1. I saw one video of one Amber supporter, she’s the second. The world knows JD is a kind and loving person, he thinks of others, thinks Of his fans always.
      Idk why they even aired this interview. Please. Wake up and watch what really happened.

    2. She horribly acted on the stand. Her story and testimony and acting were horrible. I developed my opinion by observation then i watched people on the internet highlight her lies and inconsistencies.

  1. What I find staggering is that certain people in the press who don’t like verdict see this as a rich celebrity using their name to win a case against someone who is nameless. That’s not what happened, a jury of 7 people examined the evidence and they were satisfied that his argument was the stronger. Anything other is simply trial by media, and I would have thought that is something we could all do without.

    1. But you noticed all the acting between the advocates and drop right? This was one big show and the jury felt for it hard.

    2. Well said! Nothing undermines our judicial system more than blowhard attorneys, who make a substantial amount of money being on TV, and probably only caught pieces, questioning a jury who was there each and every day and unanimously came to the same conclusion. It’s a disgusting demonstration of disregard for a system they have supposedly devoted their lives to. I’m utterly repulsed.

  2. I was saddened through this lengthy trial. Every aspect of Johnny Depp’s life had to be exposed as far back as growing up as a child. We all have had parts of our life that wasn’t happy times but for his life to be exposed to the world made me sorrowful. I believe the verdict was the right verdict in this situation. May Johnny Depp and his family live forever in peace. Johnny Depp forever a winner!

    1. I will say that is the hard part of defamation trials is dirty laundry gets aired. If this was hard on Depp then he handled it well.

    2. I agree, and I thought what he did was ethical and courageous. And…. there is no such thing as the “perfect” victim. Anytime. Anywhere. We all have flaws.

    3. @JJ ummm i think that’s essentially what he’s saying. It took Johnny to airing hts entire laundry out there to win this case… that’s pretty sad in a way.

  3. “This woman is innocent because she’s a woman” is 100 percent this lady’s reasoning

  4. The jury got it right! How dare she says that this is a setback against abused woman. The jury saw the facts and it was determined that Amber was a liar, and the rest of America saw it too. It’s insulting to believe that the jury got it wrong, how come she doesn’t she how Amber lied and manipulated as well as be the abuser in the relationship.

  5. As a victim of serious domestic violence, who was knocked unconscious, continuously kicked/punched whist breastfeeding a 3 month old baby and had to flee to a women’s refuge.. I’m PISSED as hell that Amber tried to reinvent herself by exploiting REAL victims of domestic violence/abuse ..She used public trust as well as sympathy to punish Johnny Depp, and further her career.

  6. As a victim of abuse, I side with Depp! He was the victim, she was the abuser and if we really wanna level the Plainfield, abusers should be held accountable, whether they are men or women!!!

  7. I’m all for victims coming forward and I am so happy to see a man stand up for himself because in this case Amber audio recordings greatly contradict her testimony. I believe justice was served. Unfortunately there are women who make false claims of sexual assault. Men lose their freedom and name forever tarnished when falsehoods are told and there should be repercussions when you defame someone in this way. She planted seeds of doubt. Some will believe her and some won’t. You need to follow the evidence. Male or female abuse victims deserve justice and I think this time the jury got it right.

  8. Seriously, this is the one time I’ll say this lady did not watch the trial let alone respect the court ruling by the jury. This is a victory for men who suffer domestic abuse and the double standard. I’m very happy for the justice for Johnny. As for this lady…. Bye.

  9. I guess this Jury didn’t appreciate being lied to. . I hope that sends a message to all LIERS out there trying to get ahead in life by destroying somebody’s else well-being.

  10. The female on the panel saying she made allegations like that should be taken as a fact she wants a world where you can accuse people of something and be guilty thank god for justices for Johnny

  11. “The effect it’s going to have on our society…….” Are you serious…. Terrible. Shame on you. There’s no way you could watch this case and not side with Johnny. If you’re arguing that, you have your own agenda. You shouldn’t be allowed to public speak…. Ever. Again.

  12. This woman never once sat down and watched a single minute of the trial.
    Amber’s lies setback all women that actually do suffer from domestic violence. The one thing that this case did do was to shed light on the men that also deal with domestic violence.

  13. I am a women that has experienced domestic violence and I didn’t believe Ms. Heard. I also am offended that she’d be a spokesperson against domestic violence when she herself has caused the violence.

    1. Absolutely! I’ve said the exact same many times! It hurts REAL victims, because people like HER make us all look like liars. Amber hurt our cause, not this verdict.

  14. She “presented the mountain of evidence”, and they were analyzed and discarded as being lies. Thank God we still have impartial jurors.

  15. She got caught lying too many times and got caught being a major abuser! She set women back by lying and thinking because she is a woman she should be believed. Ridiculous!

  16. You gotta love the headline “Jury finds both Heard and Depp liable for defamation.” Technically true but incredibly misleading. It is as misleading as if her lawyers went out and said “we got a $2M verdict in favor of our client today.” Depp scored three touchdowns and Heard got a field goal.

  17. This lady is another perfect reason no one should listen to CNN. It’s disgusting how biased and downright wrong she is.

    1. She isn’t a CNN employee, she is an analyst who was brought on for her “professional” opinion on this matter.

      Your comment is the exact reason why Republicans believe in all these conspiracies. You do not allow dissenting opinions on Fox. It is like improv, where you don’t refute/deny the other actors, just add onto it.

      It is okay to have a person who you communicate with who has dissenting opinions. That doesn’t make them wrong, or an idiot. It is even more important in a news organization to show all the different views.

    2. She’s not from CNN, she was just a guest. The actual CNN hosts gave no opinions or commentary.
      I agree CNN could’ve and should’ve done better in their coverage/reaction to this, if they wanted to cover it which they did, but let’s not get the facts twisted.

  18. I can’t believe that woman genuinely thinks that way it’s truly giving me “women can do no wrong”

  19. That’s what one Says in a totalitarian system: “the jury got it wrong!”. In a democracy, we accept a verdict. All women are not a saint! Some are manipulative.

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