John Bolton Book: Obstruction Of Justice ‘A Way Of Life’ In Trump White House – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. New catch phrase. At least not as xenophobic as “Russian interference”. Intelligent people don’t buy.

  1. John Bolton and the rest of Trumps cabinet should be arrested for Treason, no wonder Trump is hiding everything. He’s guilty,guilty,guilty, of total corruption !!!

    1. @Kevin Polston do you know what the founding fathers have in common the same thing that all presidents had but for one

    2. @peter murphy definitely not proud as long as trump and the corrupt repukes are in office . , however that will change in November.. I don’t have one favorite song , I like all music

    3. @Diana Hulstine ah come on sweet heart sure wasnt the usa created by criminals anyway, why change it

    4. @Diana Hulstine oh by the way i am proud to be an american is the worse song i have ever heard in me life, born in the usa is more realistic

  2. Really? Surprise, trump’s a crook, the repukelicans that exonerated him in the senate are crooks. We need to take back our government from the leeches like McConnel, Graham, McSally, et al, that have abused their office to make themselves richer.

    1. FYCH45 Don’t forget over 100,000 lives lost because of the incompetence of this evil man.

  3. No big surprises here. Some of us just took a little longer to see the light. I’m grateful I finally did.
    Republicans for Biden 2020🇺🇸

    1. Thank You so much for placing Country over Party for this upcoming Election.. We are ALL in this mess together in the end..

    2. Kelly Bruce it’s good you have the thought of America first👍👌💯. Vote all blue November👍

    3. @Kelly Bruce, I am so thrilled that you did. I have to applaude you, you will probably be the only person who will admit it, and that says alot these days.

    1. @Bruce Campbell How can they be “lies” AND “classified”. If they were lies then they are made up. If they are made up then the events didn’t happen. If the events didn’t happen, how can they be classified.? How can something that never happened be classified? I’m from the UK and I can see it – why can’t you Trump supporters? Or will you just believe what you are told.

    2. @Des H The Steele Dossier has been deemed utter fabrication by Steele’s own admission. This was commissioned by the Democratic Party and ran for years of investigation at the US DOJ, culminating in an impeachment of President Trump. The exculpatory evidence withheld by the FBI and DOJ has been declassified to some degree but there is still resistance to declassify all documents related to Russia Gate. Enough has come out already to justify charges of Treason. The Rothschild cartel run England as well. May we all see an end to their usury.

    3. @Des H 😎😎😎😎 Thank you. That.s it exactly! But it makes no difference to the cult followers. Its Bizzarro world .

  4. We have patriots like Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill who’d put their career on the line for their country then we have dirty bags like Trump and Bolton who sold America out, one to get reelected and the other for 2 mil not to mention the rest of the GOP who sat with their thumb up their azz and did nothing.

    1. @live foreverclara What you just posted sounds so “Nazi” like,well done you “Nit-Wit”

    2. @Elena You can’t name a single industry that Bunker Boy brought back to the U.S., not even his own. Do you know why? Because it never happened!

    3. @Dana William…Totally understand what you’re saying, and you are probably correct. But the RIGHT thing to do, the legal and ethical and patriotic thing to do would have been for Bolton to testify.

    1. ​@Dearly Diane OMG! ROFL! Hahahahahahahaaa… Intelligent people care about proper syntax, sentence structure and punctuation! Hahahahahahahahahaaa… thanks for the laughs! At least learn the very basics! Hahahahahahhaaa… “”Intelligent people don’t buy.”” “Don’t buy.” what, you lazy dumbfucker!? Hahahahahahahaaa… Oh, and punctuation should fall between the quotation marks! At least that’s how “intelligent people” do it! Hahahahahahahhaaa…

    2. @sky langford Chomsky talks about how a big thing the GOP does is train people to think in terms of ” Me ” instead of ” WE”
      If the 2020 GOP ran ( with thier Platform ) in any Democracy of Europe , they would get aprox 2-5% of the votes !
      Billionaires who are greedy Plutocrats & the religious extreme.
      But in the USA we reward them with large amounts of Votes ??
      That has to stop !!!
      We must show them Oligarchy & Coruption has a cost at the ballot boxes !

    3. ​@Dearly Diane Again, punctuation falls within the quotation marks. i.e. “it.” not “it”. I don’t have a sub-woofer as my two primary speakers reach those low frequencies without the need for a single, larger speaker! Also, I’m not an English teacher and I do not live in Puerto Rico like you claim but I have traveled there many, many times! Good luck!

    4. @Leo I would agree with all of the above but the demo-rats have faired no better. Look at what Pelosi is worth. Look at what Newsom is worth. Look at what Garcetti (mayor of LA) is worth. They preach against Capitalism then turn around and practice it and just like the repulsive-cans, and I quote Gerald Celente, ” when all else fails they take you to war”……

  5. So everything Trump has been accused of–he did. And the Dishonest Don is lying every time he denies it. No surprise there. But Bolton is no hero. He betrayed his duty to country for profit.

    1. @Jeff Gleason Their hearts and minds have nothing to do with it. They all have been looting the American people for years. YOU folks need to wake up……..

    2. @J. A. D. You have the good and the bad and in between. The question you really should be asking is why the populations of each continue to vote them back time and time again. Lets take Senator McConnell as an example. This man started his career in 1984. He wasn’t rich then, today he’s worth about $34 million dollars. Why do people continue to vote him back into the Senate? Just at a glance on Health Care the state is #36 in taking care of it’s people.

      So in the 36 years he has been in public office, he can’t get his state to improve on Health Care? But he sure can enrich himself at their expense? How about his wife giving out favored contracts to Kentucky businesses? On top of this Kentucky takes in more Federal dollars then New York which has a bigger population. Is this the reason why people in Kentucky keep voting him in? On top of it he has stalled bills or refused to even consider any of them. His concern is to stack the courts with conservative judges. I would consider him corrupt and be voted out of office. Why hasn’t he?

      When you mass label a group of people that they are all crooks, then you better come up with evidence showing they are crooks. Because this would make your local, state and federal politicians all crooks as well.If this is the case, then that means the minute a person gets voted in is now a crook before he or she has a chance to do anything. It’s people like you who get lambasted for making comments that they can’t back up. You want to say something, then show me some proof that they are all crooks. Otherwise just shut up and leave.

    3. Clermont Williams indeed. And you had all these trump supporters defending him with their last breath just because they didn’t like Hillary. They voted for a man who thinks no more about them than the lint he picks off his suit jacket everyday. And they voted for him.

    1. Bolton,if you were so concerned about the Chump’sbehavior and actions,why didn’t you testify before Congress if you were so,sir,are moral disgrace to your family and to America.l guess it all about!!many men and women have died for this country not for money but of because of their love for the Constitution and way of life in this great country.

  6. “Obstruction of justice as a way of life……..domestically and internationally.” Far more than Sad for all Non-Fake patriots of the USA.

    1. @citizen X lol…there is no “Obama administration”
      There WAS one…they aren’t in office.

    2. @Robert Cohen and they arecriminals trying to cover their tracks. Even subsidized vivid don’t you think ?

  7. Bolton was a traitor the minute he decided not to testify to congress. Boycott his book. We can get the info from media leaks

  8. Mitch MCconnell and the Republican Senators already had decided to let Evil trump off the hook no matter what.

    1. Truth 90 that’s why all the republicans in the Senate and the House must go. We most vote only this November, but also all of your local elections all the time to get rid of these corrupt republican traitors!

    2. Not only that, 31% of the voting public knew about bunker baby – yet STILL want him as president*. SMH
      I guess we really have become a 2nd rate banana dictatorship.

    1. @Field of Stone I agree: he was not forthcoming and dragged his feet, likely trying to find the most profitable way out of this. But that is how government works: can you imagine aa National Security Adviser saying :”What, Mr President! you support concentration camps! I am resigning right away!” The higher you get the more s**t you put up with, There is breaking point, though. In Bolton’s case it comes wee bit late…

    2. @Wild One the dems should have stretched the impeachment inquiry out for the whole year leading up to the election in Nov. EVERYONE knew what the Senate was going to do ignore the facts and not vote for impeachment, to protect trump at all cost even knowing he was guilty. Graham and others even said they didnt care. Since everyone knew it was going to be a sham once it reached the Senate. It was best yo never send it to the Senate at all. Just keep bringing up witness after witness, release documents to the public so it would stay in the news, fight them in the court to get witnesses. Knowing they couldn’t get the Senate on board ot was the only thing to do. Just keep hammering home the extortion, bribery, the abuse of power, breaking his trust with the nation. As it is now what the Republicans did is stripped all checks and balances out of the Constitution when dealing with an unfit corrupt president, we have anarchy and a fledgling dictatorship supported and held up by the Putin loving Russian obstruction collusion appeasing Republicans in Congress

    3. @Carlo Oblomov you should research the crap Bolton pulled in the bush administration. The man is a nightmare. He is as vindictive as trump only he is smart in the ways of politics and using the system, abusing people around him. He was fired because he wouldnt listen and was out of control with his actions. Check him out he should NEVER BEEN ALLOWED BACK INTO ANY POSTION OF POWER.

    4. @Field of Stone I am not making him a knight in shining armor; he was part of the scheme and as you say a loose cannon; but this is djstraction: the real issue is a) is what he says true? b) if so, what do we do from now. Bolton’s intentions, ethics (or lack thereof) and career plans are irrelevant

  9. The worse the revelations, the more treasonous was Bolton. He knew, stood by, and waited to cash in. Reprehensible.

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