John Bolton talks to USA TODAY | USA TODAY 1

John Bolton talks to USA TODAY | USA TODAY


Three takeaways from USA TODAY's interview with John Bolton

Susan Page, who sat down with John Bolton for the first print interview for his new book, "The Room Where it Happened", talks about what we learned.

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    1. Trump only hires the best people until such time as they no longer work for him when they become the worst people.

  1. Hey Bolton! Did General Michael Flynn declassify important research that treats Ebola virus 100 percent. Was the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) CLASSIFIED research the obvious cure? As the head of DIA, Flynn  oversaw DTRA and is not guilty of any crimes in getting vital virus cures in the public domain! He is not guilty of anything.  If anything he is an even greater hero!

    Awakening is ours!

    Did Flu  d’é·tat emerge from infected athletes at the World Military Games in Wuhan?

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    This bio-weapon is targeting the adaptation specifically. The lung adaptation to survive the TB exposure in the vaccine created a lung alteration in ACE2 Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2) and most all Asian populations have developed this ACE2 alteration as an exploit. CV19 targets this ACE2 exploit specifically.

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    Was the polio shot responsible for the ACE2 adaptation that Flu d’é·tat – exploit and attack? Fancy that an exploit virus in a world wide release. Fulfillment of Daddies footsteps Billy boy gates!

    Prior Flynn’s declassification it was 10year sentence to discuss the research! Even special forces, recon,seals,rangers etc get the nano silver solutions in the field dressing wound kits!

    1. @wesley rodgers Sorry to disturb your nap. Your search for chilling appears to correspond with your mainstream Koolaid intake. Feel free to go back to sleep.

  2. How is this dude still allowed to speak outside of a jail cell? Dude is a literal war criminal who orchestrated the web of lies that led us into Iraq…

  3. Never liked Bolton is sat with the deep state at John McCain’s funeral.. and he didn’t want to testify because he be committing perjury he’s one of them a deep state.

  4. Forced to take Bolton into this position by puppet masters, which is why he is releasing a book on Trump. Bolton is the biggest loser ever and was only in that position due to other ppl focing Trump. Only ppl worse than Boltons employers are the evil left playing out the Orwell’s 1984 as a guidebook.

  5. I don’t like Pompeo I don’t like Lindsey Graham I don’t like any of them the only one I like is the president who is the only one who’s not out for money all of them Congress people have taken money they’ve all been bought..And Joe Biden is the worst of all of them coming back from China with over $1 billion.. Why do people gloss over the fact set there and was filmed bragging about not giving Ukraine money if they didn’t fire that DA?? That is so wrong our president has never done anything like that

    1. @Michael Mencarini Yet she has a vote. This is why America is in the situation it is in. Have a lot of faith the majority are not of stupid as her though, so all good.

  6. We didn’t need Bolton to tell us that Trump is incompetent, uninformed, incurious, erratic and only motivated by his own self interest. All non-Trump supporters have known and witnessed this since he became president, many of knowing this before he became president. However, Bolton should have testified in the House impeachment hearings and he is unpatriotic for not doing so.

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