Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 booster shots show big increase in immune response

Booster doses of Johnson & Johnson's one-shot coronavirus vaccine generated a big spike in antibodies, the frontline immune system defenses against infection, the company reported. People who received a booster six to eight months after their initial J&J shots saw antibodies increase nine-fold higher than 28 days after the first shot, Johnson & Johnson said.
The data comes from two Phase 2 studies conducted in the United States and Europe. Some of the 2,000 or so people in the studies got booster doses six months after their first doses of J&J's Janssen vaccine.
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  1. Please check the August 23/21 FDA Letter of Authorization(pdf). EUA extension only. Can also check Dr. Malone’s statement from yesterday. Thanks

    1. @Nicholas we know the results of both covid-19 and the vaccine. The vaccine is obviously there better choice.

      Why would you want to get infected by a virus of unknown origins?

    2. @Nicholas if you count false negatives plus the 1% death rate which is huge for a respiratory virus, plus the people who died early on before we ever tested for covid plus the fact that you have no idea of what biomechanism would cause me to get sick from an mrna vaccine because you’re too stupid to know how it works…..I’d say you have no basis for concern other than people told you to be concerned. Try again

    3. @L XX these are called micro clots, they can only be detected using a d dimer test. They do not show up in mri and etc

    1. And the John and the John Lewis Voting Act will never pass in the Senate so what’s the excitement about

    1. No. A clinical trial involves a clinician using a blind constant, together w/a placebo, & then that data is analyzed anonymously, in order to keep the authors of the study, away from any biases. BTW, Grammar much?

    2. @Jeigh Neither thanks for proving my point. grammar nazi much it? really isn’t that deep Fuhrer . 😂😂 foh and touch some grass

    1. I love how CNN viewers sneer at info gleaned from the WORLD WIDE WEB, and feel superior for somehow limiting their “research” to mainstream propaganda media. They’ve never bothered to actually watch any independent news sites, or even Fox, for that matter. They prefer to abdicate their own intelligence and defer to what their handlers tell them. College degrees have no bearing on intelligence and leftists bear this out on a daily basis. I suspect they’re just weak and easily manipulated individuals, but they’re ruining our country. And democrats want to lower the voting age! My god.

    2. @Vinny Holiday Ask the people/people’s family members who got sick/ died from baby powder from the same developers of the coof jab how not being skeptical worked out for them?

  2. My roommate had the J&J jab and was diagnosed with aplastic anemia shortly after. Do not take this poison.

    1. Look at that… your friend did everything they were told. All you wanted to do was tell their story and you’re being met with such empathy and understanding.
      Don’t these lovely morally superior people fill you with confidence that if you take the “vaccine” and get injured that you’ll receive the necessary help/support?
      No? I wonder why.

    2. @pseudohippie55 the data says over 600,000 people have died,just in the US. The data says the vast majority of people in the hospital are unvaccinated. You don’t care about data

    1. @mrbrainchild76 ages 18-49 per cdc data shows that the hospitalization rate is 5.9 out of 100,000 which is 0.0059%…but I’m sure CNN will tell you that any day now

  3. Scott Gottlieb FDA director resigns and becomes a member of Pfizer’s board of Directors
    Stephen Hahn replaces Gottlieb and then resigns to become Moderna’s chief medical officer
    Nice happy little family that the FDA and pharma have

  4. People still watch CNN?🧐best thing I ever did was stop watching the news! May God continue to bless you All! Love always Wins! The Light always Wins! Stay blessed 😇

  5. Hell, why not just turn vaccinations into a line of soft drinks with a different flavor for every new killer mutation. Not encouraging news

  6. Ok sheep, here’s how it works. Double the jab, you’re twice as safe. Wear two mask, you’re double protected. So just think of 3, 4, 5… times the jab/masks how much safer you will be. Comprendi?

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