‘Chinese virus’ was focus of Trump’s rally | USA TODAY

The "Chinese virus" dominates conversation at President Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

During the rally, President Trump touted his success during the pandemic, saying he saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

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    1. Oscar Antonio Flores no I wouldn’t because I’m not a child and I understand that if I take part in a crime it is my responsibility to do the time.

    1. your avatar sucks, most of America is asleep Spiritual and haven’t evolved past primal instincts

    2. @Dan Ference no wonder the whole world thinks us Americans are stupid!! The whole world compared America to Babylon the great,

    1. @ApkTheCrazyOne Lots of news sources that covered the protests mentioned how they could have a negative impact on coronavirus cases. Convenient of people to ignore that part.

    2. @ApkTheCrazyOne Did they? Because I saw constant coverage of people warning against all of that because it could cause spikes. Those spikes are what’s causing the rises right now you moron. This is even the possible second phase yet. That’ll be even worse than when it started.

      Yet Trumpy and the brilliant minds of his dumbass followers like you thought it would be a genius idea to start those dumb rallies back up again. You know. Because that virus that was originally a hoax isn’t a problem anymore. He has it under control. Ignore that waiver he wants people to sign before entering his rally though. That waiver where you have to agree not to sue him if you get sick from that hoax at his rally.

      You people are ignorant.

    1. Yep. He “corrected” himself by shifting the focus from us as a country, to only himself. If something good happens, he’ll take all the credit but in the bad situations, he will blame it on others. What has our country become? “Home of the brave” when the president isn’t brave enough to own up to his mistakes. 🙁

  1. *Sees thumbnail*
    “I bet there will be sad piano music on this video from the media”
    *Clicks video, and sad piano music plays*
    “Knew it”

    1. @Norman Harris someone dies every second, nothing has changed weather a new virus that is slightly stronger than the Flu comes through or gang members have a shoot out, doesnt mean we should be brude about everything livin up

    2. @Simon Getchell you must also be one of the stupid ones to not realize how many stupid people there actually are

    3. @Simon Getchell Every country has some stupids, but Amricca has too many.

  2. I’m too lazy to watch the actual thing, but nice job barely putting in any clips of him talking about it. Also, why criticize him? The virus has been politicized by both sides.

    1. We criticize him because he has f*cked us and hasn’t listened to any experts, this guy is the reason we have 2.3 million infected and the continent of Europe only has 2 million, despite them have 3x the amount of people all densely packed in their countries

    2. Yeah, he spoke of it for three minutes. And conveniently the leftist news media ONLY focuses on that.
      Way to sew derision.

    3. @Griffin P f***ed us??? By shutting down travel from China and getting called a racist because of it?
      By being a good leader and trying to keep us from panicking? Because he knows that Americans have become so pathetic that we panic over EVERYTHING?!
      Yup…terrible guy.

    4. Trump thinks that +120,000 US citizens have died is somehow funny. He’s such is a pathetic human being.

  3. We don’t wear mask in Oklahoma. Blame it on the right, but if you notice, not even the left protesting outside the rally wears masks.

    1. Only the left is protesting with BLM eh? Meanwhile the right is protesting anti-masks. Incoming second wave!

    1. Trump thinks that +120,000 US citizens have died is somehow funny. He’s such is a pathetic human being.

    1. The CoV2 virus was designed to be MILD, so it could spread all around the world very quickly. The 2nd strain will not be deployed until CoV2 has spread much more — perhaps in another 12-18 months. It has been engineered to trigger the antibodies from CoV2 and to cause such a violent immune response, that 93% die within 24 hours of infection — if they carry the antibodies from CoV2.
      It’s a Tactical Weapon — not a doomsday weapon. Because death is so quick, it cannot spread wildly, but must be deployed again and again at multiple locations. (Paranoid Times 1999)

    2. I know five people in my community who were sick with the virus. Two were hospitalized for a long time.

  4. AN ACT OF SHEER IDIOCY PRESIDENT. SLOW DOWN THE TESTING! So there’s this people infected and didn’t get tested and died! WTF that’s KILLING LIVES! 🐝🐝🐝

  5. LMAO.!! Tell me this was a comedy skit cause nothing he said was real. Now that’s Fake news at it’s best.

    1. Neither did the FACT that ewes are STILL Borrowing trillions for war.
      It’s also a FACT that the Evangelicals proclaimed Trump ‘Chosen by God’ in 2016. They Believe. That’s a FACT that should NOT be ignored.

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