John Yarmuth: Democrats 'Going To Have To Compromise’ To Pass Infrastructure 1

John Yarmuth: Democrats ‘Going To Have To Compromise’ To Pass Infrastructure


Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) discusses President Biden's infrastructure plan and how he plans on getting all Democrats on board. 

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John Yarmuth: Democrats 'Going To Have To Compromise’ To Pass Infrastructure


  1. Manchin wannabe. These people will water down any legislation to benefit them and their donors almost exclusively.

    1. Why would donors be against infrastructure?

      It almost seems like “donors” is code for anything progressives want it to be.

  2. What a bunch of BS!!! Had enough of can not do this, can not do that, blame the other side. We are years and years behind as a country but yeah have to listen to the corporate donors and screw the general American public.

    1. Agreed so true some corporate donors care about themselves and money alone and hiding behind their big conglomerates businesses supporting and funding Repubs and their nonsense they just want to make money off the ordinary American citizens the consumers they don’t really care really

    2. @Bat Boy So what is your solution? Obama is right. You can only work within the grounds of Democracy.

      Unfortunately, the voters are moderates.

    3. @K GM – Restructure the Senate, get money out of politics, end Citizens United, end gerrymandering, state rights require state responsibility and accountability to the nation…just a few thoughts

    4. @Bat Boy I like increasing federalization, and reorganizing the Senate.

      I’m not sold on Citizens United, because I feel it would limit freedom of speech before elections. I don’t know how you would go about “Getting money out of politics”.

  3. Republicans doesn’t want to work with Joe Biden at all. Their goal is to make Biden Presidency a living nightmare.

    1. @Robert Arthurs Yep, the GOP and McConnell are still refusing to do their jobs and uphold their oaths of office.

    2. @J M M I don’t recall the oath about dems being the deciding factor on policy, refresh me .

    3. just like they did to Obama, republicans only care about the rich keeping the middle to lower class as slaves to do all the hard work for them keeping the slaves in line is their first priority using the governments and law enforcement to do so

  4. Citizens will have to compromise too. How many bridges and buildings will have to collapse before Republicans blame the Democrats. Not many. Republicans have no credibility anymore.

  5. This guy is full of it. Honestly why is always on the Democrats to give up on key policy issues? What Democrats really need to do is stop listening to both the Republicans and the moderates who aim to hold them back.

    1. Dude, you’re not getting anymore free handouts. No more free money, stimulus checks, and government benefits. The party is over pal.

    2. And do what? You need votes in Congress and the Senate to get things done. You can’t force things through if you don’t have the votes.

  6. As a young reporter I interviewed a senior congressman once and I asked him why it takes so long to get things done in Washington. Well, he schooled me right then and there! He said that was the genius of the Founding Fathers. They wanted a system of compromise so that the tyranny of the majority doesn’t force the minority to take drastic measures to be heard!

    1. Which at the time was great, because the majority were white racist men, but now they’re the minority, something the founding fathers could have never predicted, so it has become a tool of the minority to enslave the majority.

  7. well it’s known the republican position is nyet!!

    so it’s going to be interesting to see which of the dems can make the case that reform is needed…

    and correcting negligence about basic infrastructure ain’t reform!!

    but it’s actually an easy case to make. that is if they face facts as opposed to their run of the mill good cop routine. you know, “maybe he hasn’t talked to pelosi la la la…” when what’s needed instead is talk about trickle down leading to incompetence. which of course was the exact opposite of what it promised!!

    literal incompetence that in fact lead to first 9/11, then the mortgage horror, and most recently an all out godzilla as commander in chief. so yea, clearly facts instead of good cop routines are needed. but which of the dems will step up to provide them is simply problematic, just by virtue of at this point needing to be asked…

    but still somebody better because without reform. and right now, any infrastructure bill is just another big lie!!

  8. If we compromise, we compromise ourselves, our futures, and our children’s futures, those are the stakes. No climate, no deal.

    1. We can reduce our emissions to zero. It will do nothing. We are not the world’s major polluters.

  9. Funny, I don’t remember last four years of Trump having this fetishized ideal of bipartisanship. Not one story of Republicans in the media wanting to work with democrats to get anything passed. They didn’t give a second thought on what democrats wanted.

    1. @T. R. Campbell That second impeachment was the most justified thing in the world. Remember more senators voted to remove him from office than didn’t. It was 57 to 43. It just happens the founders picked 67 as the number, but if it was a straight majority vote Trump would’ve been out.

    2. @Trapped in America Instead, he is the only United States president that has survived two political impeachment. We should’ve left well enough alone but now we need to stop looking in the rearview mirror because they were a lot of issues facing Joe and doing ministration that we have to tackle. Do you have to get vaccinated, we have to get to work and make Joe’s presidency the best one ever.

    3. @T. R. Campbell You are delusional.
      Go back and look at the US GDP over the years and you will see your delusion about Trumpian “economic prosperity” is a LIE!

    4. @T. R. Campbell Oh, do stop with that nonsense. Kennedy had no intentions of lowering tax rates on the wealthy to the levels of the Reagan years, ever, and would never have gone along with that.

    5. @T. R. Campbell and that is what it is. Fiction. Another story. Something that used to be called a lie, but Trumpians can’t understand what a lie is. They call it “alternate truth” and disregard actual facts.
      Trump is a loser.
      Trump is apparently a criminal as well.
      Trump sides with White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

  10. Remember when pundits were saying that Republicans would have to compromise with Democrats to pass their tax cuts for the rich and corporations?

    Neither do I.

  11. “I’m not worried about the money” will be in every Republican attack ad until the midterms (if they where a sane party of course).

  12. The Republicans would be all for this bill if it gave every cent to the top wealthy scum and neglected everyone else. Oh wait, they already do that. Duh!

  13. ” It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes.” -Joseph Stalin.

    Democrats learned well

  14. Follow this political formula do not vote for a rep more than 3 times in a row only vote for a senator once 6 years enough in congress. only vote for president once people keep complaining but they keep vote for they same people over and over again care about the issues more than the Parties

  15. Stop bending over backwards to these crooks (are you a crook), get everything that our Country needs now. Don’t back down, grow some balls even if you end up with nothing.

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