Journalist Asks On Afghanistan: What Were We Doing For The Last Two Decades? 1

Journalist Asks On Afghanistan: What Were We Doing For The Last Two Decades?


What to expect now that Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban, Americans’ reactions to the U.S. withdrawal of troops, and President Biden’s address underscoring his decision are analyzed by experts in conversation with Joy Reid.
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    1. The problem is that the United States under the Bush administration made a promise to the Afghan people they the United States was making itself responsible for guaranteeing a democratic Afghanistan. It would have been one thing if the U.S. had never gotten involved in the first place. That’s not the situation. We offered promises recklessly that we could not keep and made the situation worse.

    1. ashraf ghani fled in 4 cars and a helicopter filled with cash……this is the corrupt administration USA has created…and the corrupt officials given passage to USA

    2. The last twenty years had been use by the US to show the world how great it was; especially its lapdogs. Now, this new and latest debacle exposes what the US really is.

    1. ashraf ghani fled in 4 cars and a helicopter into ubekistan (russia) filled with cash…thats americas greenbacks and dirty money

    2. @Daniel Webster without air support it doesn’t matter how many soldiers you have on the ground with weapons

  1. How many billions did military contractors siphon out of American taxpayer pockets under the guise standing up the Afghan army to protect us against the terrorists. (I’m posting here because Fox not accepting comments on this topic. Hmm, wonder why.)

    1. ashraf ghani fled in 4 cars and a helicopter filled with cash……he went to ubeskistan russia and russia going to arrest him soon

  2. The Taliban arose out of a civil war in the 1990s, after the Soviets were driven out. The Islamic militant group seized control of Kandahar in 1994 and the central government in Kabul in 1996, ruling most of Afghanistan until the U.S. invaded in 2001, so its not like the Afghani’s didn’t know what to expect and they still refused to fight to own their country.

  3. There’s like, 15 years worth of Jon Stewart/Daily Show content stopping nay politicians from claiming they weren’t warned about where this was going while it was happening

    1. @ElDanoLectro I understand that but Biden Admin knew for MONTHS that these people (our Afghani allies) were in serious danger and should have been evacuated ASAP. They did NOTHING to facilitate that. They have database of interpreters and those afghanis that helped us. They know exactly who they are. It’s not like it was hard to identify them. The paperwork for visas could have been worked on later once they and their families were safe. It’s inexcusable that we did nothing to get them out of there. That is why I’m angry.

    2. @J the disaster as a whole, yes, but I’m specifically angry about something that was in Biden’s control and was completely ignored.

    3. @N K Biden control? Nah….this is not on Biden nor Trump! I put this squarely in the hands of the Afghanistan people and Bush for going to war against Iraq instead of focusing on Afghanistan!! The world supported us until we started the Iraqi war!

  4. They were doomed from the beginning, how do you measure your success when you always have guns drawn???? You can’t!

  5. Fighting a war in Afghanistan was a lost cause they don’t call it the graveyard of empires for nothing .

  6. What Were We Doing For The Last Two Decades? Pretty easy answer: Making some elite richer. All the resulting dead and ongoing suffering? Meh – collateral damage

    1. ashraf ghani fled in 4 cars and a helicopter filled with cash……this is the corrupt gov usa creates

  7. Remarkable: the enemy did something that made us look bad after we lost the war. How could anyone have seen that coming? /.

  8. “What Were We Doing For The Last Two Decades?”
    Giving billions of dollars to American companies who spent millions of dollars donating money to politicians.

  9. Thanks, Ms. Reid, the fact that Pompeo met with the Taliban was and is a fact that could not have been lost on the Afghan army.

    1. Making sure Purdue could keep flooding our streets with oxy’s and then heroin when their scripts ran out but were already addicted… the government and big pharma are the most vile, soul-less, morally bankrupt pos’s on earth right along with the epsteins and equally grotesque bankers they do business with. They’re all scum and the swamp is as full as its ever been…

    2. Same as Vietnam. The Military Industrial Complex gets priority over all else and that has to come to a screeching halt. I’m including the fossil fuel industry in that too.

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