AOC Slams Biden Immigration Plan: ‘It’s Wrong And It’s Inhumane’

“The Biden administration’s immigration policy writ large is not working. It’s wrong and it’s inhumane,” says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 
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    1. Given the choice to die/watch their kids starve or come to America, people will always choose the latter. People who have never been poor wouldn’t understand.

    2. Nooo way.
      So should there be a number of murderes or rapists that are allowed per year?

  1. Wait… Is there any place where I can read about what AOC’s take on foreign policy / refugee situation?
    I want to read in detail what she thinks the government should do about refugee.

    P.S. I have been on her site and read about “Honor in Immigration”, but I was hoping there was a more detailed write-up about what she thinks government can do… or am I being too optimistic?

    1. @Jersey Bro Money to support THEM?? Dude… They WANT to work 😆 They’ll literally work 2 jobs (ones that none of these bums setting up camp in parks think are good enough to take).

    2. She, and progressives like her is in favor of a Marshall plan for the South.
      Where the US gives those countries money earmarked for reconstruction and industry.

    3. It’s really hard to believe that we have a bartender posing as a congresswoman who has the math skills of a Thrid grader.
      And lost all of her mental composure on Jan 6. And was convinced Sen Ted Crews was out to murder her. In the words of her deadbeat boss ” come on man”……

  2. Karma for US, its US responsible to stabilize their country. Or this problem never solved. Simple.

  3. Very elegant & logical argument AOC makes. Of course she correct in her allegations that we’ve contributed to the upheavals in the northern triangle. Advanced countries & wealthy ppl have humongous carbon footprints!

  4. Just setting up these talks to discuss these solutions & make these reparations = very long-term. Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

  5. You mean the US is complicit and corrupt and exploitive? Really? Wow…..I had no idea. Duh!

  6. Let all the peeps through good or bad no background checks for new democrat voters… what about them biden cages he’s been filling prisons with low level drug offenders for 40 years lol

  7. I agree with some of AOC’s views but seriously, we need to work on the status of so many people that are already here! How can we welcome more people when the ones that are already here are left to rot? What about the precarious health system or the lack there of for American citizens? What about the fixing the current issues we have and then lending a hand to other people???

  8. Hey, how about you ask her questions regarding her refusing a crowdfunding campaign to fix her grandmother’s roof?

    You know, the roof AOC hasn’t put a cent towards. Them apartments and new Tesla aren’t cheap, I guess!

  9. We spent $$millions$$ cleaning up and fixing our parks for our kids.
    Now our parks are infested every weekend by music blasting, trashing littering illegals.

    1. @Osterlaich – 2021 and some people still deny the existence of genetics and inheritance.
      Poor Darwin.

    2. @John Lee well Darwin is kinda an separate issue the evolution bit, he probably stole from his friend, is correct, while the survival of the fittest part is utter nonsense. It’s obviously survival of the biggest symbiosis. The bigger the symbiosis, the more stable the ecosystem, the less evolutionary pressure, the higher the chances that your offspring is the same species as you. It’s rather odd to believe Evolution would stop at some point and freeze an species in time. Some of the concepts that float about are complete rubbish. But I think evolution is rather commonly accepted and the core concept understood by most of the general populous in any country except America, which leads back to the whole gene defect in paternal line thesis. Nice I like it when I make circular arguments of sort. 😊

    3. @solobackpacking huh? Why would you, assume you offended me? That’s funny what, leads you to think that anything an stranger could possibly say to me that offends me? I don’t get it 😊 did my comment about the gene defect running through the paternal side in rural America offend you? and you deflect your emotions onto me as defense mechanism? If so that’s an rather obvious you problem. And there are health care specialists readily available to talk through your issues. If you feel like hurting yourself or others please contact an emergency line before doing something rash. Do you own by any chance an ar15? if so please give it to your mother. It’s for your own good.

    4. @Bill Bob my science is usually quite on point friend. And I am pretty much an pure empath. Why? Oh it’s the gene defect through the paternal line on rural America thought, I struck a nerve with you too? Sorry it’s just an medicinal puzzle and I play an game where I don’t use social media while using social media, if you catch my drift. So I didn’t actually talk to you I talked with another person while Commenting simultaneously to your nonsense. Sorry for the confusion. You are of no importance to me whatsoever. That’s just reality, sorry. And ehm if people aren’t able to feel empathy they are just weird robots anyhow so you can’t feel any emotion which is sad for you but how would I hurt your feelings if you have none? I can’t feel myself easily into psychopaths, nor narcicistic borderline personalites with sociopathic tendencies and why would I bother while communicating to someone who actively tries to hurt someone? Complete lack of basic reasoning skills.

    5. @Osterlaich – Scary part? You believe your crazy thoughts.
      Anyone with a low IQ should trust those much smarter than themselves.
      But than you believe you are superior to our great minds.
      So crazy and stupid.

  10. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today…….

  11. For many decades now, all Americans who have ever consumed drugs from south of the border have played a part in creating the mess down there.

  12. Want to learn more about the things AOC talked about – learn about “school of Americas”

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