John Bolton Willing To Testify In The Impeachment Trial If Subpoenaed | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Prime that stache for the moment of truth, Johnny. I never imagined that I would look forward to hear you speak.

    1. J Swett Helsinki is beautiful, unfortunately wherever El Shitstain goes, that location is tainted. Clearly you haven’t visited Helsinki, so I suggest you keep your worthless opinion to yourself.

    1. The Senate is 100% broken. They won’t call any witnesses and Bolton is just playing with his record on the situation knowing he will never really get called.

    2. @Dfg Sdfg The Senate Republicans will be playing with fire is this is the route they choose to go… Bolton is a wild card, but he’s certainly no friend to the Democrats’ cause, and could even provide enough doubt to let DJT off the hook. Now, if he doesn’t testify, we’ll all have justification to conclude that Trump is guilty as charged with Senate Republicans as accessories. I really think this forces their hand, and they’ll have to hold their breath and do it.

    1. Andy C oh look another Cretin, who has no idea & refuses to see the truth. If there was no evidence ( there is, just not what you want to hear) Democrats wouldn’t waste their time on a “ No Exit” strategy.

    1. @TheDesert IsPatient As I’ve pointed out time and time again. Bolton is playing you and the Democrats for the suckers that you are. He’s a free person and can speak without a Subpoena.
      Now Bolton and Trump get along, they just don’t see eye to eye on War. Trump doesn’t want War, Bolton does, so Trump had to fire him. That doesn’t mean they don’t get along.
      Bolton is a die Hard Republican and could care less about the Ninny State.

  2. 🤔Bolton knows that his ex co workers are co felonious friends whom will never subpoena him or anyone else to self incriminate themselves afterwards 😑lmfaooo

  3. Bolton did not want to be an afterthought, appearing in House after the everyday bureaucrats. Bolton want the be the Senate Superstar. This has always been his plan.

    1. Little did he know that Senate Republicans, have no intention of doing their constitutional duty, by doing a REAL trial. It’s clear that Moscow Mitch will do everything in his power to keep him from testifying, so it’s likely too late. He had his chance to do the right thing during the House impeachment investigation and he blew it!

    2. @ruth depew If Mitch denies him, Bolton could still spill the beans to the NYT or other newspapers.

    3. @Blessing John Chelliah When? The day after the Senate gavels not to convict? That would definitely mean the Rethugs will be brutalized come November. He won’t do that even if the Rethuglican party really isn’t Republican anymore. He’s a warmongering loyalist.

    1. It’s the House Intel Cmte. that will subpoena him. Moscow Mitch won’t have a thing to say about it. Maybe not delivering the Articles of Impeachment right away will work out after all.

    1. Nizzey215 I hope congress gives him a subpoena!!!! Let him testifying front of congress and on all the news stations!!!!!!

    2. Good call. He only stepped forward after he knew it was a meaningless gesture.

      Should boost his book $ale$, though.

    3. The house can impeach the trump as many times as it wants…
      the articles are not yet sent…
      the House should sub his booty
      put him on TV for a couple days talking…

    1. Paul Miville Too bad the other 17 witnesses didn’t see it all. This impeachment is a joke. It’s a personal vendetta by the Democratic Party. Their 7th attempt and failure to impeach. But this economy is on fire!!! I looked at my 401k earlier and it’s up $20,000 in the last month.
      Makes me wonder what the economy would be doing if the democrats were doing their job instead of focusing on eternal impeachment… TRUMP2020

    2. @Andy C This bull market started under Obama, in fact it went up much much more under Obama than it has under Trump, Trump just capitalized on Obama’s momentum. Trump claiming credit for this market is ridiculous and just pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

    3. BlueToronto
      The old started under Obama claim. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
      Obama didn’t cut corporate taxes and cut burdensome regulations, didn’t make us energy independent.
      I got laid off twice under Obama. Now my company’s offering huge sign-on bonuses because they can’t find enough skilled labor. Go blow smoke someone else’s butt !!!

    1. Blessing John Chelliah Then why didn’t they get him to testify in the house? This is the senate’s ballgame now …

    2. @Andy C The house can re-open impeachment proceedings and add more articles based on his testimony, as the senate may not allow him to testify. In fact the killing of Soleimani may qualify for re-opening the impeachment process. But convicting Trump would still be difficult because most of the the Republican senators are like the “THREE MONKEYS” they don’t want to SEE, HEAR or SPEAK the truth!

  4. I would never have imagined myself rooting for John Bolton, he may singularly rescue what’s left of our democracy.

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