me so bad with the size of his hands the different color hair the insults.I I ran to the library checked out all the books about his family life bussines.His father bribed schools to take him.He spent Christmas at school not to study cuz his father didn’t like him.His mother never bonded with him.His dad was crooked,embarrassed by his son’s failure he paid for his son failure.His dad became I’ll and Donald tried to screw his siblings and mother.If the lawyer sister hadn’t read he would lost their inheritance.She lost her judge job because.His achievement O charity O his kids stupid paid to bribe kids in..No quality unqualified incompetent.His peeps ignorant and bond with ignorant.

    2. What is that young man( & i’ m being polite) doing there & the fat guy applauding & laughing encouraging that boy . That’s how you teach you kids to be good citizens ,to hear trump spew lies about that lady saying he gave them the royal treatmennt for his funeral, what a liar. He did’nt have one once of sympathy for John McCain who was a republican , you think he’ll have more sympathy for a democrate He is a sick man who is a danger to the US . Vote him out.

  6. Someday he will finally be gone and silent
    but his stain will be on this country and planet for as long as there are memories and historians.

    1. trump’s stain will never go away like a birthmark. It’s inevitable how his mark on history we will keep hearing about. Ughhhhhhhhh.

  7. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, we are tired
    of hearing the same EXCUSE
    For The 45th. Every time he insults,
    Name calling, Defames people of
    good character,. abuses women,
    Goes after Greta Thunberg, an
    innocent 16 yr.old who is an
    environmental activist or whoever
    gets in his way, the 45th will destroy….
    The Repubblican gutless Party, his
    Zombie followers, the journalists,
    Democrats, and worst of all
    Their favorite phrase:
    Well, he is not Politician ( we know ), He is a business man,
    ( We doubt it ) too many failures..
    He tells it as it is, ( it means that
    being a BULLY is permissible
    because the 45th is not a
    Politician )…. Stop giving him
    Free Range to continue BULLYiNG
    People and abusing our Country,
    The phrases:
    Well, what do we Expect, that is
    the way he is. ( Excuse me !!! We do not want to hear that anymore )
    Stop the excuse. Abuse of POWER
    is his GAME.

  8. He DID NOT give Jhon a funeral, The Nation gave him the funeral someone like him, earned, due to his great service to his country.

    1. The wanna-b- General has a knack for putting patriots down. He thinks if he tries to disguise it as a joke it won’t be sen as offensive. He views the majority of the American public as stupid fools. And just think Mitch and a large portion of the GOP senate support this man!

  9. Look at these people behind him clapping for this mean-spirited fool. And you wonder why we think so little of Trump supporters.

  10. “A man’s character is most evident by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or reciprocate.”
    Paul Eldridge, 1948

  11. Somebody ever said that about a family member of mine, I would spit on that person face and pray to God for a reaction.

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