Joy Addresses Latin America’s Troubling History With The U.S.

Vice President Kamala Harris' Mexico City press conference conveyed the detailed, promised plans to address the root causes of migration. Joy Reid explains how the plans outlined by Vice President Harris address the much deeper, historical causes of migration. Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) and journalist Maria Hinojosa join Joy Reid to discuss.
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About The ReidOut with Joy Reid: Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.
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  1. Now China’s opening up businesses here right and left….. Well Democrats give away the United States China’s making money here and helping them

  2. Joy Reid? Doesn’t her credibility still rank in negative numbers? I thought she was sent down to the minor league? Oh, well, MSNBC, so yeah.

    1. That 🤬 ll read anything in front of her 🤦🏾‍♂️ no matter what the situation

    1. @FishForFoodNotSport “the dozens of people” In a country of 40 million. But if thinking those
      people represent the whole country, go ahead. Reality is no problem, just change it to fit your
      agenda. Neither party saw this before Trump, not on this scale. Although Hannity and Carlson
      did their share of hate mongering. Before it was disagreeing on policy, now its disagreeing on reality.

    2. As a Trumpkin, you would be a gullible expert on nonsense, so I consider the source. Sorry for
      your handicap.

    3. @Mike Barry yes, the dozens that were in the videos. You said there were only 3. And not a single person is wearing a red hat. You nor I have no idea how many more agree. And fact check, there population is around 16 million, not 40. Not sure where you got your numbers or if you just made them up? Literally every claim you’ve made is incorrect…..If it doesn’t mean anything, why are you so upset about it? Why does it threaten you so much?

    4. @Mike Barry Mike, its too late to backtrack on your obvious racist remarks! Shame on you mike.

  3. We saw. THEY ALL rejected her! Hmmm? Wonder why? EVERYONE KNOWS this crisis is on this administration. Can’t talk your way out of it

    1. @Mike Barry much more than three…I’d like to know where are all the libs complaints about kids in cages now…still happening….where are all the media’s fact checkers now…..even the most rabid lefty must wonder a little….and btw, both Guatemala and Mexican presidents openly blamed biden/Harris for the migration and boarder crisis…….we are so much better off now

    2. Hardly. During Obama’s tenure, illegal immigration fell sharply, reaching a 2 decade low. Then Trump comes along talking about criminals and a border wall, a year into his term illegal immigration surges and he has a justification for ICE, a border wall, and propaganda nonsense to rally people behind. This is a problem made by republicans after democrats had made significant inroads. Now Kamala is taking a similar response that Obama did when addressing illegal immigration. It made progress then more than Trump that only worsened the problem.

    3. @Nicholas Blackwell Obama deported almost twice as many illegals than Trump did! Trump ran on immigration policy u F’n twit? It wasn’t “propaganda”! Grow a F’n brain if you’re gonna talk like u got one, FFS

    4. @PsychonautPupilDialater What immigration policy? It was a big “beautiful wall” and an armed perimeter across thousands of unmannable miles. Deportation is not the same thing as illegal immigration, so irrelevant point on your part. Second, the Trump administration faced more central American immigrants who are harder to deport and also significantly increased detention times— making deportation a drawn out process resulting in packed jails instead where people were instead in queue to be deported. .

    1. @Justin Muraya only low IQ imbeciles who think the earth is round think he “lost” hopefully the government poked you with their stick

    2. @MKultraInstinct “only low IQ imbeciles who think the earth is round” (actual quote from MYultraInstinct) summarizes modern day conservatism pretty well I think.

  4. Phony, fake and way out of her depth. She’s going to have a real nasty wake up call. This is what happens when you choose a VP based on gender and skin color instead of ability.

    1. @Mike Barry Math and feelings? What a genius u are? Combining two things in a word salad that have zero business being together, no limits to your stupidity, i see?

    2. Take that truth.. trumpett… B/C she is an aboriginal you cant take it…Hence critical race theory which WHITE PEOPLE ( fragile ) dont wanna talk about or tell there children… the discussion during the evening meal is where the brainwashing degun & continues mmmhumm

    3. @Mike Barry THe lEfT: The world’s going to end…yesterday, defund the police….. don’t ask questions about covid, “FOlLoW the sCiEnCE” “women can have penises too”

  5. The Northern Triangle is Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The White House and Jen Psaki talked up Kamala’s work with the Northern Triangle today as they’re doing here and both are leaving out that 2/3 of the countries refused to meet with the Biden administration and the country she did show up to had signs telling her to leave.

    1. @Certified Cheek Buster 45 So you voted for Biden/Harris in 2020 and now you wish to undo it by voting for Trump 4 years later?

    2. @Certified Cheek Buster 45 Glad to see a Bukele supporter here. Seems to me that the Biden administration has treated Bukele poorly simply because he got along with trump. It’s sad to see that reality comes in second to political labels and games. He’s been great so far, yet all I see are lies and distortions in headlines over here.

    3. @Xavier Medina It wouldn’t surprise me they’ve done it to multiple countries in LatAm already, and then they blame us for our instability. We need to get ourselves together here and overcome our obstacles like gang violence, drug traffickers, etc. Because if we don’t then our neighbor up north is gonna use it as an excuse to screw us and take our crap like they did to Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other countries.

      The media is in bed with the Democratic Party. They WILL spread false info about our leaders in LatAm it’s already happening and it’s only gonna get worse.
      The leaders in LatAm should definitely root out corruption in their governments like Bukele did because if they don’t then like I said our situation will never improve and our big buddy up north is gonna find it as his duty to do something and non of us want that something.

    4. @Certified Cheek Buster 45
      Their game plan is to destabilize a country in order to create a refugee crisis.
      The Globalists did the same thing in the middle east in order to flood Western Europe with Islamists.
      The good news for the US is outside of the sicarios and other Criminals, immigrants from Mexico and Central America tend to be more culturally in tune with Western values. It’s not fair to the people who are fleeing cartel violence to have the perps coming in WITH them!

      I wish we could have an “exchange program” with some of these Governments. We could have “caravans” going both ways jajajaja 😁

  6. “We are not going to gloss over any concerns about immigration”

    -kamala (can’t answer unscripted questions) Harris.

    1. @MalcoMex Are you saying the US *didn’t* overthrow the *democratically elected* president of Guatemala in 1954 in order to make the country a giant banana plantation, like the bigoted sheep you are?

    2. @Justin Muraya Or mention Iran too. Since they wanted to privatize the oil to help their citizens. The Uk and us were like NOPE.

    3. @Nicholas A. Iran is run by a horrible regime I agree we haven’t always made the proper choice but to use Iran is a bad comparison.

    1. @Mike Barry very few people watch MSNBC for current events! We choose to watch bits and pieces of their Democratic propaganda because it’s good for a laugh. Fake media and the Demoncrats are going to realize in 2022 and 2024 that most people in this country aren’t believing their b.s. anymore.

    2. @Sad Cat this clown defending anyone who has a objection, guess that’s how he feels it should be. Insult anyone who has a view other than yours, probably educated and thinks he’s above everyone else too.

    3. @Mike Barry reality to the biden admin was the signs that kamala was greeted with when she got down there (go home kamala) (trump won) (fix your own country&get out of ours) do you mean that kind of light to a vampire??🤔

    4. @S C
      On another thread Mike c c p operative Barry squawked something about how Tucker Carlson just made the whole thing up, and that the 100s of Guatemalans protesting Kabala were “3 red hat flat earthers” 😆😜🤣

    5. @Mike Barry Let’s take a wild guess you are a twenty year old man child living in moms basement. Playing video games and running your mouth on social media is life to you. Keep defending the media that lies to you everyday. We know without the media to tell you what to do next you would be lost than you are now. Go set down little boy grown people are talking.

    1. Kamala, Trump won.
      That was my favorite thing from all this 🤣👏👏 Bravo my fellow humans with decency in their hearts 😊😊✌️

    2. LOL, a couple of geezers from the Villages in Florida flew down there with those two banners.

    1. This focus on the border is blind. The sole problem is not at the border, it is long before anyone gets to the border. If we can solve the problems that cause the crisis at the border, we can solve the crisis at the border.

    2. @Little Mr Pinkness The problem is the current admin and their moronic policies and waving people to come on in. It’s so simple Ray Charles could see it.

    3. @Little Mr Pinkness Uh oh. You called it a “crisis at the border”. You might want to tell Sleepy Joe that.

    1. All she did was embarrass her self. Even our progressive media is beginning to question her qualifications, look at that latest interview with Lester Holt. Can you prove that she was a lightweight and not ready for prime time.

  7. I would like to order some of your “rose colored glasses” with a side of white privilege please.

    1. Imagine thinking white privilege was real while commenting on a video about the black VP going to Mexico to talk about the massive levels of immigration. Imagine being that dumb.

  8. Before she became VP Kamala was all about open borders and letting the migrants in.

    Now she tells them not to come…

  9. This is beyond embarrassing. MSDNC is full blown propaganda now. CNN has been. Yank their JOURNALISTS cards now

    1. Did she say anything *untrue?* America caused this mess and now they’re dealing with it. This is called karma.

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