David Corn: I’m Not Surprised To See Republicans Using Afghanistan For Political Points

President Biden being blamed by Republicans for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal is called out by politics experts, who explain this war’s complex political history in conversation with Joy Reid.
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About The ReidOut with Joy Reid: Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.

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    1. This Republican party is different from the old Republican party. The far right wing like the Talibans have taken over the party. For now they are using the whole Republican party as leverage. That is why the make it about sides but it is far from it. They are fascist like Hitler. Look at Pence, Jeff sessions, even barr, that will tell you all if you really want to do some critical thinking.

    2. @M O No Dingus, if they had succeeded in stopping the certification, that sh!t would have gotten postponed and threw the country into a sh!tshow. And you probably think you’re some kind of Patriot.

    3. @Frank Elizalde So by your logic, Antifa led the proud boys, and a bunch of knuckle dragging Trump supporters in an Insurrection to thwart Biden’s election? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

    4. @Bill Walsh , As U invent ridiculous stories and looney suppositions, U plainly reveal your irrational demeanor. Clearly, U poses NO sane stance, only spaced-out mindset, as DOES your idol, the freak and election thief, biden.

  1. This isn’t on Biden, it’s on all of us for letting things go so wrong for so long in this nation. That includes supporting the Republican neocons nightmare of “endless war” and the endless profits it has brought them and the entire defense sector. That Republicans now criticize a Democratic President for how he ended this nightmare is the height of hypocrisy, like the two terms of Bush/Cheney never happened.

    1. @Andrew Larson Cause their countries are worst economically and in terms of human rights.
      But make no mistake about it.
      America is a racist country.
      Having some ‘momentary’ structural integrity doesn’t automatically make you not racist.
      People of color are still fighting for their right to vote ffs, in the present day. 🤦🏾‍♂️
      The justice department still summarily disproportionately sentence blacks, for similar crimes committed by their white counterparts, and POC are killed by police and rarely see any true justice, not to mention the misappropriated funding to black and poor areas. Redlining is illegal on paper, but it’s still in effect on the ground.
      Also we have mutilators, subjugators and defilers on our current, well, currency, i.e., our printed money, slave holders are heralded as our founding fathers and are encouraged to be lauded, respected, and honored.
      You people are sick and devoid of truth.
      In other words, you’re evil and vile.

    2. @David Hale Slow your role homie, I wasn’t even addressing the exact nature of the exit.
      I was addressing the fact that Biden *couldn’t get out of the pledge to redraw made under Trump.* Period.
      Pay attention dude.
      You’re just eager to _own the libs,_ instead of looking at the objective truth.
      Anyone being honest and having good faith discussions would see clearly what I posted and not color it with their own slanted machinations.
      You’ve already exposed yourself as having bad faith intentions.

    3. @David Hale No one has yet to concisely detail exactly what *mess* is going on at the border that is somehow catastrophically worst than what occurred in previous years?
      You’re just making mountains out of mole hills because a Dem is in office, or rather, because your golden calf, god emperor king is not in the seat of everlasting power.
      You people have lost your way, in every way imaginable way.
      No one should humor you and give you any credibility any longer, doing so, puts this whole nation at risk.
      That insurrection was just the warning shot.
      This country needs an opposition, balancing party, sure, but you MAGA folks are potentially fatal for America.

    4. @David Hale No, we call people who do and say racist things a racist, the same way you call someone who kills someone unjustly, a murderer.
      When you do a thing, it’s rudimentary, i.e., it naturally follows that you will be labeled for that thing that you do.
      A person who plays baseball, is a baseball player.
      A person who stops at nothing to deny POC their rights and cause them harm from a macro level and through force and the law, is a racist.
      That’s basically 90-99% of the GOP in a nutshell.
      But it doesn’t surprise me, the GOP and especially MAGA have a bad relationship with truth when it interferes with their fundamental self identifying world view of _white makes right,_ period, in the face of any and all, no matter the glaring truth.
      So slave owners are great heroes, and insurrectionists are peaceful tourists, and people who do and say racists things are angels deserving of our utmost understanding and sympathy.

    5. @David Hale What exit plan.

      The way the Trump peace plan was set up WITH THE TALIBAN was a de facto surrender.

      If you have some brilliant way to evacuate the ENTIRE Afghan military and government while at the same time the hostiles we’ve been fighting for two decade take over the entire country without a total collapse of order I’d like to see it.

      Trump, the same guy that literally loves Kim, treated the Taliban like equal partners. They’re the GD enemy. And people are losing their minds now this has hit the fan.

      Joe Biden was left with a disaster, he didn’t create it.

      And meanwhile here in America, Trump would illegally depose Biden in a second if he gets the chance. That is the reality we face as total idiots get out the knives for Joe Biden over this.

      It may feel great for a little while but ask yourself if you’d like to be in the same position as all those now looking down the barrels of a gun in Afghanistan. And because of how twisted Trump and his supporters have made things right here in river city that is now a very real possibility in the US.

      So save your hate for Biden, he’s the last hope we have right now. As flawed as he is he’s worlds better than the alternative. You know, the imbecile that actually did give Afghanistan back to the Taliban, Trump.

  2. The Afghans wouldn’t stand up for themselves! No way should an American ever shed blood there again! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. @#j G You just showed the entire world that you a dope.
      “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak.and remove all doubts” Abraham Lincoln.

    2. @Above Reality Sim “You can’t even” speak? The correct usage is, “You can’t speak”, “stable genius”. Just saying.

    3. @#j G The only thing illegitimate here is you and your delusional chatter. Comparing Democratic Americans to the Taliban because you dislike President Biden and his policies is ludicrous. Are you well?

    4. @Barbara Washington FACTS The DNC, FBI, DOJ and CIA is is the most corrupt terrorist organizations on planet earth. Data does not lie !

  3. You mean tell me folks want us over there even longer? Isn’t 20 years enough? Job well done President Biden.

    1. @B Fun hey shlt for brains… the Afghanistan people have up, some even joined the Taliban… how is that Biden’s fault?

    2. I’m sure all the gays Christians women and Americans being slaughtered by them and your incompant president love your statement

    3. Moron, Beijing Biden screwed up the withdrawal horrible. If he stuck to the deal and had us out by the end of April, along with properly removing the weapons, we wouldn’t have this issue which incentivize the people there to side with the Taliban because they feel the US is untrustworthy.
      Further, Beijing Biden has shown himself to be an incompetent buffoon, as he was mocked at at the G7 Summit.

    1. At least Biden is not saying “It wasn’t me”. He is a president who says we and the buck stops here. A real leader not perfect but far far better than Donald Chump

    1. @News Troll the fentanyl in the United States comes from China and Mexico. The fentanyl crises has nothing to do with Afghanistan.

    2. @Patrick Baer let me educate you, 90-94% of the heroin in the United States comes from Mexico, 3-6% comes from Asia. Anyone who is addicted to heroin is not a Liberal, Democrats or Republicans. They are generally not interested in politics. They are too busy chasing the dragon. So, just stop with your hateful comments, they don’t help anything or anyone!

  4. The Afghanistan President ran off with millions, possibly billions, and left his countrymen high and dry. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. @Candee Gallagher lmFao So WTF has August 31 have to do with Biden leaving over 10,000 US citizens behind, Einstien.

    2. @Mark Antony Equipment had to be burnt when US troops left the Kurds high and dry, not too long ago.

    3. @BlaQ Bay17 And yet you’ll scream high and loud he has ‘abandoned allies’ that you don’t want in the USA, apparently. Geez…

  5. The Stable Genius and his loyalists like Ted Cancun are not different from the Afghani president who fled the country. Ted fled Texas while the Spur Cadet cowardly avoided a few times the draft.
    They are invited to remain silent.

    1. @Bonsai Herman Unlike Biden who cant string together a sentence without a teleprompter, or walk up some stairs.

    2. @Martin H Point is Biden was against taking out bin Laden.
      Biden was the worst choice for holding any office and only a fool would have voted for him.
      There fixed it.

    3. @elroy the great Sorry elroy. According to Obama Biden suggested caution because all the facts weren’t in but once Obama made his decision Biden backed him to the hilt, as a Vice-President should.
      There fixed it finally for you. Shame 80 million voted for President Biden but only 74 million for the sore loser.

    1. @SteveQ Yes there is no point discussing. It is not language barrier however mental barrier. You easily diverted the happy holidays to Christmas or vice versa to religious fanatics by simply ignoring “the equality” part of so called progressives. This is the difference between socialism and liberalism. It’s not a big issue for me however for a person celebrating his/her festival. This conversation proved that progressives fanatics are more dangerous than the religious ones. BTW I am a centrist 😀

    2. @Sameer Mishra Well, we agree on it being a mental barrier then! You clearly can’t follow the conversation if you think I “diverted” the conversation to religious fanatics. And that you claim progressive fanatics are more dangerous than religious ones is absolutely hilarious. Clearly you know absolutely nothing of history, or are so blinded by your own religion that you’ve willed yourself forever blind to the literally thousands of years of death and destruction inspired by religion.

      BTW I am a penguin. You can saw whatever you want on the internet, it doesn’t make it true.

    3. @SteveQ This is evident by the fact that socialism failed across world and even it would fail now by so called liberal democracy 😉. My religion is existing since thousands of years and still going strong. A person from usa is teaching me about history which is discovered 500 years back with no history and I am proud that my country has a history of thousands of years and we Indians are much required in mindless usa. Good debate 👌 enjoyed it. Brother our views differ however end of the day what matters is I respect you and you respect my values and beliefs. Good day

    4. @OP312 Strange, the two countries I am familiar with both thought of Trump as a joke during his presidency. Namely the UK and France.

    5. @Sameer MishraMy god, man, you are all over the map. You conflate religions with economic/social structures, you disregard my opinion on the basis of your country being older than mine, and throw in a nice disparagement of my country in the process. Thank you. You’ve demonstrated precisely why religion has no place in the US public education system – because it creates arrogant people with no ability to form logical, objective and coherent arguments and no ability to comprehend the benefits of belief systems outside their own. And that you can write that you respect my views, after what you wrote previously, is absurd. You clearly don’t. Honestly, based on this last reply of yours, I’m quite certain you don’t even begin to comprehend my position on any of the topics we attempted to discuss. Doing so would take effort, and it’s easier to just fall back on your sense of religious superiority.

  6. Republicans are afraid their multi-billion dollar defense contracts will end because they can’t keep dropping bombs on Afghan mountains.

    1. @Rolando Librojo Jr. I don’t know where you’re getting you’re bs info from 2016 total bombs in afghan 1,337, 2018 Trump 7 362, 2019 7,423.There isn’t a single year in all 20 that many bombs were dropped civilian deaths soared by 300%. Trump dropped more bombs on Yemen than Obama and Bush combined. Trump dropped 44,000 bombs in his first year!

    2. @King Jerel Obama started 8 new wars with 7 different countries. Trump started ZERO new wars, signed peace deals, and was having are troops pull out in a timely and organized manner. then Biden comes in and ruins those peace deals, pulls out faster than someone that forgot to bring a condom and leaves stockpiles of our weapons behind for the terrorists.

    1. Still America first. You know there are up to 40k surrounded Americans in Afghanistan that Biden left to their fate. After this horrible handling of the withdrawal he should resign asap.

  7. Yep. Anything to blame the Democrats. Never mind that it was their guy that put this whole shitshow in motion with his ‘deal’ with the taliban.

  8. Zerlina, thank you for calling out the BS and standing up for Joe. He’s only doing what both other Presidents have wanted to do.

    1. @just bystander WRONG! DemonRATS is 100% Correct! Learn the History of YOUR Plantation! BTW: Read Malcolm X’s “The Ballot Or The Bullet”; April 12, 1964 & see if that applies to you.

    2. We had 3 presidents before Biden that could’ve pulled out of Afghanistan but only 1 did pull out without a plan in place for evacuating the people before the troops!!!!

    3. @Study to show thyself approve and I don’t need to learn I believe what I see and hear on LIVE TELEVISION FROM THE REPUBLICAN RATS

    4. @just bystander If you don’t learn from history, you’re doom to repeat it. Malcolm X referred to Black Democrats like yourself as “Political Chumps & Traitors to your race”. Your mindset should be like his, regarding politics. BOTH Parties are RATS; neither is better than the other. Therefore, you need to cut back on your daily indoctrination & LEARN something! It will do you a world of good!

  9. This was never going to end well. We should have never gone in to begin with, but at some point, you have to set aside partisan BS, and accept it for what it is.

    1. Exactly. If Trump was still president it would have been the same result. The Taliban are fanatical terrorists who could never be trusted to do anything other than what they are doing.

  10. Wtf!!The GOP don’t want the Afghan allies to have asylum here in the US, but they want to criticize Biden on how he pulled the troops out!

    1. It’s not we pulled out of Afghanistan, it’s the poor coordination…It’s embarrassing the leader of the free world screwed this up so badly…Like Benghazi or Stalingrad..

  11. The GOPs, like all abusive perpetrators, rewrites history on a daily basis.

    VOTE 🗳 BLUE 🌊 🌊 🌊. Vote for a Real Democracy. VOTE for We The People.

  12. I feel like each time one does, someone else should bring up how TRUMP initiated this plan and how TRUMP was the one who had “peace agreements” with the Taliban that left out Afghan leaders, which is suspicious enough :/

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