Son surprises father at retirement parade | Militarykind 1

Son surprises father at retirement parade | Militarykind


He's a retired police officer diagnosed with ALS and he was just treated to a parade and surprise visitor.
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When Fresno P.D. celebrated the retirement of Jesus Salinas with a drive-by parade, Jesus could have never guessed he would get an even greater surprise.

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  1. That was very special I love to see this kind of videos this family members come together father and son especially on Father’s Day God bless them both made it have a long life ahead of you in spite of circumstances God can do anything anyting thank you for the video

  2. Jesus Thank You for your Service. God was showing off when you were made. Blessings to you and your Family.

    Australia 9.53 pm

  3. Ok .. how about y’all go get to work stop trying to make it like your so special like y’all did something to help .. gtfoh

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