Trump Discusses Water, Dishwashers, Showers At Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

During his rally in Michigan on Wednesday, the president spent some time talking about water, showers and dishwashers. Aired on 12/19/19.
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Trump Discusses Water, Dishwashers, Showers At Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Why hasn’t anyone else apparently tumbled to the fact Trump is so concerned about water-related regulations because he owns golf courses and hotels WHICH ARE VERY WATER INTENSIVE…. he is once again using his public office to try to force the federal government to help his own struggling businesses… he wants water regulations relaxed so he can save money AT HIS HOTELS AND GOLF COURSES, none of which are doing all that well these days…

    1. That does make sense… It’s kind of sad though that now, in for the most selfish reasons, he can’t articulate himself.

    1. It’s how you control the weak minded, you give them sensory overload and promise you can solve their problems…

    2. @Some Person Don’t forget the not-so-subtle racism, xenophobia, sexism, and general disdain for anyone he wants to label as “other”

    1. @ihave35cents
      USA has big houses , do as in UK , build a water tank in attic , that can hold 500 gallons water … your own mini water tower .

    2. @Pete Lind I use electric on-demand water heater on a well with 125 psi pump. My shower has six shower heads so I can’t do the grafity thing

    3. Randall Carson I’ve heard Trump’s speeches in full on several occasions. It’s little more than word salads with big words tossed in to try and hype up his presidency. I miss having a president who could deliver a powerful and intellectual speech.

    1. Have you seen any of the Democrats rallies?lol! As far as that goes, look at the democrat candidates! Talking about brain dead lowlifes!!!

  2. It’s such a nice thing to see a stand-up comedian talk about the complications of water, all the while there are several municipalities in Michigan that have undrinkable water.
    Chalk another one up for the orange globular.

    Good luck.

  3. What is he tAlking about? He sounds like he’s describing trying to take showers and wash dishes in the middle of a desert….

    1. He’s acting like America doesnt have a water shortage problem and there arent states experiencing drought and reduced rainfall for years. Not to mention consumers dont want to pay more money for energy and water use in their homes. Its the same problem with people complaining about fuel economy regulations. I dont understand why anyone would want to pay more for gas. People even post videos showing off how much they can pollute the environment from their mufflers of their trucks that they modified themselves to increase pollution. this is why Trump says he loves the poorly educated, that is his base.


    1. WTF IS HE RAMBLING ABOUT? And why can’t he finish a sentence? He does it a lot. Does his “brain” lock up on him?

    2. Come 2024 Trump will still be president, and you loser clowns will still be high-fiving each other over your big win at the Impeachment-clown-show-for-gullible-imbeciles” LMFAO.

    1. Truth is what he’s saying is really clear to his supporters, and there’s even a grain of truth to it (dishwashers, showerheads and toilets all use much less water than they used to, and sometimes don’t work as well); but it’s based on ignorance and, worse, a belief in made-up conspiracies and a rejection of knowledge and expertise.

    2. Yep.. Trump does not scare me.. Its the millions of americans that blindly support him that scare me… They will be here after trump is gone and will have the same blind mindset… Even if you support trumps policies, you still must admit he is despicable, a liar, and mentally ill.

    1. Since when did dishwashers explode and then spray everywhere? I think he’s been watching too many cartoons

    1. 100 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute there was that product advertising 1000 flushes maybe that’s applicable!

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