1. @AL- BOT nope, the star Tribune admitted it.

      Remember when we used to say to stupid people “did you live under power lines as a kid” or “did you eat paint chips”?

      High frequency gives you cancer and messes with your brain.

      Now, don’t you drink bleach and chlorine disinfectant every day? 6 to 8 cups? Isn’t that in your city water to “treat” your water? Drink up!! It’s good for you! The government even said so

      Hope this helps

    2. @Joe Rubio remember when Bob Mueller debunked your Russian conspiracy circus when he released Mueller Time. Lol

      Was justice served ice cold?

    3. @Independent Voter to flush people out.

      Ever heard of Michael vindman? His brother? Marie yavonovich? Lol. Hahahaha you idiots really can’t see what he’s doing, do you?😂🤣😂🤣

      Never interfere with an enemy that’s in the process of destroying itself

    1. A R I want them both at the same time, I would do them both from here to Hiroshima, then tell thanks LADIES, LOVE Y’ALL ❤️ THANKS FOR BEING A BEACON OF TRUTH, GREAT LADIES— love them both

  1. Oh now all of a sudden Trump’s worried about our National Security, When him, Ivanka, Jared and Regime has been running around making illegal deals with foreign countries and putting America in danger !

    1. Mueller Time more than one illegal deal, if we don’t get him now we will after he gets out of office in 2020. The Orange is satans seed

    2. He didn’t care when he was selectively declassifying things to try to prove his deep state conspiracy theories. He didn’t care when he waived the vetting of 38 White House associates to get them security clearances.

    1. The China revelations: Ignoring the massacres for help from China is new. Not knowing what Finland is…new, but no impeachable. Not knowing the UK is a nuclear power – STUPID, but predictable for an idiot like Trump.

  2. Dude I’m seeing it now he wins in November and dems keeps house and grabs senate, and he gets IMPEACHED AGAIN! Lmfao..this job will literally be the death of him

    OR he looses November and charges get files the day after he leaves off lmao..HE WAS RIGHT all he does it win lol..

  3. Schiff rightly exposes the unpatriotic nature of Bolton. Does the American system have what it takes to fix such crimes by GOP.

    1. The next impeachment is scheduled for Nov. 3rd. If Bunker Boy cheats again then he will be the only President to be impeached twice after Congress gets sworn in Jan. 2021

    1. Cool. When all the buildings are looted and burned to the ground, you Nazis can move to burning books. Good plan

    2. @Mueller Time Be nice if you boogaloo bois would stop burning everything up first. Leave some for us!

  4. Way to go Bolton, screw doing the right thing when they were trying to get the rogue agent orange out of office, wait till later so you get a book deal to pad out your retirement.

  5. Bolton is a part-time patriot. He had his chance to set the record straight during the impeachment of the worst president in the entire history of this country.
    Now, it’s too late to do anything.
    Eff you Bolton, and your mustache!

  6. Name one former colleague/employee/friend of Trump who isn’t in prison or dead who still has anything good to say about him.

  7. If Bolton is lying like Donny says he is then how’s the information he’s sharing for his book “classified”?

  8. One of the greatest man in the world chairman Adam Schiff I love this brother because he loves America and understands what America represents

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