Journalists track down identity of woman who posed with Trump

New details emerge on Inna Yashchyshyn who allegedly claimed to be Anna de Rothschild, an heiress from a famous European banking dynasty, and gained access to former US president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.
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  1. Just the posession of two falsified passports would lead to a lengthy prison sentence in my country! How could the authorities in Florida let her walk around free? Is it common there to sail under a false flag and nobody bothers?

    1. The fake driver’s license alone would bring state charges on forgery and possession of counterfeit government documents!
      The counterfeit passports from two countries should make it an international criminal matter!

  2. If there is evidence of more then 1 visit, that already falsifies her claim of visiting once, it is safe to assume the rest of her statement is a lie

    1. @Peter Price Poor russian girl, father was a truck driver, mother was a whatever. Yeah, right. She’s a Putin drone. Probably his daughter.




      “Conform no longer with the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.”

      The Holy Bible

    3. What..expensive car has satellite link txt capability, sure photos..who cares.All rich people have such things. No problem

    1. @Ms Berries traitor trump is nothing but a dumb grifter that prays on the uneducated!! He loves them! Said so himself!

    2. @Spritel4 it costs millions for trumps security!! We should save the money!! He is NOT worth the investment!! Much better things to spend our money on!! Have the proud boys 1percenters, west, and kkk do it!!! They need to be busy, and he needs jail!!!!!❤❤

  3. Many questions about a mysterious woman; this is an example of why there are laws meant to be followed about U.S. classified documents that are not allowed in private homes.

  4. I can’t believe that people are taking advantage of the fact that you can literally buy access to the ex-president. Who would have thought having a corrupt money loving ex would be so dangerous.

    1. @NadiaGirl1 I would… it’s a good business plan, and defunds those trying to buy our government. Ukraine us getting billions of our dollars and the democrats don’t want us to know where it’s going. That’s a far more corrupt action. Also speculation doesn’t get a conviction. We have evidence that Joe not only met with, but provided china maps of our natural gas industry. There’s a big difference. Trump is also the only president to lose money by being in office. A corrupt president would gain money drastically while in office like Joe, the Clintons, Obama, and the Bush family

    2. buying access? really? i guess Fmr President Trump is responsible for all the vetting now? Hello, there is SS on site and if they dropped the ball, we blame Trump? Great reasoning dude! look at the bigger picture.

    3. @John Halverson  and exactly how we’re we in trouble idiot I’d say maybe all the fentynal deaths and an unsafe border would be the idea of trouble and can you say laptop suppression and shadow banning I’ve never seen so many idiots being brainwashed to oppress themselves yall need to get educated

    4. @NadiaGirl1  kinda like Biden did with hunters business partners except oh yea he’s not president anymore and he didn’t intentionally take money from communists big difference you idiot

  5. The million dollar question is where did she get the 170,000 Mercedes, Rolex watch, designer clothes and expensive jewelry . She has to have a connection to money and obviously a hidden agenda.

  6. To imagine that sensitive national documents were kept at such a place where access could be extracted easily is scary and could be detrimental to the nation’s security especially at a time of intensed effort by certain foreign adversaries to undermine the national security interests of the United States.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em  the “sensitive national documents” or the 30,000 emails deleted under subpoena and devices broken with hammers Nad bleach bit. With the unsercure government server. It’s OK kid keep trying.

    2. Didn’t the FBI find that classified docs were missing.
      Trump, probably didn’t even know they were missing, until the empty folders were photographed and shown to him.
      A criminal, avoidable mess

    3. @isabelle white  was it 30,000 emails deleted and devices broken with hammers and bleached bit? Or the un secure server with state departments government information??? Keep trying kid

  7. In Palm Beach it is against local ordinances to have a residence in a resort or club. He cannot legally live there or claim it as his legal residence for voting. Just another case of him thumbing his nose at everyone else.

    1. @Valerie DeMello I was not aware that employees were permitted to use their workplace as a residence, given that the ordinance makes no exception. Do any “other” employees live there?

    2. @Valerie DeMello I can think of another hole 🕳️ but that’s beside the point, our National Security is compromised as long as King Cheeto Dust is allowed to walk free.

  8. It’s simply amazing that all this evidence of her impersonating another person is available and yet nobody can find a reason to arrest her because of her influence.

    1. well she’s impersonating a fake person there is no anna de Rothchild. From what the video said the passports and ids are just pdf.s meaning no physical copies are in law enforcements hands having a picture of a fake passport isn’t a crime. So not really anything for the police to arrest her on yet. I will say the story is just bonkers though.

    1. yup, that’s the thing, real spies wouldn’t have walked out with anything, they would have taken photos & walked out with a hidden micro-sd card full of photos of everything! The question is, how many people walked out with those photos & where did each of them work/who did they pass taht info onto? Spies are taught not to leave evidence they’ve been there or taken anything!

  9. Maybe that’s why there were folders marked as classified there that were empty. People can just walk out with documents and sell them to whomever.

  10. Why would the secret service do a background check? She “has the complexion for the protection.” ~ Paul Mooney.

  11. He was keeping classified documents there . What if she was a spy ? With that kind of access she could get access to almost anywhere in the building and no one would have thought twice about . There’s no telling how much information she could have gotten access to . 🤦‍♂️

  12. The fact that they aren’t verifying the identity of these people who are visiting the club is really going to hurt Trump in court. At this point he’s already said he did what he’s accused of, so the only mitigating factor he could use to get a more lenient sentence is that the documents were secure, despite not being where they belonged, but thanks to this sketchy young woman—that ship has sailed.

    I kinda wonder what her deal was, and if she was just grifting to be able to afford those fancy clothes and jewelry, or if she was there for even more nefarious reasons. Either way it doesn’t look good for Trump or his secret service detail, because now that it’s obvious that nobody is screening the guests down there, even more shady characters are going to get in—unless they actually start doing their jobs properly, but I don’t see that happening, because everything is working just the way Trump wants it to.

    1. @Bill Barr I spent 18 years as a judge and I agree with Kernelpickle’s comment. As to the “spy” part — she sure seems to know enough ‘tradecraft’ to create false I.D.’s, passports and impressions. And, she sure went to the right place if she was looking for Top Secret U.S. documents. So, I’d say Kernelpickle could be right about that, too.

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker she meet with Trump along with the hundreds of others that meet with him each year.

      you make it sound like that she then engaged in some mission impossible scenario, where she dropped from the ceiling to obtain top secrete nuclear documents….lol. you clowns are all off your head.

      the likes of Swalwell was literally banging a chinese spy and not a single one of you give a f*ck. in fact your probably supported his ‘diverse’ relationship.

    3. @Bill Barr That’s quite a “diverse” mental capacity you have there, Mr. Barr. I hope you’ll come back and tell us about it when you’re proven wrong.

  13. If incessantly bragging about all the ways your family blows through money is a “near-perfect ruse” to fit into a group, that group really sucks.

    1. Yes. or knows someone that does. She likely knows how to make cell phone pics — how many of the documents “45” stole did she make.

    2. With a cell phone she was allowed to carry with her wherever she went on the premises!
      I think she should be investigated as a potential Russian spy and not the glamorous poser for fame character that many are categorizing her as!
      Gate crashers don’t usually go to these extremes to attend lavish parties for thrills!

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