1. @Alpha Pham girls sent home with spaghetti straps or skirts an inch too short would tell you otherwise.

    2. @Real Aiglon it’s the same with the seasonal flu vaccine tho… you need to get a new one after a certain amount of time because of regular mutations

    3. Exactly. You have no rights over what the government demand you.put into your body. I think forced sterilizations and abortions are in order. Were over populated

  1. Funny, no one seems to take time to get a perspective from the actual kids who wear the masks. I have kids. They honestly don’t care

    1. Neither do mine, but that is because they were brought up to be socially conscious. Children mimic their parents and a large percentage of Americans are self centered and egotistical.

  2. The school my grandson goes to had a mask mandate last year. They had a full year of in school learning without having to shut the school down even 1 day. He was 7 years old in the second grade and he said he had no problem having to ware a mask. He acts more mature than these adults that are crying about their children having to ware mask to school.

    1. @Sandy Butt most ppl need to know the difference between preventative medicine and interventional medicine . Not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask may one day call for an intervention!

    2. @Andrew Fitzgerald my question is who elected the school board and do they know why one is needed? If parents elected the school board, surely they wanted the board to make sure that their children are educated and protected. Huh?

    3. @Ryan Fraser I soooo agree with the idea that the parents should decide, AND should your child acquire the Covis-19 virus because you decided your child does not need to wear a mask, PLEASE take care of your child at home and not in the hospital where your child might infect others. Just as you don’t want your child to wear a mask, others in the hospital (patients and staff) do not wish to be in contact with a person infected with the virus. Also, it is a wait- and- see just how sick kids will get from this virus and just how many will die. It serms like you just don’t give a shi_.

  3. Now you can see why some of these kids are OUT OF CONTROL. If you want to know what’s wrong with the fruit, start with healing the tree.

  4. “Never play chess with a pigeon. Even if you win, it will end up knocking all the pieces off the board, defecating everywhere, and declaring victory anyway.”

    1. @Larry Emert then if they’re no good why have people been wearing them against pollution for years, why do doctors wear masks in operating theatres (to protect their patients not themselves by the way ) masks reduce the amount of virus you could receive or possibly infect others with. Kids wearing masks don’t suffer and they only complain if they see adults complaining. If you explain to a child that, yes it’s annoying, but we do it to keep ourselves and others safe then they’ll accept it as a fact. Get vaccinated, wear a mask if you can’t keep a safe distance from others and move on. There are so many moaning whinging adults out there that goodness knows what sort of role models they are for upcoming generations .

    2. @Larry Emert Sir, you are (hopefully) unwittingly deceminating misinformation that only helps to perpetuate the current pandemic. I recommend leaving those statements out of any public forum. But, alas, here we are, on the internet, still having these sort of conversations…

    3. @Mr. White well, you ate doing what it takes. Not one single person likes wearing a mask. So if we can just deal with this minor inconvenience to try and get rid of this virus, then we won’t have to worry about mask again.

    1. Less severe problems than ones stemming from being hyperconnected to electronic devices and the cesspool that is social media.

  5. Meanwhile the world is watching, shaking the head and drawing the right conclusions. Everything has changed since 2016 and it will never be like before…

  6. We have always been assured of our freedoms–we do have a choice both for vaccination and masks per the Gov’t. The problem here is an age old one. Disease kills and knows no boundaries. It isn’t the venue of politics. Children will be effected more by sickness and death of friends, family and especially themselves than by masks. And masks are proven effective when a high percentage of people are wearing them. I do this because I love my neighbor and my children–not because of my political affiliation. I listen to my doctor.

    1. Actually studies have shown masks have no effect at all on case loads. England has not used them on their kids.

  7. Here’s a crazy idea, if parents don’t like the school rules: homeschool.

    Don’t want to wear masks in stores: don’t shop there; (do online shopping or curbside pickup)

    1. @Colin Beever You just showed how selfish America has become.
      Masks keep droplets to a minimum if you are a carrier of covid.

  8. Parents don’t want their kids to wear a mask, pull them from the institution. You don’t have to have your kid go their. Options are available. Homeschooling

  9. “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work and it annoys the pig.” -Judge Judy Sheindlin

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