John Roberts is the new Supreme Court swing vote, Toobin says

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin says that by siding with the liberal wing of the court in key cases, Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed by Republican George W. Bush, is becoming the swing vote on the Supreme Court.
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    2. @Lyle Johnston He’s a serial spammer… I report him every time… It makes me feel better lol

    1. Yes! We should also see Hillary’s, Waters, Pelosi and Obama’s taxes. At least Trump made his fortune outside government unlike your liberal heroes.

    2. @Teto Almonzeto Trump said today that he made Juneteenth famous! There is something seriously wrong with Trump! Mentally and Physically! His tweets lately belong in the unhinged Hall of Fame, he has trouble walking down a ramp barely a foot high, and who needs 2 hands to drink from a glass of water? I’ll tell you? A toddler who’s learning how too! The 25th Amendment is looking better with every passing day!

    3. @Cri Cri Your comment was just a big dat whataboutism. And secondly, they released their tax returns… what is your point.

  1. can’t we have impartial and apolitical judges. The law should not be influenced by partisanship

    1. @Lequipe Fourteen have you not considered that who appoints them may well be a part of the system Carking is criticising, and suggesting reform of?

    2. Judges should be apolitical. They should be making decisions strictly on what the law dictates. That’s the point of law

  2. How is it your Supreme court judges are nominated by Presidents? it is an invitation to politicize the court !

    1. @Traci Schmidt NO it doesn’t. They need to learn the truth about their country FIRST before they are FORCED to recite something they don’t understand. I was FORCED to say it but this country does NOT match up to what they force-feed children. I ALWAYS felt uncomfortable with it as did my friends. This country need to fix itself for ALL citizens before it deserves respect

    1. It’s hilarious! Everything trumps been doing recently is really backfiring. After his rally and thousands of people get sick, well, that surely will put a cherry on top🤤. Circling the drain 😋

    2. @Heather Remlin what do you mean “recently”? The man’s been a disaster ever since he popped out of his mother.

    3. Typical left wing nitwits. Roberts did not mind BO bypassing Congress for the unconstitutional daca program. Yet the current administration attempts to right Obama’s wrong and this stooge has a problem with it. He is an activist not a judge

    1. @IH L ◀ it’s t’rumpublican bunker boys like this moron that keep the criminal clown, that the electoral college INSTALLED, propped up

    2. @Teto Almonzeto you don’t belong in America unless your ancestors were here prior to 1492 and a lot of these dreamers are native American. Get off native land!

    1. When you are so far right that John Roberts appears to be a Lefty Communist Sympathizer then the problem really IS you.

  3. 😶 Republicans are the ones who have stolen elections in Florida Georgia Arizona and other states they are the ones that commit the real voter fraud

    1. Batman is Mexican Batman is Mexican – I know… “found” ballots, illegals voting, dead people voting, people voting multiple times. Wait, that’s the democrats… never mind.

  4. OR… he’s just interpreting the law as apolitically as he can. PERHAPS the last two decisions were not political, just proper law.

  5. 💥 if voting was fair Republicans would never win elections. There have been voter machines in the past that have changed Democratic vote to Republican ones

    1. @Jeffrey Dahmer and that comes from a person who has a YT nick named after a necrophiliac serial killer… coooo cuuuul

  6. I think Roberts is a reasonable conservative. Gorsuch still have hope. The other 3 I think they are way too far right

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