Joint Chiefs Call Capitol Hill Insurrection A ‘Direct Assault’ On Constitutional Process 1

Joint Chiefs Call Capitol Hill Insurrection A ‘Direct Assault’ On Constitutional Process


In a rare statement, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement condemning the Capitol Hill insurrection calling it a ‘direct assault’ on the constitutional process. The Joint Chiefs also affirmed President-elect Joe Biden as the next commander in chief. Aired on 1/12/2021.
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Joint Chiefs Call Capitol Hill Insurrection A ‘Direct Assault’ On Constitutional Process


  1. When the House vote and pass the impeachment of Trump for the second time I hope they wait till there is a new Senate on Jan,23rd. To introduce it,where there is a 100% chance for it to pass.

    1. @Jason Paul
      The next four years of the Biden administration will be like a *Runaway Train on a Dark Stormy Night, filled with Passengers, headed for the Washed Out Bridge.* The Economic Calamity that is coming will make the toughest people cower. You’ll remember me saying this.

    2. @Timothy Hawkins
      Typical deflection from an imbecile. Any similarity between you and a human being is purely coincidental.

    3. @Timothy Hawkins
      It sucks being wrong…..doesn’t it? You Democrats are proof that evolution CAN go in reverse.

    1. @Heather Jessaca I saw a news report (and, therefore take it as you will) that says several Republican members of Congress already carry firearms into the House or Senate and say that they are allowed to carry such weapons under the Constitution. The new metal detectors could illuminate that. It’s not about keeping the public from bringing weapons into Congress, it’s about removing them from unlawful members of Congress as well.

    2. Apparently 3 GOPer senators Refused to go thru them walked around em…When the dust settles gotta feeling there’s gonna be some OUSTING going on

  2. Please take a few minutes to contact your Senators support impeachment your voice matters especially if you live in purple or red states.

  3. Any politician that does not want to go through metal detectors should NOT be allowed in the building…no exceptions

    1. And so have the joint chiefs of staff by issuing this cowardly statement condoning voter fraud and stating Biden will be the next commander in chief.

  4. – I remember Trump saying “my building is now the tallest” immediately after the 9/11 twin terror strikes. He’s that sick. –

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