Journalism on the Ropes

The debate among journalists over how to regain the public’s trust is increasingly centered around the idea of objectivity. In this episode, Audie turns the spotlight on herself and the media. She invites journalists to help her reckon with the idea of objectivity: what it is? Does it still work? And, what’s the way forward for both the press and the public? You’ll hear from Jelani Cobb, Dean of Columbia Journalism School; Margaret Sullivan, former media columnist at the Washington Post, and Maggie Haberman, reporter for The New York Times.

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    1. @Dekan Elad You failed to cancel the comment.
      Maybe if you report harder it’ll work.

      Good little brown shirt.

    1. its lovely to see isn’t it?? Enjoy it while it lasts; they’re good at what they get paid to do!

  1. i dont know what it is but i have a degree of 13 years and i get nothing but ghosted on resume submissions…im really disappointed in the entire state of the industry and education system

  2. Geez! It’s understandable for CNN to have a photo and audio to save money! The Kyle Rittenhouse defamation of charactor lawsuit is just around the corner!

  3. lol CNN talking about jounalism is like Brian Stelter making speeches about misinformation!.. Oh wait!..
    The end justifies the democrat means!.. Just saying

  4. “corporate media” on the ropes. Why would I listen to corporate opinion when there’s so many options now?

  5. I would like to hear something about the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Will they fist bump, or will it be a warm embrace? Why is our media not talking about it?

  6. CNN should do a montage of all the times they beat the drums to the Iraq war to celebrate the latest anniversary. Wolf Blitzer was a rock star.
    Does he or anyone else at CNN have any regrets at all?

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